Ace's Brother

"Huhhh? Where am I?"

Whitebeard's crew was dumbfounded at this strange encounter. Some kid literally just fell out of the sky to their ship! If that wasn't enough, this boy didn't even have a single scratch on his body.

The entire ship was deathly quiet. The rest of his crew were either giving dirty looks or were still having a panic attack. Whitebeards was the only one who wasn't even taking notice to the event. Marco was deeply scrutinizing the boy before him while simultaneously trying to piece together the reason for his arrival.

Scratching the back of head and face still in a confused position, the intruder finally noticed the presence of the people on deck.

"Who are you people?" This nonchalant comment threw everyone into frenzy. Throwing their arms into the air with eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, a majority of the pirates yelled in unison.

"WE SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THAT!" The only people unfazed by this person's cluelessness were the division commanders and Whitebeard.

Arms crossed and heaving a sigh Marco strode up to the teenager before the situation could get any worse. Despite the weak appearance of the kid, he kept his guard up. He didn't forget the miraculous recovery he made after having what may have seemed like a rather violent impact with their ship. The floorboards were completely torn leaving a huge dent on the deck.

"It seems you are a bit confused so let me clarify a few things for you." Marco thought he might as well give out the info first. After hearing where he was it wouldn't be surprising to see the intruder freak out. "You should know that the ship you have just landed yourself on is a pirate ship belonging to Whitebeard. We are all pirates, now who might you be?"

Instead of looking surprised or terrified the young stranger simply cocked his head to the side, the confused face remained in place for a moment until he finally figured it out. Hitting a fist against his open palm, realization showed on his face.

"Oh! So this is a mystery ship!" A vein could be seen throbbing on the first division commander's head. 'Was this guy an idiot?' "My name is Monkey D. Luffy, nice to meet you."

'Monkey D. Luffy?' Thatch had definitely heard that name before. 'What was it again? Oh yeah! That was the name the new recruit was fussing over.' Meeting this kid was quite the coincidence however he had forgot to tell Marco about Ace's outburst so of course he wouldn't know him. For a moment Thatch stood there wondering if he should tell anyone about that occasion but eventually discarded it. It would be fascinating to see why Ace took such an interest in him.

"So Luffy, why are you here?" Marco continued to interrogate him.

"What do you mean? I just landed here after Sanji kicked me off our ship. I can't believe him. I was just a little hungry." He was pouting in annoyance but stopped when he remembered he should get back to his ship. "Oh yeah, my crew probably saw me land here. Mind if I wait till they pick me up?" Just as Marco started to think about his request, something clicked in his head.

"Your crew? As in your the Captain?" That didn't make sense. The supposed captain just nodded his head in confirmation. "Why would your crew attack their Captain?" He knew that all pirate crews were all different but not once did he ever hear about them abusing their Captain…unless it was mutiny. Marco and the others treated whitebeard as a father figure and respected him. Going after him was strictly out of the question. Luffy sat there with a once again with a confused face as if it was a common occurrence.

"Well Sanji doesn't like when I eat Nami or Robin's food. He gets REALLY mad. Besides I'm sure he's getting scolded right now." He was chuckling at that last part and even had that same carefree smile again. This kid sure was strange. "So can I wait here?"

He obviously wasn't too much of a threat or at least wasn't someone they couldn't handle so Marco gave in. Whitebeard still had his head facing the other direction and didn't seem to have an objection.

"Fine whatever but when your crew gets here your paying for the damage." Without waiting for an answer Marco walked away to his Captain's side. Luffy made himself comfortable sitting cross-legged on the wooden railing of the ship. Sometime during their conversation the kid's ship turned towards their direction most likely to pick up their captain. Within a moment the peace returned to the Whitebeard ship.

A curious Thatch decided to go talk to Luffy. Maybe he knew Ace like Ace knew him. Remembering the conversation he had with the said pirate a few days ago brought up questions. Mostly about how exactly Ace knew Luffy and why the topic was so sensitive.

"Hey Kid you're a pirate yourself right? If I remember correctly your one of those new rookies right?" The boy was a bit surprised by this.

"Oh have I met you already?" Now that he was up close, Thatch examined the kid. Raven black hair and large black eyes gave him an innocent appearance but there was single scar placed under his left eye. The clueless look on his face made him look much more childish then he already was. Needless to say, he was cute or at least cuter than his wanted poster made him out to be.

"No but you are quite famous in the pirate world. Before you leave you should introduce yourself to Pops over there." Thatch directed his attention towards his captain and father, Edward Newgate.

"The old man?" The division commander chuckled lightly.

"Yes the old man. He is also our captain if you didn't know. I'm sure he would be interested to meet you so you want me introduce you?" Recalling the last words Ace spoke to him when this boy's name was brought up Thatch decided to test the waters. Unfortunately, before he had a chance, a moody teenager just arriving on deck interrupted him.

"What's with all the noise up here?! I'm trying to get some sle…" Ace's angry rant was stopped mid sentence. The people on deck were waiting for him to continue but he ended up having a different reaction. Mouth slightly open and eyes widening you could tell he was trying to say something but it simply wasn't coming out. Marco took notice and couldn't help worrying a bit.

"Ace what's wrong?" No reaction but Marco did notice that he was staring at someone across the deck. In his line of view was their ship's intruder sitting quietly oblivious to the new on deck. After a moment of silence the tongue-tied teenager spoke.

"L-Luffy?" The younger boy immediately turned his head to the familiar voice and with same surprised look on his face had a moment of silence before placing on the widest grin possible and sprinting towards Ace.

"Ace!" A loud crash could be heard as Luffy nearly tackled the other pirate but fortunately he was prepared and caught him tightly around the waist to spin him around. Smiling and laughing now both of the teenagers became completely unaware of the other pirates on deck.

The rest of the Whitebeard crew had little to no idea what was going on and stood there a little stunned. This was exactly the first time any of them had seen a genuine smile cover the moody teen's face since his arrival. Having seen enough of the reunion Marco finally stepped up to speak.

"Uh Ace, mind explaining how you and this guy know each other." Before he could get an answer the other men onboard decided to take it upon themselves to complain about the earlier incident.

"Yeah who is he!"

"He wrecked the ship!"

"Is this guy a complete idiot!"

Finally stopping to listen, Ace turned his attention to the division commander. His once happy face was replaced with a deep scowl causing some of the other crew members to wince slightly. Interrupting his moment with the stranger was clearly a bad thing to do and those last comments were even worse. Arms still wrapped around the younger teens waist, Ace finally answered in the very threatening, ferocious tone that made everybody's blood run cold.

"This guy is my little brother." Oh shit