Chapter 2

Skye was belwildered by this beautiful dragoness. But he hadn't seen a dragoness like her in the city of warfang before. She looked exactly like him. Or maybe that's because she was the same breed as him.

A wind dragon. Wind dragons were hatched if the parents were ice and earth. Making the dragons turquoise. (a greenish blue).

"Good morning handsome one!" The strange Dragoness flirted.

"Who are you?" Skye asked. The dragoness giggled. "My name is Kilonii, and im here to do some business with you." Kilonii replied.

"Well what are you then? A merchant? Cause if your looking for fish they are not biting." Just then the string got tight. And Skye was fighting a fish. Suddenly the line snapped. But it wasn't because the fish was to strong. The dragoness cut the string.

"Why would you do that?!" Skye yelled. I wanted to talk with you, and I hated that you were ignoring me like I was a toy! Kilonii snapped. "Well why don't you leave me alone if you don't want to tolerate that! Now go away!" Skye screamed angrly.

Suddenly the dragoness grabbed Skyes wrist and twisted it until it almost snapped.

Skye screamed in pain as she tripped him onto the ground and made him stay there.

"Now listen! You are going to hear what I have to say!" She yelled as she held Skye down with her very flexible arms. "Let me go you stupid son of a…" Skye began to swear. The dragoness just slapped him in the face. The leader needs to have elite soldiers, especially dragons! Anyway you seem like a strong enough dragon to fight for him. So I want you to meet him face to face. And if you refuse to fight for him, well, that's punishable by death! Kilonii scolded. "Well you better prepare yourself

Skye muttered."

Just as Kilonii was preparing for a portal skye blew a wind bolt, which destroyed the portal and sent the young dragoness flying. Skye garbbed her and threw her at the tree. "Ugh!" she screamed. Skye was about to blow her away when she darted towards him and kicked him in the throat. Skye was stunned, but quickly recovered. He put a arm lock around her neck. She just stabbed his arms with her mighty talons. Skye got a tree branch and tried to swing at the dragonesse's hip, but she was too flexible and did a flip over him and kicked him in the stomach. It hurt horribly and he knew she definitely was trained as an elite soldier.

Skye and Kilonii were trying to push each other in a thron push when he felt a terrible pain. He looked down at his abs. A small dagger was sinking into his body. Then he looked up at the dragoness. She had a giant smirk on her face. And she could read Skyes mind. What this is? Its dagger dipped in poison. She said as she shoved the dagger deeper into Skyes abs. Skye yelped in pain. But Skye quickly surprised kilonii, by blasting her with wind fury. She flew back, without the dagger. "Try getting the dagger out Skye! And lets hope you can hike the way back to warfang ,which is 6 miles from here… With poison in your stomach!" She laughed.

Then a portal opened and she stepped through it. Vanishing the Dragoness. Skye could already feel nauseous.


"Ahh. I love the grassland, it even more beautiful in spring when all the tiger lilies." Cynder said as she nuzzled with Spyro. "Hey Spyro!" Cynder exclaimed. "Yeah Cynder?" Spyro asked. Look! It's a honey tree! If you will burn the nest, I will retrieve the honeycombs! Cynder said. "Well ok! I am in the mood for honey." spyro gleefully laughed. Spyro let out a bit of fire which sent the bees flying away. Cynder walked towards the fallen combs. Spyro was quite proud as he saw cynder walking into the sunlight. A strong muscular body, a sharp knife tail blade, Pointed edges at the end of her wing tips, she was a beautiful creature. She made herself even more attractable when she moved her tail blade very stylishly. Spyro sighed at the sight.

"Here are the honey combs darling!" Cynder said flirtagously. The honey must have been quite fresh for it was more sweet then the ones at the market in Warfang.

Oh man, theres a storm coming quite near. We should probably head back. Cynder exclaimed.

But the storm came very very fast. Faster then usual. Spyro... "This isnt't a usual storm…" Cynder whispered. Its coming quite fast. Spyro yelled. Suddenly a lighting struck right behind them. They shook nervously and turned around slowly.

"SHHHHREEIEK ARRU SHRRRIIEEEKK." It was a giant shadow like spider with 29 small eyes. And it didn't look friendly. Spyro! What should we do! Cynder asked.

"RUN!" Spyro yelped! "This thing looks much to strong right now!" Spyro replied. I DON'T RUN HUN! I FIGHT! Cynder shrieked. Cynder already was off the ground swiping at the creature. And Spyro knew that you should never ask a warrior, to run.

Cynder tore off 2 eyes of the creature. It shrieked in pain. But strangely they grew back. Spyro also did the same thing as he also tore out 3 eyes, but instead he blew fire as he toreout the eyes. The eyes did not grow back. "Cynder! I have an idea! Everytime you take out a eyeball, put an element into the socket! It won't grow back!" Spyro yelled.

And that's what they did. Spyro tore out 7 eyes by darting sideways. And he blew earth into them. Cynder did the same as well but the poison was very affective as It went into the socket and went into the brain. The Creature was furious And Grabbed Cynder and chucked her to the ground, Cynder quickly recover and darted towards the monster But she didn't make it as the monster shot out shadow and fire and suffocated Cynder. This time she didn't recover. Spyro saw that the creature this time kicked her and sent her flying threw the air. This raged spyro as he feared for his mates life. He transformed into a glowing shadow dragon with glowing white eyes. He became darkspyro once again. This time he tore out 12 eyes and blew convexity. Everywhere. Before he knew it He had taken all the eye balls out and blinded the creature. Then with a final blow… he released a elemental fury. Which sent the creature flying. Then he went to search for cynder.

"CYNDER! WHERE ARE YOU YOU IDIOT!" He yelled as he was still in his dark fury.

"Here." Said a small whimpering voice. I swear if he has any relatives he and all of them will die! Hurting a dragoness just "cause he feels like it.. I hate that little dick and I will…" "Spyro stop! Control yourself."Cynder begged. Spyro suddenly stopped and fell to the ground. Turning into his normal purple self. Im sorry Cynder, you know how when I get really angry this happens. Cynder nuzzled up to him. Its not your fault. Cynder comforted.

"But first things first! Are you ok? No broken bones I hope." Spyro asked.

I think I twisted my paw. Otherwise I should be well enough to fly back to Warfang. Cynder commented.

Spyro smiled and kissed her. They packed up the combs and the leftover of the goats and sheep and flew off.


Skye was shivering and all dizzy. He couldn't see what was going on. He tried to use a branch to help him walk, but it was no use as he got weaker. The poison was getting worse. He could now feel it in his whole body. Finally he couldn't stand no longer and fell to the ground. He was sure his life was over. And all because a fishing trip… and a pretty, evil, dragoness named Kilonii. He wondered if the other would mourn. He wondered if they would ever find his body to give him a proper burial.

Then he closed his eyes… And felt faint.


Hows your paw doing Cyn? Spyro asked. It's doing better, but still hurts horribly. Cynder answered. Oh that's a weird creature down there. Spyro exclaimed. Um Spyro… I think that's Skye. Cynder pointed out. Oh my word! Skye doesn't look like he's taking a nap. Let's head back over there! Spyro said.

Cynder and Spyro flew back towards their fallen friend. Skye! Skye! Oh God! I hope he isn't dead. Cynder shrieked. No hes still breathing… But there is a dagger in his stomach!... They both knew,,, they weren't the only dragons out here in the forest…