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So here are the rules:

- Time limit: 15 minutes (obviously) XD I recommend using a stopwatch or something

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- correcting any errors, (grammar, spelling etc.) is not allowed.

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15 Minute Challenge

#1 - Smile

It was sunset, one of Zelda's favorite times of the day. She loved it so much because She always got to see link, and sit with him atop the goddess statue. His presence made her want to sing. Ever since they were kids, the pair would watch the sun fade over the horizon together, wondering if it could last forever.
But today, Link didn't join her on that statue. And Zelda nearly cried as the sun faded and she was alone. Her time with Link always meant so much to her... So she decided she would look for him, since usually he would have said something if he couldn't go with her.

First she cheek the area behind the waterfall, making sure Groose and his croonies didn;t pick a fight again. Though, he wasn't there. She then realized that really he could be anywhere, but he was always doing something at this hour. He only slept so much in the mornigs because he stayed up way too late the night before.

Hopefully he was just helping someone find a lost toy, or fixing a broken window sill. Link really never learned to say "no" every once and a while.

But Zelda had checked everywhere, and he was no where to be seen. So she figured she would check his room, maybe today he was actually too tired to do something with his life.
when she opened the doors to the knight academy, she thought of something to say to make sure he wouldn't leave her alone on the stau again.

The words died on her lips as the walked into the room, and saw link lying with a cloth over his head and a flushed face, Zelda immeadiately panicde and walked over to the side of his bed to help him.

"Are you okay Link?!" She exclaimed, frantically pulling off the cloth and gaging his temperature with her hand.

He didn't replt. And Zelda realized he was fast asleep. And he should be. She would have scolded him for walking around with a fever. Zelda pulled up the blanket that was drapped over him and made sure he was actually comfortable, before grabbing a chair so she could sit next to him to make sure he was fully okay all through the nigth.

Soon, she found herself nodding off, and she was awoken by a soft shake to her shoulder. she found herself staring into Link's eyes. "Are you feeling any better"

"Yeah..." Link stated. He rubbed his neck sheepishly. "I'm sorry I couldn't -

A/N: (L) NO! I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO FINISH A SENTENCE OR REGISTER THE THEME! GAH. T-T She was supposed to say it's okay and she was supposed to think on how she was mad until Link smiles and then she realized whatever she was mad at him for she couldn't stay mad for long because of that sweet smile... T-T And that was a fail if I ever saw one! XD Not being able to fix errors is a bad rule. XD Grr.
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