Five Years Ago…

It was in the early hours of the morning. The rays from the dawning sun shine through the window of three messy, young girls' bedroom. Inside the large double bed in the corner of the bedroom, where the toys littered around, were three young girls.

The blonde hair girl on the left was May, with smaller, but noticeable buck teeth. The snoring from her was the loudest. On the right, was the ginger hair girl, Lee. She had a pair of ear plugs, used to block out the sound from May's snoring.

And lastly, the brown-haired girl in the middle is Marie, who was awoken by the rays from the sun. She stretched her arms and let out a high-pitch yawn. "Oh, it's that time already". She perked up ecstatically and jumped out of the bed, sprinting across the room to a plastic, yellow table.

What was laid out is gears, an exhaust pipe from a car and a football helmet. She sat there, her enthusiasm turn into a sigh. "It's not enough. I need that robot"

"Still making that robot?"

Marie turned her head around to find a drowsy Lee, awoken from her slumber, in a long blue gown. "What is it to you?"

"Nothing. It's very weird" Lee responded.

"Girls find it weird. Boys find it cool". Marie turned back to her table and picked up an exhaust pipe.

"Do you even know how to make a robot?"

"I'm gonna make a robot! I just need… more. I'm gonna see if old man winkles will let me take more stuff from that junkyard" Marie rushed over to the cupboard and began to take off her pyjamas, as she takes out a black top and some cargo trousers.

"Oh no you don't" Lee grabbed hold of Marie by her ear. "Mum made me promise that you at least have your breakfast"

"But mum isn't here! She doesn't care for us!" Marie tried to squirm out of Lee's grasp.

"Well, I care… Come on. Granny wouldn't like it if you skipped out on breakfast"

"Fine" Marie admits defeat and slumped down on the floor. "You have to drag me"

"I already did that last time!" Lee snapped.

Marie proceeded to make a lot of noise, including gargling and some unidentifiable animal noises. Lee, as hard as it was for her, began to drag Marie across the floor. "You're just lazy"

Marie began to grow a huge grin. "That is what little sisters are for?"

As Lee dragged Marie out of the bedroom, May's snoring came to a halt. She woke up, stretching her arms out. She looked around and found she was alone in her bedroom. May let out a huge gruff. "They got breakfast without me again!"

"I used to have a robot friend…" Marie began her story to Edd. "Well, the one that I attempt to build. I was around… seven back then. Me and my sisters lived in an apartment, in Appleyard, a district in the city that never sleeps. Back then, when my ma was working… or finding jobs because she was fired, my Granny helped keep my mum afloat and come over to look after us".

She continued "Granny was kind, but firm. She wouldn't have it if we acted mean-spirited or out of line, though it doesn't stop me if it bothered me."

"So you still oppressed others?" Edd raised his eyebrow.

"Well, it was mostly the girls. One person, Brittany, was from the rich side of things. Usually come down here to visit her friends, who worship her like she is a god. She never really liked us. Even when we had a roof over our heads, she called us 'trash'. I really wanted to beat her up badly"

"What stopped you?"

"Granny. My ma would always say 'If they give you a funny look, just smack them in the jaw', but Granny end up giving her a slap and told us sternly that we should ignore them."

"Your grandmother sounds wise"

"Back then, I never understood that lesson. Even after she was gone, I still ignored it and follow my mother's rule. And… well… I became a massive bitch"

"It isn't… your fault" Edd attempted to comfort Marie, but was met with a loud thump on the dinner table ffrom her fist.

"It is my fault" Marie asserted. "I'm not a good person. I don't get a free pass. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200"

Edd twiddled his thumbs, shifting his eyes ffrom left to right as he try not to show any sympathy, because he believes Marie is right. There is no excuse, even upbringing, because it could all have been avoided. Yet Edd feels that Marie should at least be commended to see the errors in her ways. Though now is not the time and decided to direct the subject to something closer to her. "What was your robot's name?"

"…Gears" Marie responded, slightly embarrassed. She saw laughter trying to escape from Edd's mouth. "Okay, I was seven back then! Seriously, give me a break"

Edd tried to stop his laughter escaping and began to regain his composure. "Do you still build…"

"No" Marie interrupted. "Once Granny went, I just stopped. I remember the last thing I put on that robot. My Granny's pearl necklace"

The morning hours of the sun shone over the streets in the heat of summer, where the pedestrians walk by one another, with their eyes firmly on their watches. It was rush hour; everyone was striving to be in early at their nine to five jobs. The three young children were making their way pass the crowd, as Marie boldly led the group with such brevity and impatience. Following behind was Lee, with May clutching onto her polka dotted top, fearing she will be left behind in the sea of impatient workers.

