It's late. At least midnight by now. The car is completely dark; we had to shut off all the electricity to try to save air. I'm still not sure how this will turn out. I figure we have a couple hours left, but I can't be sure. I had officially stopped keeping track when I blew that tire open. Since we were that desperate, I knew there was no point in counting the hours anymore.

Physically, I think I'm okay for now. But things aren't looking good: only two of the five —now seven-— victims have survived, and they only had themselves to try and save. I know I have to stay hopeful. We did send that message out, and a genius like Kaiba should be able to understand what it means. I just hope that we did it in time.

I'm more worried for Mai. She is starting to look sickly, her normally perfect complexion seemingly pale and lifeless. Her leg is still sliced up pretty good, but at least the bleeding has stopped. She needs to be rescued way more than I do. If suffocation doesn't kill her, blood poisoning will. I know Mai is frightened to her core, and I don't blame her.

I am, too.

I can't think about the fact that both of us could be dead in the next hour or so. It would only be a waste of air. It was hard enough controlling myself from hyperventilating from being surrounded by nothing but rocks and dirt. For once, I am grateful for the dark.

Sitting here in the backseat, it's hard to believe that only a week ago, my biggest problem was passing school. It is almost funny now.

But then again, my life never turns out like I plan it to.