Chapter 1 Wizards and Dragons

Hetalia isn't mine. Oh, and one of my guests asked me if Nightshades are something I made up. Their not. It took weeks before I set up my account here to look them up. Nightshades are a part of Prussian mythology known for stealing small children and women, devouring them, and wearing their skin. So…I made Gil HALF nightshade. More refined that way with more human interests. Their also English potatos. Anyways~! Let's get this show on the road!

Felìcita Vargas was, as you know if you already read the first story, an Archangel of God. She loved her friends, her new family. She surveyed her surroundings and sighed contently. "Chigi. What's with you?" Her older brother Lovino asked her "Ve~ Nothing Lovi." Lovino scowled "Che Palle! I hate my human name! I mean, we have our real names, we're allowed to call the other by them now! They don't care! So why do you insist on calling me Lovino?!" He protested "Ve~ Sì, but…I-I like Felìcita Vargas better than Veniciana Italia. And I like your human name Lovino Vargas better than Romano Italia too." His expression softened "Sì. They are a bit more catchy." The conversation was interrupted by Alfred F. Jones, house owner and brother of Matthew Williams, residential half ghost. "Yo dude and dudette! You comin' in for dinner?" The two looked at him "What's dinner?" Romano asked in a monotone voice "Well, some guy asked if he could live here and he offered to make dinner." Feli looked at him with a puzzled expression "Ve~ What do they look like?" She asked, Al shrugged "Eh, he has a mix of you and Lovi's hair color but he has this weird strand of hair that's kinda box-ish but it kinda looks like yours. You know him or somethin'?" The two smiled and ran into the kitchen "Ve~ Sebo!" Felìcita cried as she glomp tackled the Italian "Ciao! How are you two?" Sebo Italia chirped, Alfred peered in "Um. Should I know about something?" Feli turned to him "Ve~ Check it cool, this is my little brother S-"

"Elrico Vargas." He stopped her "Ve~?" "Elrico" pulled her aside "Have you lost the mind? He doesn't know about Angels!" Feli frown "Ve~ but he does! We told him!" Elrico was out of his usual care-free attitude and was furious "For a sorella and Fratello, your not too wise!" He whispered, Feli shot up and turned to Alfred and declared "Ve~ He's me fratellino, Sebo Italia! He is the angel!" Alfred shrugged "Whatev. That's cool with me, dude can stay. Any family member of Feli and Lovi is a family member to me!" He smiled and Feli smirked "Ve~ see? He is fine with it!" Elrico was baffled "Eh…Che? Why is he… okay with this?" Al grinned "Dude! I handle Paranormals everyday! I don't think another angel is gonna be a problem." Feli nodded and asked "Why don't I make dinner instead?"

Elrico snapped out of his daze and said "Sure sorella." Alfred smiled, it made Elrico a little worried about his sorella in a house full of men "So what are ya makin'?" Feli closed her eyes in an adorable way and stuck out her hand as she yelled "Pastaaaaaaaaa~!" Alfred laughed as he walked out of the room "I shoulda known!" Sebo softly heard "Do ya think the new guy will give me belly rubs?" And a loud "WHACK!" Was also heard, but Elrico ignored it. He went to his room and lazily drifted into sleep.

Yep. That's the first chapter, expect more later. By the way, this is technically a GerIta fic, but I'm really a HRExChibitalia fan. But it's okay. I'll live. Oh, and the chapters will be longer when I get into the groove, it'll happen, it'll happen.

Ameriko, out.