Author's Notes

I very recently discovered a love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I wanted to do this ever since I saw the season 2 finale. However since most of my followers are fans of RIO, I thought it would be better if I did a cross-over.

The plot will take place immediately after "A Canterlot Wedding part 2" in the my little pony universe, and right after "Path of a Thief" in my Rio fan fiction timeline. So my OC's will play some important roles in the plot of this story.

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There is a common theory amongst scientists that there would exist two elements which serve to bring balance to the world. The first is law which provides all the rules of life, the circumstance of one's existence, the constant stream of dimensions in which the universe itself expands upon… the second element is chaos whose only purpose is to maintain structure. These two elements caught in a constant power struggle should never meet, for if they did the very balance of the world would be thrown out of whack. According to theorists should these elements combine, a doorway to other worlds could open, but with such power comes great consequences, so be forewarned, the balance of the elements is a fragile thing, and once distorted it can be next to impossible to restore.

The Chaos Theory

(Kept in the Royal Canterlot library)

Queen Chrysalis landed upon the ground with a sickening thud. Her slick black, almost smooth body skid along the dirt, arching as she came into contact with several sharp jagged rocks and splintering sticks. Large scraps, bruises, and the occasional cut glistened along her body, adding a sense of injury to her already insulted ego. Flapping her insectoid wings, she guided herself to a blinding halt. Her green eyes narrowed as her foul mood began to rise. She couldn't help but think back about the last thing that she could remember.

She grinded her teeth as she recalled her guaranteed victory in Canterlot Castle. The sounds of battle filled the air, the smell of destruction clung to the streets of the city below. She watched the panic stricken faces of the ponies as they retreated from her advancing army of changelings who continued to emerge through the shattered protective shield surrounding the kingdom. In a single conniving move, she had rendered the castle's defences useless. With the captain of Celestia's royal guard under her control, his magic couldn't do a thing to stop them, and thus most of the kingdom had fallen under her control. Stallions, mares, colts, even the youngest child remained fair game so long as they held an ounce of love in their hearts.

Chrysalis chuckled to herself as she recalled the feeling of excitement which filled her during that one moment. The unicorn Twilight Sparkle and her friends could no longer resist her, their attempts at reaching the Elements of Harmony had failed miserably. They too stood as prisoners surrounded by a legion of her followers. She cackled and glanced upwards at Canterlot's once famed ruler Princess Celestia who sat imprisoned in a chrysalis chamber.

Then came something that she would never have expected, in but a single moment her plan began to unravel. The captain of Princess Celestia's royal guard came back to his senses and helped his bride-to-be, the lovely Princess Cadance defeat her. It hadn't been just any power which had placed a nail in her coffin, the power came from true love. The same power which she sought to control. The same power she and her changelings needed to feed upon to gain power. That power stood defiantly against her, and defeated her without any sort of challenge. Within seconds her entire species had been launched across the horizon in every direction with no way of stopping whatever destiny laid before them.

The changeling queen stamped a hoof upon the ground. Her muzzle twisted into a vicious sneer. She could feel the humiliation of having victory snatched from underneath her nose. She wanted to scream but found no sound came out from her distorted wind pipe. Her eyes continued to narrow.

"Those ponies will regret that!" She snarled. "Even if it takes the remainder of my life, my changelings will feed on enough love that we'll become the ultimate species in all of Equestria."

"That can be arranged hahaha."

Chrysalis froze in her tracks at the sound of the rather deep intimidating voice which filled her ears. For the first time she took notice of her surrounding. She stood in the middle of an abandoned stone quarry just off the southern corridor of Equestria. As far as the eye could see, a large terrain of desert stretched onwards and sharp jagged rocks littered the desolate landscape. Chrysalis peered down and eyed a few of the stones, there seemed to be a large collection of them at her hoof. Without wasting a second she bent down and wiped a hoof across the smooth stone. Her eyes widened as a face came into view. The rocks which dug into her back as she landed was in fact a statue of some weird dragon creature with the head of a pony and body parts made of different creatures.

"Great," she rolled her eyes. "The rocks are talking to me now."

"Oh no my dear" the deep voice echoed in her ears again. "I am far from a mere pile of rock. The name is Discord, the spirit of chaos and disharmony, and I have a score to settle. If you get my back, I'll get yours."

Cruel laughter filled the air, sending a sharp chill down Chrysalis' back. Despite everything she'd been through, she still found it hard to believe that a disembodied voice could communicate with her, let alone have it be a spirit of chaos and disharmony. She rolled her eyes, and nodded her head.

"I suppose it doesn't really matter as long as I get what I want in the end."

"Very good," The voice chuckled. "Here is what I want you to do."