Chapter 3

Ok IHeartTeryse This is YOUR story, The main character being Lori. Hope you like it!

* * *

Ted had been watching from backstage and as soon as Lori had received the spear, he knew she was hurt. He ignored everyone who shouted at him and he ran down the ramp to see if she was alright. Sheamus was already in the ring kicking Tensai's ass. Ted knelt down by Lori, who was writhing on the ground crying.

"Are you okay?" Ted asked. Lori shot him a glare.

"Do I look okay?" She snapped. He barely heard her over the shouts of the crowd.

"Well get up and go to the medical room!" He shouted, grabbing her arm and hauling her up. He let go of her and she automatically crumbled to the ground. She clutched her knee and screamed. Ted just looked at her.

"How can you possibly not walk? He only threw you across the ring. Jeez." He went to haul her up again when he was pushed out of the way. Lori looked up in time to see Ted falling onto the ground. She felt herself being picked up, an arm under her arms and one under her knees. She looked up to see Sheamus. He had picked her up? Ted stood up with an angry look spread across his face. He stood, teeth bared. Lori was shocked at how much he looked like an animal ready to attack. She looked back at him an then turned, wrapping her arms around Sheamus's neck and resting her head in his chest.

Once they were out of camera shot, she expected him just to drop her and leave her on her own. Instead, he carried her to the Medical room, gently placing her on the bed.

"I think I've done something to my knee and my ribs hurt like hell." Lori said, trying to get comfortable. Sheamus stood right by her side as the doctor examined her and took X-Rays. They were left alone when the doctor went to get the results of the X-Ray.

"Vince is going to be happy then." Lori stated.

"Why?" Sheamus asked.

"Well you did what you asked him to, didn't you?" She asked, she knew she was going to get an answer that shocked her.

"Vince asked me to go after Tensai. He never told me to help you. I did that because I care about you." He looked at her and she lowered her head so he couldn't see the blush that spread across her face.

"Thank you." She whispred. Sheamus looked at her and smiled. He wanted to plant his boot on Ted's face for not helping her. That was is girlfriend for goodness sake!

"So why did you push Ted out-of-the-way?" She asked, raising her head. The ice pack she had on her knee fell off.

"He was handling you as if you were a piece of shit, I pushed him outta they way so I could pick you up." He picked the Ice-pack off of the ground and walked over to Lori.

"Your knee is fairly swelling up." He traced a finger over the part she had hurt and bolts of electricity shot up Lori's spine. The hairs on her arm stood on end. He saw her reaction and replaced the pack, smiling as he did so.

"Again, Thank You." She smiled at him warmly.

"And if Ted gives you any shit, You can bunk sleep in my room tonight. I have an extra bed." He laughed as he finished speaking. He didn't really have an extra bed but he could easily sleep on the sofa.

"I think I'll be okay but thanks for the offer." she laughed. She couldn't wait for tonight, knowing Ted was going to be furious with her.

"Ok, anytime I-" He was cut off by the opening of the door.

"Well this is cosy!" Ted exclaimed. He walked over to Lori, grinning at Sheamus, and leaned in for a kiss. Lori turned away and Sheamus smiled at the rejection. Ted slumped in the corner in a big red chair. Sheamus stood by Lori. Ted's glare was fixated on his back.

"Right Lori! You have bruised ribs and a twisted knee. I'll bandage you up but I'm gonna have to pop your kneecap into place." He walked over to the cupboard and pulled out the big roll of bandages. Sheamus turned around as she went to lift her top up. She was about to unclasp the back, but not before screaming at Ted.

"Turn around!" She cried. The look on Ted's face made Sheamus laugh, making Lori laugh too. The doctor wrapped the soft material around her chest and she winced in pain. Sheamus reached a hand backwards but she ignored it. Ted snorted.

"Ok, You can both turn around now." Ted had a smug look on his face. The doctor told her to relax back into the bed. He raised one end of it so her back was sitting up and her legs were flat. He started to push around the kneecap and Lori winced in pain. Without Sheamus offering, her hand shot out and grabbed his. He didn't think anything of it as she squeezed. He smiled at how little her hand looked in hers, her manicured nails were the only thing that made them look adult-like. Ted grunted and walked out, not happy that Lori turned to Sheamus when she was hurt.

There was a loud 'POP' sound and a squeal from Lori and then her knee was fixed. She spun herself so her legs were dangling off the edge. Her knee still hurt and as she was given crutches, she tried her hardest to not think of the pain.

"Thanks Doc." She waved and left, Sheamus in tow.

"You need any help getting your stuff?" He asked, keeping close to the very wobbly Lori.

"Emm, Yes please, I wont be able to carry the bags myself." She smiled as he followed her to her dressing room. Once they entered, She picked up the note that was stuck to her mirror. Lori sent her crutches hurtling though the air. Sheamus put his hands on her shoulders, trying to calm her down. He took the small note from her hands.

'Took your bags to the hotel baby,
If you want everything back,
I want an apology.

Love you,
Ted x'

Sheamus sighed. Lori was fuming. She thought about her bags and what was in them.

"I don't have much in those bags, mostly weights, so it doesnt matter but there is no way in hell that I'm apologizing." She threw herself onto the sofa as Sheamus collected her crutches.

"Hey Sheamus?"


"You know how you said I could bunk with you tonight?" She fiddled with her fingers. She couldn't believe she was saying this!

"Yes Lori?"

"I think I'm going to take you up on that offer..."

* * * * * *

Hope you like it!

I really like Ted and I hate making him sound like a jackass!