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In this world, there are laws. Not really laws though. But more like a set of rules that everyone knew to ensure their safety. This world was not a kind one. Many things happened after dark that could kill someone. Many lost their lives until these rules were taught among the public. And rule number one was, never go out after sunset without properly arming yourself first.

The second rule was know what the creatures are. Wolves. Wolves were creatures of the night. The night and the moon. Only on the night of the new moon did you not have to worry about them. The wolves are vicious, feral creatures. If they got a hold of you, one of two options arose. One, you would ripped to shreds and eaten. Or two, they'd steal you away to become one of them.

Do not confuse wolves with werewolves. While the two are very similar, there are differences. For one thing, werewolves do not exist, while the wolves do. Werewolves are unaware humans who transform under the full moon. Wolves come from the shadows under moonlight. And werewolves do not kill, only turn another human to be one of them. Wolves, well, that was mentioned above.

The second of these creatures are known as ghouls. Ghouls steal your soul, causing you to crumple to the ground and slowly bleed your life away. Come morning, you are dead. There is but one way to guard against this. At least, one way if you are human. But that'll be explained after the creatures.

Next is the zombie. Zombies are not corpses brought back to life, but rather the souls that ghouls steal. The ghouls give body to the souls, while at the same time twisting them to be dark and dangerous creatures. A zombie cannot be turned back towards light. Zombies also eat your flesh, slowly rotting whatever is left for a painful death. Unless what is rotted is amputated, you will die.

Then, there is the final creature. The Vampire. Vampires were… well, there are two outcomes for if you cross them. In this regard, they are like wolves, for if they get you, you either die, or become one. Vampires feed on the blood of human. They cannot feed off the blood of animals or other vampires. Only if the need is great can they feed on stored blood. Animal blood does nothing for their appetite, and the blood of other vampires makes them ill.

Now is the third rule. This is what to have with you if you happen to have to go out at night. First is to prepare against the wolves. Wolves have a weakness for others of this kind. Of course, you cannot be in the company of an actual wolf without either becoming one or being killed. So of course, it is customary for every family, no, every household to have at least one dog present. If you do, then you won't be bothered. Caught outside without one and well… you better hope that there aren't any wolves nearby.

To ward off ghouls, you simply need a flashlight. It doesn't matter the size nor the strength of it. All it needs to do is shine. Shine the light into the ghoul's eye, one of them, or both it doesn't matter, and it'll flee from the scene. Unfortunately, this is the most overlooked. People seem to carry lanterns more often than flashlights. That's why there are as many zombies as there are.

Speaking of the zombies, next is how to ward them off. To ward a zombie off, you simply throw some animal blood at them. However, there is a downside to this. The animal blood could attract a vampire. While vampires don't feed on animal blood, it is the smell that would lead them to you.

Vampires have the most weaknesses, yet are crafty creatures. All religious symbols can be used to hurt them, yet crosses are the most popular and the most effective. Garlic wards them away, and steak can burn them. Holy water does nothing unless it was blessed by a priest or saint, in which case it stops them in their tracks. No one knows where vampires lodge during the day, however, if you can keep them out without being attacked until daylight, there is almost no chance that they will survive. In the sunlight, day actually, vampires have only ten minutes before they turn to dust. They will not attack during that time and will instead attempt to find shelter.

The forth rule is know when and what they feed on. Wolves eat people. They eat every other day, unless they cannot find food. Ghouls do not eat. They will never cease to be. Zombies do not eat your brain. How could such a body and weak jaws really pierce your skull to get to the brain? No, zombies eat your flesh. This was already mentioned. And then there are the vampires. It is already known that they drink the blood of humans. Vampires must drink the blood of humans as often as the humans need water. Humans can go without water for about a week, depending on circumstances. Vampires are the same. Six days and they start to deteriorate. At twelve days without blood, vampires simply pass away. Their body's slump to the ground, always in broad sight, and the instant the sun hits their dead body, they're dust.

Four rules. It doesn't seem much, but it saves lives. Now then, there are several people it would do good to know. People do not necessarily need to know these people, but they are there to help.

Monster hunters. They are people born and bred to hunt the creatures of the night. Yes, even ghouls. For monster hunters can capture ghouls and make sure they cannot go after people. Monster hunters shoot wolves between the eyes, hacks the head off of zombies, captures the ghouls, and do whatever they can to kill the vampires.

Priests. Priests are protected from all four of the creatures. No one knows why. Well then, if priests are so protected, why doesn't everyone become one? Because, being a priest can, in many ways, be a much more dangerous profession than being a monster hunter. Priests lodge at a church. One priest per church. They bless holy water and always have a cross necklace. Priests. Do. Not. Have. To. Be. Saints.

Speaking of saints, this is the next profession. Saints may also bless holy water. They are the ones who help amputate the rotting body parts of people attacked by zombies, and they would offer themselves in place of a victim. The name saint tells you about them.

Then there are the normal professions that shall not be explained because they are simply part of society. Though, there is one thing to know. Never can the four creatures of night barge into a home. Only if they are dragged in can any come into a lodging. Church, house, hotel, store, tent. They can't come into any. They can't even wreck it to get anyone who may be inside. Stores, homes and anywhere cannot kick you out if it is sunset to sunrise. That would be sending them to their death.

Now that the basics are known… let us proceed with this tale…

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