In the basement of Ed's house, as the light of the large full moon can be seen from the window, lie the three Eds. They are no longer little children, but growing teenagers. In the corner lies a large black 32" Zony Television, that Ed always have owned since his younger age. Ed never had a chance to update to the modern television, possibly because he never had enough money after indulging in his comic book habits.

On the large, mouldy bed sat Ed, dressed in his usual green jacket and trousers. This time, he wore thin, metal-frame glasses, because of a lazy eye defect. Ed believed that with those glasses would make him smarter, though his intelligence level remained the same. When his favourite B-horror movie came on, his brain shuts off and immersed himself into the movie.

"The Wolf of Hawaii, the movie that has won the Yuwe Boll award of the year" said the announcement from the TV. "It is so terrible; you would ask yourself how a monster could create art like that!"

Ed took offence to that "Sure, I'm onto you. Like the time you thought the movie about Abraham Lincoln was the movie of the year"

On the sofa lay Eddy, now the tallest of the Eds. His father's genes kicked in a year ago and he went through a tremendous growth spurt. He wore a large, black top with white sleeves and black trousers. He wasn't paying too much attention to the movie. He was concerned for the young man in the corner, grasping onto a black touch screen smart phone. Eddy stood up from the sofa and walked over to the young man in the corner, with a pitiful look.

"Hey... Double D..." said Eddy, waiting for Edd to respond.

Edd buried himself in his long, black hair, his eyes only peeking through to look at his smart phone. His hair, instead of tidy and clean, is gangly and messy. His eyes show deep sleeping bags and his shirt not tucked in.

"Double D… How are you… holding up?" Eddy came to comfort the heart-broken Edd.

But Edd has given not a response, but a long, deep sigh. He made it perfectly clear in his drawn-out sigh that he did not appreciate the question; Edd was not in the mood.

"I'll... leave you to it" Eddy backed away from Edd and walked towards Ed. "Ed, come on. There has to be a better movie than this crap"

"But Eddy, I have been looking forward to this movie for ages!"

"But you heard what the announcer said!"

As the two Eds began to engage in an argument over the choice and taste of Ed's taste in movies, Edd's head perked up to watch his friends in action. He watched as his best friends quarrelled over what should be the movie for the night and neither Eds are budging. Edd felt, for the first time in nine days, a tinge of happiness. He turned his face back to his smart phone, his black Lotorala V, with the picture of him in a headlock with Marie, giving him a playful nuggie. He looked over, a feeling of bitter-sweet sadness in his heart.

'Does it get better?' Edd asked himself under his breath.

Four Days before the Graduation...

The days of Monday was no longer those days of light breeze and lukewarm temperatures, but days of hot and humidity as the sun shone brightly over the cul-de-sac. The gang was hanging outside of the Peach Creek High School, which were available to the last three years of the student's compulsory life of education, after leaving Peach Creek Jr. High. The school was slightly smaller, as it only contained students of three grade. It was a complex with four buildings, all of varying colours, though the most eye-catchiest was unsurprisingly the Art and Performance Building, with lots of shadow figure paintings and heart symbolism. Most students believe it was trying to grab attention by attempting to be subtle.

It wasn't just the usual gang of Ed, Edd and Eddy. There were others too.

"Dude, how time flies by" said Kevin, noting it was so close to graduation. He was laying on the grass, in his green-stripes tracksuit and have a goatee.

"The graduation... Yeah." said the beautiful Nazz, in Kevin's arms. She was sporting a fashionable cream white sleeveless top with a white summer skirt and white stockings. "I'm going to miss this school. I have so many happy memories!"

"You got that right!" shouted Eddy, sitting on the diner bench just nearby. "I still remember the time when that girl thought you was gay and try to get you to admit"

"Dude, you had to bring that up again?" Kevin gritted his teeth, before having moments of vision of the moment. He buried his face in Nazz's bossoms to try and forget that moment. "The whole school believed it too"

"And if I can recall that absurd moment" Edd chimed in, also on the bench with Eddy. "The person thought I was of a homosexual nature and that we should... what is the word, 'hook up'."

"Oh man, that was hilarious. Nazz and Marie were so furious that day" Eddy couldn't resist keeping in the outburst; he had to let out his laughter. He, then reeled it back in after he realise what he said, but Edd also joined in the laughter.

"I recall that Marie was trying to formulate a plan with Nazz. Something involving a very elaborate trap with sticky tape, blue paint and some masking tape"

"Ah yeah. I remember that!" Nazz exclaimed. "It actually worked... and... she went insane. I kinda felt bad, but Marie photographed the moment and had it as a poster on her wall."

"Oh the arguments we had over that poster!" Edd sighed, yet he recalled on that memory with fondness. "But I hate to admit, but because of that plan, those rumours about me and Kevin quickly dispelled. And those awkward conversations with mother and father came to an end"

"Yeah, she saved our arses there" said Kevin.

Edd nodded in response. "She did."

