Rated T+: I may use relatively graphic or gory violence scenes, or include some mild swearing.

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Author's note: This story involves not just Batman, but he is one of the major characters. It revolves around an original character I've made and worked with before, this will be his first story written by me, I have given the idea of this character to a couple other people on which I frequent, but this is the first story written by the creator of the character Dead Arc. Begin story :)

Batman: The Lost Arc

I've been following him for days, a remorseless mind thinks... Tracking his appearances, his seemingly regular patrol routes, everything about him. Everything I could find on him anyway... This remorseless mind, possessing a body, checks his weaponry... Modern and savage, it puts most arms to shame. He's rather mysterious though, as to be expected; this city itself is full of mysteries, as evident by the many different responses to the question "Gotham is..." in the newspaper. It checks the grip on a firearm. Small. Sturdy. Powerful. He looks out over the kingdom... Gotham is MINE. One mystery will be revealed soon enough, however...

What does a screaming bat sound like?

"Come on Bats... Make your regular route for me," Dead Arc says lowly to himself, his voice low and almost dreamy, yet he sounds equally deadpan. A complex mixture of sounds for most ears.

Suddenly, Batman can barely be made out hopping across a couple rooftops.


Left, right, left, right, more power to the legs, more power to the legs... Our villain hops across the city like the Dark Knight himself. Some tyrannical force propels his every movement, better than the finest athletes; but then, The Batman is equally supernatural in his movements.

Sir, your sensors indicate a chaser is- "I know, Alfred." Yes, Batman knows. He always knows. Why hasn't he done something about his pursuer?

He knows. He always knows. He's Batman, after all. I think I'll try to change things up... And he's gone. Dead Arc is just gone. The displacement of a body from the air instantaneously is rather loud, and Batman notices it. He looks back, seeing no-one and nothing, and wonders...

Had he imagined this mysterious pursuer, a side effect of patrolling late nights? What was that noise, then, he wonders?

Dead Arc appears directly in front of The Batman and speaks... "I heard you like jumping on rooftops? Thought I'd give it a try."

Batman replies dryly and un-amusedly, "Really, now? It can be hazardous to your health. Who are you?"

Dead Arc chuckles lightly; "Really, the world's 'Greatest Detective', and all you can say is 'who are you'? I expected more. But allow me to introduce myself... I am Dead Arc." Music, some sort of rock or metal band, starts playing, emanating from... Dead Arc? "I enjoy listening to tunes when I'm on the job, helps me get in the mood. You ready for the fight of your life?"

Batman says and does nothing.

Dead Arc puts his hands on his guns, preparing for some sort of stand-off it seems, saying, "This should be interesting."

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