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So many times out there,

I've watched a happy pair,

Of lovers walking in the night.

They had a kind of glow around them,

It almost looked like heaven's light.

Seven of Nine had seen many romantic pairings in her time aboard Voyager. In fact she admitted, if only to herself, that she was jealous that so many could find love, or at least some semblance of it. And as she became more human, she came to realize that she wanted someone to love her.

I knew I'd never know,

That warm and loving glow,

Though I might wish with all my might.

No face as hideous as my face,

Was ever meant for heaven's light.

But she was Borg, and the various remaining implants marred what would otherwise be a beautiful face. They were an ever present reminder of what she had once been, what she had once done. In fact very few of her cremates took the time to see the woman behind them, only seeing the deadly Borg she had once been. She would always be seen as a Borg first.

But suddenly an angel has smiled at me,

And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright.

I dare to dream that she,

Might even care for me.

And as I ring these bells tonight,

My cold dark tower seems so bright,

I swear it must be heaven's light.

Lt. B'Elanna Torres, though usually unkind to Seven, had moments were she was actually kind to the drone. In fact, Seven had noticed that, really, the only time B'Elanna really ever got mad and insulted Seven was when she did her own engineering jobs and when the still socially awkward Seven made a tremendous, and offensive, social error, such as her study of B'Elanna and Lt. Tom Paris' relationship.

In fact there were times, when Seven actually went through the appropriate channels, that the Lieutenant would give her a smile that warmed Seven's heart. But it wasn't until a party in the Sandrine's program, that Seven realized just what she felt for the Chief Engineer.

Tom had proposed an impromptu game called Truth or Dare. And after the rules were explained, Seven reluctantly joined in, at the Captain's urging. In fact it was Janeway that helped her realize things, as it was her that gave B'Elanna that fateful dare.

To kiss Seven.

The half-Klingon hadn't hesitated before gently kissing Seven's cheek, ignoring the various implants.

Seven didn't pay any attention to the ensuing argument (Janeway claimed that B'Elanna hadn't carried out the dare, while B'Elanna pointed out that Janeway hadn't specified where she had to kiss), she was to busy realizing what the feeling that shot through her when B'Elanna kissed her was.

It was love.

I knew I'd never know,

That warm and loving glow,

Though I might wish with all my might.

No face as hideous as my face,

Was ever meant for heaven's light.

But B'Elanna was involved with Tom Paris. Not to mention that she had never even shown anything to suggest that she liked Seven in that way.

Seven knew her love would never be returned.

But even if B'Elanna liked other women, who would wish to be with someone, seriously be involved with and not just bed, a woman with Borg implants marring her face.


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And in case you don't already know, Heaven's Light comes from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame