Hey guys! I just updated my fanfic, The Truth Will Come Out, and I decided I might as well put this up. This was inspired by the episode "A Leaf in the Wind". It's not really a fanfic, just an essay I wrote up in my spare time. Enjoy!

The green splash of color lingered in my eyes for just a moment; my head turned to search for it. My eyes caught sight of it: a leaf, blowing in the gentle wind. I watched its journey, going whichever way the wind saw fit. I closed my eyes for just a moment, admiring the leaf's simple message. And just like that it was gone, blowing away gracefully. Only a memory was left in its place, which would soon be forgotten. But I didn't forget. I couldn't.

You see, I am that leaf. Rather, we are that leaf. We go in the directions our destinies take us. Whether or not the leaf wishes to follow the wind is not his choice. Similarly, we follow our destinies, willingly or otherwise, waiting for it to change its course and take us along for the ride. There is no escaping this. We are bound to it, trusting it to carry us through. Just like the leaf, we cannot change the way the wind blows over us. We must learn to adapt, pushing ourselves in ways we never thought were possible. Just when we think we have learned all there is to know, the breeze shifts in another direction, and the cycle begins anew. The leaf pays no mind to this cycle. People, however, attempt to change it. It is a fruitless attempt, as many people discover. Those who attempt begin to realize that we are merely parts of a whole being. Our destinies are like the system and we are merely a part of it, but we are ignorant to this. Leaves do not have the capability of understanding, let alone being ignorant. Detached from their respective trees, they are soon to return to the land they came from, without question or doubt. Humans, however, have a natural tendency to question everything. Our questioning leads us to ask why we are different from others, why we must suffer, or why we have never suffered at all. This comparing causes people to try to change their fates for the "better", or so they think. No two people are exactly alike. Therefore, it is impossible for someone to have the same fate. Of course, people can meet the same fate, but the journey there is different for everyone; just like the leaf in the wind. Our destinies swirl and meet, only to be separated again. Like the green that flashed before my eyes, we are rolling, twirling, and spinning, not knowing where destiny will take us next, living in beautiful turmoil.

As for me, I will revel in this fact until the day the wind stops and leaves me on the path. Like the leaf in the wind that I am, we are, I will wait patiently for the wind to start again, anticipating the twists and turns of the road ahead.

So... I was thinking of submitting this to my school's magazine for literature... Should I do it? (I'm a freshman, btw, for those of you who haven't heard of me :)

I think that "A Leaf in the Wind" is my favorite episode of LoK so far. So far, I've composed a piano piece and this essay that shows my interpretation of the message in this episode. The episode was inspirational, like The Guru was for ATL, in my humble opinion. ;)

I hope you enjoyed this! Leave your reviews!