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Chapter 2


One night earlier...

The scene was calm as Gohan looked over the field in the darkness of night, the moon being his only source of light as he watched the dinosaurs roam about below. He usually came here to think. Think about what had spurred him to make this decision that is.

He could surely live out a peaceful life out in the country and only get involved when the Earth was in danger, but something was urging him to train harder and be more active in the world… as though it would somehow all come crumbling down.

The teen was snapped out of his thoughts when a familiar ki began to come closer. The signature was friendly and inviting but at the same time erratic and unpredictable. Gohan smiled as he heard Goten shout his name before jumping off Nimbus. The child hopped off the yellow mass and fell a few hundred feet, landing shakily on the Earth.

The younger demi-Saiyan was wearing his grey hoody and jeans, making him seem normal despite having enough power to level a building with ease, "Hey Gohan!" The boy said happily as he came closer eyed his big brother, "Why are ya in that fancy get up? Are you going somewhere special?"

Gohan chuckled at his younger brother's naivety, "Nah, it was raining on the way here, so I decided to get this jacket at a store to keep dry. Hey, what are you chuckling about?"

It was true, the younger boy had his hands over his mouth as a way to keep in his laughter as a funny thought entered his mind, "Well… you kinda look like Vegeta when he dresses like that! Ya know, when he goes to the city and stuff like that."

The elder shrugged, "Guess I do. Say Sport, what are you doing out here so late?" Gohan asked as he ruffled the younger's hair, the latter pushing his hand off with a giggle.

"Mom told me to tell you to come back home cause dinner's ready." Goten informed him promptly.

"Thanks sport. Head on back and I'll catch up, I just wanna clear my head a bit longer." The teen answered shortly with a smile.

"Okey dokey!" The boy responded as he made an 'okay' sign with his hand and then took a breath to call the golden cloud back, but was stopped by Gohan as he raised his hand.

"Hey Goten, remember our promise: You keep practicing flying, and I let you keep Nimbus for when you're tired."

"Oh, right!" With that Goten took off, albeit wobbly at first, into the night sky, leaving Gohan alone to his thoughts again."

'I have to do this. He's one of the reason's I have to do this. Mom, Goten, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, everyone needs my help! Especially Yamcha… I'll protect them all, no matter what…' The teen looked up at the moon with his eyes narrowed, "I'll make you proud father. I can feel something dark coming but I'll find a way to stop it… just like you would."

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