Disclaimer: I still don't the Goonies and as much as I want to, I never will.

Stormie's P.O.V.

When I finally reached the attic, I saw all kinds of old, expensive, and breakable things, so I decided to play a little game I like to call 'Hand stuff to Chunk and watch it go BOOM!'. While Mikey was trying to get everyone to stop touching stuff and get them back down stairs, I was handing random stuff to Chunk. I spotted a very old-looking vase.

"Hey Chunk, come here!" I yelled

"Yes?"he said once he got there.

"Here hold this" I said while handing him the vase, while he was asking me, 'Why do have to hold this' and stuff, I was counting down and right on schedule he dropped the vase. I was holding back the nerve to bust out in laughter. I began walking around looking for more stuff Chunk could break.

"Wow Mikey, I can't believe you have something this cool in your house." I heard Mouth say.

Mikey just pushed him away and told Chunk to stop breaking everything he touches. Chunk just ignored him and said "Mikey, this is great, all we have is old Hanukkah decorations in our attic."

"I don't care what you have in your attic." Mikey said

Then the whole room was lit up by lighting, thunder shook the house, making me jump. Mikey took a breath of his inhaler and said,

"Ok guys, you saw it now let's go."

"I agree!" I said, I hate thunderstorms and mixing that with the creepy and ancient aura of the attic is not a good combination. To me anyways.

"Oh come on guys!" Data whined.

Since nobody was leaving anytime soon, I walked over and stood by this old painting of some woman..

"What you scared Mikey." Brand teased.

"Its dusty, my fever's acting up, and Chunk already broke something." Mikey said.

The painting I was standing started...talking? "Mikey, come over here and make me feel like a women." Mikey leaned down towards the painting, and it was then I notice Mouth went behind the painting."Come give me a nice, wet, lickerish kiss." Mouth then stuck his tongue out through the painting, and Mikey then realized and pulled the painting down and started yelling at Mouth.

"Get out from behind there your ruining the painting!"

"And your ruining my joke!" Mouth argued back.

I was looking at some stuff and heard Chunk talking to Mikey.

"Hey Mikey, what is all this neat stuff?" He asked.

"The museum did a show. Aretropactum." He answered.

"Retrospective." Brand corrected.

"That's what I said, don't contradict me. I was right." He told Brand, "It was about the history of Astoria and these are the rejects." He finished.

Then Chunk said "Just like us Mikey, The Goonies."

"I'm not a reject."Mouth said

"Please, you're the biggest reject of all of us" I said, I really like annoying him sometimes. I just turned around and started walking off to who-knows-where.

"Come on Chunk take that off you're gonna get me in trouble." Mikey said as he started walking off behind me, "What's this?" I heard him ask himself.

"What's what?" I asked him.

"This." He said dusting off a picture frame, I got on my knees next to him to get a better look at it.

"It looks like a map." I said as he dust off the frame. He tapped on the glass, "Hold on, I have an idea." I said "Chunk come here!" I yelled for Chunk to come over.

"I didn't touch it!" He said back automatically.

"I know you didn't touch it, come here." I said, so he walked up next to me and Mikey, "Here hold this." I said handing him the frame. He took it and rambling about something, while me and Mikey were counting down.







Me and Mikey looked at the map in awe.