Ice Cold

Lukas followed Arthur's daughter Annabell (AKA London), all the time. Though he is actually Arthur's friend, he still feels strongly for the young woman.

Annabell however, hates the Nordic country, occasionally smacking him when he gets too close. Most of the time though, she ignored him. When she needed to get away, she'd hide at Matthew's place.

At least that was how things used to be. Lately Lukas had been behaving worse than usual, calling her names and insulting her every chance he got.

When Annabel asked Arthur about it he said Lukas was just showing his true self. Usually Arthur was very protective of his daughter, but every time she complained about Lukas, he'd laugh and say, "At least it's not Francis or Yao."

Annabell sighed and sat by her river. (The Thames) She whished she could see the water fey. Arthur used to tell her all about them when she was little, he was sad when she told him she couldn't see them. She watched the water, it was low in this particular area. She was eventually lulled to sleep by the water's soft lullaby.

Lukas was awoken by a loud banging on his door very early in the morning. He was surprised to find Arthur at his door. "What are you doing here so early, Arthur?"

"Do you know where Annabell is? I haven't seen her since yesterday." Arthur said, looking worried.

Lukas shook his head. "No, she isn't at Matthew's?"

Arthur shook his head. "I already checked all her normal hiding spots. Will you look for her and let me know if you find her?"

Lukas nodded. "Sure." He went back to Britain with Arthur. The water fey in the Thames summoned him and told him of a girl sleeping near a crumbling bank. He followed the river and found her. "Annabell?" He picked up the sleeping city just before the bank where she was crumbled and fell into the water. She stirred and wrapped her arms around him, but didn't wake up. "Mm~ Lukas~"

Lukas smiled to himself as she mumbled some more in her sleep. She mentioned a duck, a chicken and told him she loved him. He called Arthur when she finally stopped talking and told him he'd found her and was kidnapping her for a while.

Arthur laughed and told him not to hurt her.

Lukas laughed quietly and carried the woman to his house and laid her on his bed and left her alone.

Annabell woke up and realized she was in a bed that was unfamiliar, but she recognized the scent on the pillows. It smelled like mint…this was Lukas' bed. She blushed and sat up to look around. Lukas walked through the door a the end of the room. "Did you sleep well?" He asked, smiling at her.

Annabell nodded and looked away. Lukas caused conflicting feelings inside her heart. She was hurt deeply when he said mean things to her, but when he smiled, she felt like she was in the clouds. She shook her head to clear her thoughts but it didn't work, they remained just as conflicting.

Lukas sat beside her. "Is something wrong, Annabella?"

She tensed and shook her head. "No, nothing's wrong. I'm fine Lukas."

Lukas frowned and made Annabell look at him. "I can tell when your lying."

She blushed. "Um…well, I'm not sure what to feel…and it hurts me when you're mean."

Lukas sighed. "I won't be mean anymore if I can ask you a question and you answer truthfully."

Annabell nodded and he pulled her in for a kiss.

Annabell closed her eyes and kissed back without hesitating. She realized that Arthur was right, Lukas was just showing his true self, and she loved him for it.

When they broke apart, Lukas looked at her and whispered an apology and a confession.

Annabell smiled and repeated his words back to him, before pulling him back for another kiss.