THE BURNING CHAPTER (SPYRO) An adventure by tintintowers

"You have killed or sealed my father… You have stolen my mother… What else can you take away from me you monster." "I shall make your death slow… "humiliate you…" "and let you watch as your mate is torn away from you." " And, well… that small death… "Your mate shall rip you to shreds. If I spare you… She will kill the one she loves.. or loved." Justice will be served like a pair of roasted sheep… And the story, about your heroism… It will be a burning chapter in the library." "Yes.. This is what my story shall be called… The burning chapter." But you are not the only hero there I must kill… There are many others that might stand in my way. They shall die as well… And your head… It will be served to me… on a silver plate. You will not stand a chance… SPYRO!

Chapter 1

"SPYRO WAKE UP!" Cynder yelled. "Ugh! What's going on?" Spyro asked shaking furiously. " You had another nightmare, here, have some tea I made, it will make you feel better." Cynder sighed. Thank God it wasn't real. I had a terrible thought… it was about you and me. You were corrupted once again. Some strange figure was laughing and you were putting needles…" Spyro shook nervously. "Giant ones, in my arms and body." Cynder was Shaking as well. It reminded her of some things she did to the guardians to get them to give out secrets. Well I know that would never happen. She said nuzzling up to him. It had been three weeks ever since they became mates. Sparx wasn't very happy. He personally didn't think they should have been mates. But Spyro and Cynder knew in their hearts that they would be the perfect couple. All the guardians agreed for they knew that if they weren't, they would of never fought and sealed… or killed malefor. Well maybe we should get some breakfast. "Alright." Replied spyro. "Market or hunting?" Spyro asked. Cynder smiled in response. She let out a bit of shadow, blinding spyro. "Well, I guess I know what that means!" Spyro laughed. Spyro cleaned out his eyes and they left warfang.. heading to the skies!


"Oh I bet Spyro and Cynder would of loved some fish!" Skye moaned while reading their be back in a few letter. Oh well, guess I gotta fish on my own!" Skye croaked. It was so weird how one minute he and hundreds of younger dragon are running from Cynder, and the next she becomes Spyros mate. SPYROS MATE? Spyro and Cynder fought almost to the death. She tried to kill him millions of times. And now she is his mate… "Weird how romance works!" Skye laughed. But he did have to admit they were pretty good together. But even still… Most of the dragons still didn't trust her, but they still had respect for her ever since she and Spyro defeated Malefor. "Hey Skye!" Someone yelled. "SHHHH!" People are still sleeping! It is 8:00 am after all! Skye whispered. "Well sorry, just wanted to say hi to my old buddy!" Her name was Antvenom. She was a fire dragon who was the kindest dragon her age. She also survived the attacking of Cynder. Your probably thinkin, wait, weren't all the eggs destroyed by the apes? Well no. Only the citizens of Warfang gave their eggs to the temple. But the outsiders, the dragons that lived in the country, didn't. So a couple of the young eggs, like skye and Antvenom, survived. "Want to go fishin with me?" Elemental fishing? Antvenom asked. "Well if you want to.." Skye began to say. Oh im sorry. I was expected a meeting with the fire dragon elders. I was just wondering. Antvenom sighed. Well, ok then but your missing out all the fun! Skye laughed. "Yeah I know…" Antvenom Croaked. I am so glad Spyro and Cynder are mates now! Antvenom said changing the topic. You really should get a mate! Me and Moonstreak both know it feels good to have a mate! Antvenom smiled. Well, I don't think I will have a mate anytime soon. I am really busy… Skye replied. "Yeah, fishing." Antvenom snorted. Well see ya later Antvenom! Im gonna have a real good time! Skye sneered.

Skye moaned and groaned waiting for a bite. Man! I never get some stupid fish. It always looks so easy when experts fish. I it's more fun when people are here with you! skye sighed. "Well, your not alone right now are you?" Skye turned around preparing for a fight. But instead he saw the most beautiful dragoness ever. And she was walking towards him…

Well yeah that's the first thing I've ever wrote whatcha think? I'm sorry that its short, but the next chapters should be much longer. Please leave a comment. Enjoy the next chapter when it comes out.