"Why do we have to be out, Lee?" cried out May, hiding behind Lee. She averted her gaze ffrom the passer-by, as they all look like tall, oppressive giants to her. "I hate crowds"

"Granny wants us out and Marie wants to go to that junkyard" Lee explained, trying to comfort a frightened May. "Just… don't pay any attention to them".

The girls made their around the turn and right onto Crumble Street, where Marie's eyes glisten and her smile grew wider with excitement than a child at Christmas. In her line of sight was the Appleyard Junkyard, a scrapheap for all abandoned cars, washer machines, televisions and every other unwanted item. It all collected into a tall hill, with a white flag; a doodle of Marie's face was drawn on with the words 'Maries propaty, plz do nt steel' in broken English.

Marie sprinted across the street and into the gates, where she turned to her left to find a bright-coloured green shed with a table at the front and an old, grizzly man, wearing an assortment of gears and car pipes on his body, a wench stuck out in his breast pocket.

The old man noted that the young girl was in his presence. "Still building that robot, I see" he responded, the voice that sounds like the lost wanderer of the west.

"You bet!" Marie responded with enthusiasm.

"Can't say no to that" The old man tipped his helmet, altered to look like a cowboy hat with extra plating of metal sheets. "We got more scrap today. One that… you like to have"

"Really?" Marie exclaimed. She couldn't contain her excitement anymore, as she tried to rush over to the man in an attempt to pester him. "Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me"

"That wouldn't be fun. Besides, maybe I want to keep it" The old man teased.

"But… Old Man Wrinkle" Marie fell back onto the floor, which Lee spotted ffrom a distance. She knows full well what Marie is going to, as she does that with everyone to get her way.

"I hope you know what the fox says" Old Man Wrinkle teased Marie.

"That's not fair!" Marie didn't know what the fox says, but it didn't stop her from making a variety of unidentifiable animal noises and gargling. "What is it…? I wanna know. I wanna know!"

"Maybe I'll show you later on. Just… go and collect your stuff. I want some of that crap clearing, and then we'll talk about that"

"Yaaay!" Marie shot back up in ecstatic excitement, leaping around the junkyard. She could not contain the excitement any longer and began to waste no time by jumping into the scrap heap, as if it was a swimming pool. "I'm going to collect all these stuff and I'm going to make the best robot ever!"

"That sounds like free labour?" Edd pointed out.

"It is in hindsight, but he was an awesome man. He hated most kids, yet liked me because I was always collecting stuff and building. Old Man Wrinkle saved the best parts for me and he even taught me how to use a soldering iron too!"

"At seven!? What was that man thinking!?" Edd exclaimed, processing the horror that young children are being taught to handle such dangerous equipment.

"Hey, he gave me supervision… some of the time. I'm surprised I didn't burn down his trailer or something"

"Oh… my…"

"I miss him sometimes. Granny. Old Man Wrinkle. They were… kinda better role models than my mum. I turned out to be the meanest. My sisters only had my granny to look up to. But I had him as well as my granny."

"Do you still keep in contact?" Edd pried.

"After I left, we lost touch. And next thing I know, the junkyard had been closed down. Don't know what happen to Old Man Wrinkle." Marie buried her head into the table with her arms covering her head. It was only just now that she realised that the people in the past are gone and it just sink in now. "I was jealous… of everyone. After losing those two and coming to the cul-de-sac, me and my sisters wanted to have one last attempt at being nice. That's… when we met you three. New start needed something new, so we wanted boyfriends. We were bullies after my granny was gone and my mum couldn't earn enough to keep the apartment. So we lived in a trailer and moved from one place to another, before settling here. Only place where the cops didn't try to shove us out. But we got pissed of you lot taking advantage, so we decided to take advantage." Marie let out a huge sigh, even she couldn't justify it. "And we just found it fun to bully and torture all of you. I ain't even gonna to hide it."


"I am the queen bitch!" Marie pulled a smile, an accomplishment she finds to have lost its value over time. "Was proud of it, but now… I don't know"

"So… what was that object the gentleman was speaking of?" Edd wanted to know more about the story, he was curious of what guide Marie into this state.

"Continuing the story on…"

Author's Notes: Hello, I apologise for the confusion and am here to explain. If you have notice, the amount of chapters has taken a decrease. This is because I have been doing some cleaning up (and will make some improvements to past chapters). Here are a few of the biggest change, so let's start with the smaller ones.

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