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Stormie's P.O.V.

"Hey, Mikey and Stormie found a map!" Chunk exclaimed.

"Good, I was beginning to think they were making out over there." said Mouth

"Shut Up!" Me and Mikey yelled at the same time.

"1632, is that like a year or something?"Chunk asked

"No, it's your top score on Pole Position."Mouth said. He came over and he was wearing some wierd pirate looking costume.

I worry about him sometimes.

"Yes, it's a year Chunk." I said.

"It's a map of our coastline." Mikey said to no one imparticular. And we were all crowding the map.

"What's all this Spanish junk, right there?" Asked Brand.

"Hey Mouth, you know spanish right?" I asked him.

"Yeah, you said you could translate, Translate." Mikey added, showing Mouth the map.

"Ye intruders beware, crushing death and grief, soaked with blood of the trespassing thief." He said.

"Guys this map is old news, everybody and their grandfather when our parents were our age. Haven't you ever heard of that pirate guy? Whats his name?" Brand started.

"One-Eyed Willie?"I finished.

"Yeah him." Brand said.

"Yeah One-Eyed Willie! The most famous pirate of his time. Dad told me all about him." Mikey said.

"Dad will do anything to put you to sleep." Brand said.

"No! See One-Eyed Willy stole a treasure once. It was full of rubies and emeralds-" Mikey started.

"And Diamonds?" Chunk asked.

"And Diamonds. Then he loaded it on to his ship and they sailed away into the sunset. Until the British king found out about it and sent this whole armada to go after him. Then the armada, it took them a couple of weeks to catch up with Willy. Then this whole big war between the armada and Willy's ship, the Inferno. During the fireflight there were guns and canons bursting everywhere. Then Willy fled because he didn't want to stay around and get killed. Then he got into this cave then the British blew up the walls all around him. He got caved in and he's been there ever since." Mikey said finishing his big dramatic of One-Eyed Willie.

"Forever?" I asked.

"Forever." Mikey answered.

"And Ever?" Chunk added.

"Trapped." Mikey said.

"You sound just as corny as dad does." Brand commented.

"My dad tells me the truth, and you wanna know what he said?" Mikey asked.

"What?" I asked, and he locked his gorgeous blue eyes with my dark brown ones and said,

"He told me that One-eyed Willie and his bunch were down there for five, six years. And they were digging all these tunnels and caves. Setting booty traps."

"Booby traps." Data corrected Mikey's slip up.

"That's what I said. Setting booby traps. So that anybody who tried to get in there would die. And then do you know what he did? He killed all of his men?"

"Why?"Mouth asked

"Because he didn't want them to get his treasure."Mikey answered.

"Yeah, wait a minute Mikey...But if he killed all his men, how did the map or the story get out?" Brand resorted.

"Maybe one of his men did get out." I said.

"That's exactly what they did Stormie, my dad said one of the guys must have gotten out with the map" Mikey said.

"Hey Mikey, I believe you." Chunk said smiling as he got up to walk away.

"Yeah, well I don't believe you" Mouth said also getting up to leave. The we heard a thud. Chunk came back holding another picture frame with a newspaper in it.

"Hey you Guys! Look at this!You guys every heard of this guy! Look, Chester Copperpot, look at what it says. Chester Copperpot missing while to pursuit of local legend. reclusive scavenger claims I have the key to One-Eyed Willie."

"Do you guys know what we could do?!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Nobody ever found it and why would this map be in the attic when it could be in a safe-deposit box, right?" Brand argued.

"That's right. If Chester Cooperpot didn't find it, how could we find it?" said Mouth.

"But What if? You guys just what if this map can lead to One-Eyed Willy's treasure?" Mikey said back, "We wouldn't have to leave the Goon Docks!" He finished.

"Mikey I don't want to go on anymore of your Gonnie adventures."said Chunk.

Then the door bell rung and everybody ran down stairs. except Mikey, who was getting something, I guess. We all got on the porch and saw...