Ally's POV

I'm in the practice room, writing a song with Austin. When I can, I'm texting Trish or Tess about MY song. Let me explain. I am Ally Dawson, you know that. But I'm also CeCe Star. Yes, that confident famous singer is me.

"Okay, so what about this?" I say, handing Austin a sheet of paper. He starts singing.

"When we up in the club, its easy to see that we've got style in our veins, cuz fashion's what we breathe..." He sings. That's my song! "Uh, Ally?" He says.

"Yeah?" I say nervously. That's my song, I gave him the wrong sheet!

"What's this?" He asks, holding up the sheet.

"It's just a random song." I say. "Here's yours." I hand him the right sheet.

"Thanks. But who's is this?" He holds up the sheet again.

"That's mine." I say. "To record for fun."

"Okay..." He says, clearly not convinced.

I sigh. "Can you come over later?" I ask. "I wanna show you something."

"Sure." He says.

More later! Sorry if it sucks!