Disclaimer: I do not own the 'Goonies' nor any of the characters, I only own my added character Stormie McKay!(:

Stormie's P.O.V.

When I finally decided to wake up this morning, I trudged to the bathroom to to brush my teeth and comb my chocolate-brown pin straight hair that reached my mid back. Then I walked back into my room and straight to my closet to pick out something to wear. I decided to go with a simple crème spaghetti strap tank top that says 'Love' written in black cursive, jean shorts that went one inch above my mid-thigh and a maroon cardigan with black trimming that was left unbuttoned. Then I put on some old maroon converse with black laces that you can tell I've had for a while.

I ran downstairs and skidded to a stop in the kitchen. I grabbed an apple from the fruit basket, then saw a note taped to the fridge saying,

Stormie, I went to the store to buy groceries be back in a little while -Love Mom.

I decided to go to Mikey's house because it was the last Gonnie weekend we all had together. And I also might have a little crush on him. Okay, I have a huge crush on him but i just don't want to ruin our great friendship we have. Besides, this weekend is the last weekend I'll ever see him. You see, we live in the Goon Docks, hints the name Goonies, and it was about to be sold to a man to be made into a country club or something like that. We're all being drove out of our homes but I'm not going where Mikey is going.

Anyways I finally arrived at Mikey's house, only to find Mouth and Chunk already there with chunk rambling on about some police chase.

"Guys! I just saw a car chase, the police were going right after this four-wheel deal, this neat ORV, the most amazing thing I ever saw." said Chunk

"More amazing than the time Micheal Jackson came to your house to use the bathroom." said Mikey, I could just taste the sarcasm.

"More amazing than when you saved all those old people from the nursing home fire." said Brand, clearly not fazed by Chunk's story.

"Yeah, and I bet it was even more amazing than the time you ate your own weight in Godfather's Pizza." said Mouth, also not fazed.

"And I bet it was even more amazing than the time you were on National television for winning a hotdog eating contest." I said walking through the door, joining the conversation.

"Hey Stormie." They all said as i sat on the couch.

"Okay Brand Micheal Jackson didn't come to my house to use the bathroom," Chunk said trying to prove something I guess, "but his sister did!" he added brightly, Brand just rolled his eyes at him.

I hear music in the background " Hey guys do you hear James Bond themed music?" I asked.

Everyone started running trying to get to the door to open it before Data crashes through again like he always does when he uses the Zip-line. Sadly it was too late. Data comes crashing through the screen door and runs into Mikey then Mikey runs into Mouth and it keeps going like dominoes until Chunks falls on the table barely catching the nude statue on the table. Everyone is staring at him cause they all know whats happening next.

"Haha, I bet you guys thought I was gonna drop it." Chunk says as he sets the statue down but on the table. And then it falls off the table. And everyone starts yelling stuff like "You Idiot!" And Mikey goes to retrieve the statue he lifts it up and looks at it for any sign of damage with his inhaler sticking out of his mouth. Then his jaw dropped and his inhaler fell out.

"Oh my God!" Mikey shouted. "That's my moms most favorite piece!"he yelled as he tried to put it back on the broken piece. I blushed as soon as I realised what body part it was. It was the part of a man where the sun don't shine. While they were freaking out, Mrs. Walsh walked in with a Mexican woman I had never seen before.

"Well I see Data dropped by."Mrs. Walsh said noticing the broken screen door. Everyone except Brand tries to hide the statue."You guys this is Rosalita. Rosalita's going to help with the packing until my arm gets better."she said

"Hola." everyone chanted.

"Rosalita doesn't speak any english and I know you do some spanish in school..." She trailed off.

"Why Mrs. Walsh, I speak perfect spanish, I'd be glad to you and Rosalita." Mouth stated

Thank you, Clark, you're a life saver, come with us." Mrs. Walsh said happily. Mouth followed and smirked. What is this boy up to now...I thought. And from there I sort of lost interest, so I just started reading a magazine that was on the table. When Mrs. Walsh left to go to the market with Rosalita, the guys started talking about rich stuff that was up in the attic. And dashed for the attic while Mikey was trying to stop them so I just followed them, not expecting the adventure coming my way.