Hi my fellow readers! The last few chapters have been pretty serious, so I decided to treat you all to something more sweet and comical. Enjoy!

黒子のバスケ: 兄ちゃんは心配して

Kuroko no Basket: Big Brother is Worried

A true friend cares like a mom, scolds like a dad, teases like a sister, irritates like a brother and loves more than a lover.

The overwork from the preliminary match with Shutoku, and the cold rain from the other day had caused Kotone to stay in with a high fever. It was after school and Ryu had hurried to the gym to inform the Seirin Team that Kotone would be unable to attend the next few conditionings and practices.

"I guess it can't be helped." said Riko. "Tell her we wish her a fast recovery in time for the next match."

Ryu nodded. "Don't worry I will. But um, there's one thing I need to ask to Kagami-kun and Kuroko-kun."

"Huh, what is it?" Kagami asked.

"If it's alright with your coach, do you guys mind leaving early and dropping off Koto-chan's homework; I don't want her grades to slip. I have to run by the store and pick up some stuff for her." he said.

"Sure we don't mind." Kuroko replied. Ryu beamed a wide radiant smile.

"Thank you so much you two!" he thanked, and then started searching through his book bag at great speed. "Okay, so make sure she stays in bed and gets some rest, put a damp washcloth on her head if she gets too warm, and ask her once in a while if she's hungry." He instructed as he continued fumbling around in his bag.

"You sound like a good friend." Riko commented.

"More like a smothering big brother." Koganei pointed out.

"Well he fills out the older brother role perfectly." Hyuga said. They all ogled at him as he handed Kagami a bunch of items; textbooks and assignments that were Kotone's homework.

"Oh and you'll need this." He said; it was a little brass key hanging on a small silver ring. "It's a spare key to the house, I'm pretty sure she's in no condition to go and open the door."

(?!) they all gawked, mouths agape. He owns an extra key to her house?! Isn't that a little overboard for a guy who's just a friend?! They all thought in shock.

"Oh and Kotone's room is the first door down the hallway on your right." He stated nonchalantly. Their jaws dropped even more.

"W-wait, how in the world did you memorized where Makoto's bedroom is?!" exclaimed Kagami. Ryu grinned and waved it off.

"Oh that? I've been to Koto-chan's house a bunch of times; don't start acting so skeptical." He replied. Everyone still had question marks on their faces.

"To be honest it really sounds like you crossed the 'best friends zone' in the worst way possible." Izuki said under his breath.


The sky was dark gray and it slowly began to drizzle moderately. Kagami gave Kuroko his black gakuran to shield his head from the upcoming rain, while he covered his head with the textbook in his hand.

"Ugh, I can't believe we have to go babysit her." he griped.

"You're uncaring Kagami-kun." Kuroko said with little emotion.


They arrived shortly at the house, and opened the front door with the key Ryu had loaned them. The living room and kitchen were empty so they figured Kotone was in her bedroom. They remembered Ryu's directions and opened the first door on the right. Her room was rather small and girly, not what they had expected. A bookcase was set to the side and filled with light novels, manga of romance genre, and drama CDs and DVDS. The floor was wooden with a pink carpet in the center. The walls were painted yellow green and there were stuffed toys everywhere. They varied from many brands; Sanrio Collections, Rilakkuma, Tare Panda, and Kapibara-san. Kagami took a step forward and felt his foot hit a romance novel lying on the floor.

"Such an odd taste." He mumbled. Meanwhile, Kuroko bent down and stared at Kotone's sleeping, rosy flushed face. He rested a hand on her forehead; it burned to the touch. She began to stir awake, taking notice of the feeling of someone's hand. Her eyes fluttered slowly open and she woke to two big bright blue eyes staring down on her. She was instantly startled; she screamed and jabbed Kuroko in the face.

"Huh; you two; what the hell are guys doing here?!" she demanded to know. Kuroko picked himself off the floor and showed her the papers in his hands.

"Toshiyuki-senpai wanted us to bring the homework and notes you missed. He couldn't because he's at the store getting stuff for you" He replied. She sighed.

"Thanks for going through this trouble guys; I wished he didn't fawn over me so much."

"Huh? But I thought you said you don't mind when he does that?" Kagami inquired.

"Yeah, but he over does it sometimes." She explained.

"But Toshiyuki-senpai does it because he genuinely cares about you." Kuroko interjected in an unemotional tone. Kotone blushed a bit. "He only cares too much because he likes to know you're okay."

She smiled, her cheeks still blushing pink. "Yeah I guess so." She responded softly.


Kagami and Kuroko left shortly and Ryu had come to her house a few minutes later. It was still pouring buckets worth of rain. He came with an armful of bags, including the medicine he promised. He quickly ripped it out of the box and poured the red syrup on a table spoon.

"Say 'ah!' Koto-chan." He requested with a smile. She pouted, but then complied and enclosed her mouth around the spoon and swallowing.

"So are you feeling a little better?"

"Yeah, a little."

"Well I gotta go now, but if there's anything you need just call and I'll be here in a heartbeat."

She wanted to say something like 'don't worry' or 'I can take care of myself, just go' but she didn't, instead she gave a simple okay. He grinned and started walking out the door.

"Ryu, wait." She halted. He stopped.


"Thanks for looking out for me, Nii-chan." She acknowledged with a smile. He suddenly felt himself overwhelmed with content. He wanted to overreact and hug her tightly, but he just grinned and left as soon as he felt blush color his face.