"No tears? Wow, I'm impressed, Rapunzel" Eddy slapped Edd's back in a best friend 'bromance' way. "That means you're ready to jump back on the 'single and ready to mingle' train!"

Edd groaned. "Eddy, the moniker 'Rapunzel' will never catch on. And as I have to remind you, graduation is in four days and I will be enrolling in an Ivy League University."

"Double D, I ain't going to get you married!" Eddy snapped in defence. "I need a date. Last time I had a date, it was a girl showing me her collection of unicorns and telling me their names and their favourite food! She was 26 too"'

"I must be missing out on these benefits. I should be on that... 'single and ready to mingle' train. It seem to have worked wonderfully for you" Edd said sarcastically.

"Come on, just give it a chance! What about you, Ed?"

Ed, on the far corner of the bench alongside a messy black-haired girl, was reading a book with the girl checking over the notes of the work, with Ed's name attached to them. His head perked up. "Huh, what?"

"Come on, put the books down. We need to set our date for the great adventure for us!"

"Hey, Eddy, cram it!" The black-haired girl scolded. "Ed needs all the brain power he can get!"

"Oh fine, Victoria! Ruin my fun, why don't you!"

"If by fun, you mean Ed failing his year. It isn't much of a graduation party if Ed has to stay behind for summer school". Victoria is the cousin of Edd, who had moved to Peach Creek at twelve years of age. She was a woman who did not care about her appearance, as she preferred the comfort of her own home. At times she doesn't shower for a few days, becoming enamoured in her own hobbies of computer programming and building expensive computer equipment.

"Victoria, you don't want Ed to overdo it." said Edd, becoming concerned.

"Finally..." Victoria put Ed's work down and began to dig into her laptop bag to bring out a silver-coloured laptop and opened it up. "I'm working my way up to C++!"

"Yay, I can now finish reading my comics" Ed grinned, bringing out his comic of 'The Alien Wolf from Zurgon'.

"They out-nerded... Double D" Eddy was dumb-founded, as he stared at the two and how cut-off from the others they were. Ed and Victoria became immersed in their own thing, ignorant of those around them.

"So, dude!" Kevin called out to Eddy. "We should have a graduation party at least. Invite everyone"

Eddy agreed. "Great idea! Plus Double D is a mean cook too!"

"Oh my..." Edd was caught off by the proposal. "I have to make arrangements then. The ingredients. The tools. Oh my, would I have to make a vegetarian selection? Vegan?" He became deep in thought over the anguishing issue of diet selection, but was snapped out of it by the ringtone of his phone call. "Oh, I have a phone call? Let me take this"

Edd pulled out his smart phone and answered it to his ear. "Hello, Eddward speaking"

"Double D?" said a voice; a voice that Edd founds to be familiar. "It's me, Lee"

Edd was walking alongside the street of the cul-de-sac; his path set on course for the trailer park where the Kankers used to live. What was running through his mind was the past. Memories of him and Marie: the happiness and the sadness, the good and the bad. Whilst he was walking ever closer to the meeting point where Lee Kanker is, he was curious why Lee wanted to meet there. He recalled back onto the conversation over the phone.

"Hey, it's my little girl's man. Haven't spoken to you in a while"

"You know me and Marie are no longer together"

"Wishful thinking on my part, I am behind on everything…"

"Well, you did disappear. The entire community were concerned of your disappearance. You left without a trace! Even Eddy looked at me as if I have seen a ghost"

"…I had my reason"

"Do… your sisters know about you? Your mother?"

"Don't care about Ma. When you start being the 'glue that holds the family together', you tend to stop thinking of your parents… as parents"

"Your sisters…"

"I'm afraid…"

"I'm… surprised."

"Yeah, Lee Kanker, the girl who wasn't afraid of anything. The girl who was out there for my sisters, supporting them and making sure no one hurts them. That nothing flinches the great Lee Kanker. Yeah… We all have our fear. I just hid them better'

"Why the surprise phone call?"

"Just meet me at the old trailer park where we used to live. No if, no buts"


"Be a gentleman and get your butt over here tonight"

That conversation ended, which Edd played over in his mind over and over again; a remnant from the past where she acted strange and out of character. His memories acted up again, remembering more of those moments with Marie that gave him bittersweet feelings.

He walked over, recalling the memories of the past.

My name, well, everyone refers to me by 'Double D', or sock head… or Rapunzel because I do not wear that hat over the head. That nickname never caught on, but Eddy still tries to make it so.

You are wondering why all of this is happening? It would be simple to explain the situation, but I feel retelling the story from the beginnings will give this a greater context.

I was in a relationship with Marie Kanker. Yes, you may found it surprising and in hindsight, I found myself to be flabbergasted. Yet we have made it work and fell in love. Oh how blissful it was. Of course there were discernable agreements and habits, but I welcomed her invasion in my space whereas before, I would spend every day in fear.

To understand the context, we must start from the beginning. Don't worry; the story will not take long.