A/N: I know I have lots of unfinished stories. But I have a lot of things to worry about, I've been busy, school has started and what not, and I had to find the time to write this story! This is just going to be a 5 Chapter thing. Because I have a lot of feelings for Big Time Rush and Kucy right now. And I don't ship Jo and Kendall.

Lucy's Point Of View:

I sighed as I plopped down on my bed, the day was still young and I was in my room worrying about if Kendall was going to pick me or not. I peeked out of the window and watched everyone outside by the pool, I smiled. I didn't even know Kendall had a girlfriend just a while ago. We'd been dating for a day and still he was thinking about who he was going to choose. Maybe it was a bad idea for me to even agree to being his girlfriend.

Though I still liked Kendall I doubted it every minute since I saw the look on that girls face. She looked so hurt, I felt so bad. I figured Kendall had chose her since I told Logan to tell him to come see me about an hour ago. I slipped on my flip-flops and walked out of the door, I was leaving The Palm Woods. If he was going to be with her there was no point in just watching it happen. My eyes widened when I saw Carlos as I turned the corner. "Carlos, have you seen Kendall?" I asked to the boy who was looking confused as to why I had my hands wrapped around his shoulders so tightly.

"No actually, i'm looking for him though." He replied, I rolled my eyes. Where was Kendall? Was he hiding? Why was my question, "Okay Thanks." I thanked him and walked away, going to look for the boy.

I saw the girl that caught us in the elevator earlier and my heart started racing. I decided to dodge her and hide behind a plant. She looked just like the state of form I was in; Panicked, worried and stressed. Little did she know her worrying was for nothing, I had a lot of competition trying to compete against her.

When I saw her turn a corner I hopped out from behind the tree. That was quick, Katie caught my eye. "Katie, where is your brother?" I asked the young girl, she looked at me with lifted eyebrows and lectured me to her. "He went out for a walk." She whispered. I looked at her and smugged, "Well tell him I'm leaving The Palm Woods, Friday." I whispered in reply.

She gasped and ran away from me, I assumed she was going to tell Kendall what she just heard. I went back to my room and put my hands on my hips. "I guess this is it." I said to myself before tossing my red hair over my shoulder and walking to my closet to find a couple of suitcases. "Ah-hah." I whispered after finding 2 black suitcases hidden under my junk of shoes.

I turned to my drawers with hesitation but pushed myself anyway. I opened the first drawer and picked up a handfull of everything and threw it into the first suitcase, along with everything else in it and did the same to the last 4 drawers.

I sat them up against the closet door and a knock startled me. It was an angry knock, It was probably Logan or Camille to tell me to stay away from Kendall or something. Since she obviously knew that girl. I opened it on about the 8th knock and to my surprise Kendall stood before me. "Lucy you're not going anywhere." He demanded, Pushing me farther into the room and slamming the door behind him. He put is hands around my waist and kissed my forehead.

"You're not going anywhere because I chose you." He whispered. He pecked my lips once more.