Chapter 1

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* * *

Lori was walking backstage with Kelly Kelly, laughing about what had happened at RAW the other night.

"Yeah, It was pretty funny, I mean, Eve falling like that and actually breaking her nose!" Lori giggled as Kelly tried to contain her laughter. A man approached them, breaking them out of their little conversation.

"Lori, Vince wants to see you in his office." And then he walked away. Lori gave Kelly a quick hug and she walked off in the direction of the big boss. She looked up to see Sheamus, A guy she truly hated, walking into the office she was meant to be going into.

'Great' She muttered. She pulled open the door to see Vince McMahon grinning, looking very pleased with himself.

"Please sit down Lori." Vince motioned to the seat and she fell onto it. She crossed her arms, not happy about the man sitting next to her.

"Okay, basically,You two are going to be in a storyline together, whether you like it or not." Vince put his hand on the table with a huge smile on his face.

"Thats fine by me but what kind of storyline are we talking about here?" Sheamus asked. Lori started to get angry.

"Lori shall be managing you and you'll accompany her to her matches... and there is a little bit of romance in there too." Vince used his fingers to show how small the 'romantic' part would be. Lori suddenly found her chance.

"I hope you both realize I am in a relationship with Ted and he wont be happy when he finds out about this." Lori stood up, her arms still folded. Sheamus thought that Vince would have halted the plan there but he ignored her and kept talking.

"I want you ready for Smackdown. Its Sheamus vs Tensai. The way its going to work is Lori will be entering the ring to face Beth when Tensai comes out and basically goes for her because he thinks she's worthless." Vince looked at Lori, who was now standing, looking furious. "Sheamus will then come to her aid, therefore setting up the match and the storyline." Vince leaned back in his chair, fairly happy with himself. Sheamus stood up and shook his hand before heading out. Lori walked forward and slapped both of her hands on his desk.

"You can't make me do this. I hate the ass!" Lori protested. Vince didn't say anything. He just kept still with a grin on his face. Lori made a frustrated noise before walking towards the door and slamming it shut.

She just about turned and ran when she walked into him. He laughed and pulled her back. He was so much taller than her as she only reached his chest.

"So you hate me huh?" He asked. She tugged on her blue and silver wrestling pants nervously.
"It was only to see if I could get out of this damn storyline." She didn't look at him and instead, stared at the floor.

"Yeah, Whatever you say sweetheart. I'll see you in the ring later." And weirdly enough, he kissed the top of her head before he walked away. She messed up her hair to get rid of the feeling and marched off in a desperate attempt to find Ted.

She walked most of the halls and checked the lockers before she found him in catering. He was on the phone so Lori just went and grabbed a bottle of water and sat next to Kelly. She turned when she saw her and her eyes filled with intrigue.

"So, what was that about?" Kelly asked, sounding eager.

"I have a new storyline with Sheamus." Lori made all these 'lovey-dovey' gestures that made Kelly collapse onto the ground in a fit of laughter. She straightened up when she saw Lori looking at Ted.

"Have you told him yet?" Kelly asked.

"Nah, You know what he's like, He'll flip!" Lori answered.

"Yeah, He is the jealous type." Lori looked back and saw Ted ending his call and walking towards them. Lori bit her lip and Kelly patted her knee.

"Don't worry, He loves you. And trusts you." Lori smiled in appreciation at her best friends gesture.

"Hey babe, What was all that about?" Kelly kissed him on the cheek.

"Kelly was telling me you had to go see Vince?" He asked totally dismissing her question. Lori's smile dropped.

"Yeah...About that...I have a new storyline." She started to get nervous and fiddled with the bit on her pants.

"Great, Who you feuding with?" Ted asked, gaining interest.

"No-one, Its a romance angle with Sheamus." Lori blurted out. When Ted didnt reply, she looked up.

"Are you kidding me? I don't want that lump of shit touching my Lori!" Ted cried. Lori suddenly felt defensive. She couldn't believe she had just stood up for the man she hated

"Dont call him that and I'm not your Lori. You don't own me." She grabbed her water and stomped off in the direction of her dressing room. The furthest room away from Ted.

* * *

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