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The entire thing, while it wasn't over as fast as it would have been if this had been one of those movies that Donna watched on weekends, went by pretty quickly, with even more terror than the movies had. At least in the movies it was just acting.

This was real life, and Donna had just shot down one of the first aliens that had decided to make human contact. It crumpled to the ground quickly, banging against the desks as it did so. This alerted everyone else, and several heads shot to Donna's direction. Donna herself looked flabbergasted, the gun still in her hand, looking very shocked.

King Hemleck's followers immediately trained their guns at Donna, and it looked like she was going to be shot when a voice shouted out, "Don't shoot!"

Donna gulped and looked from the guns pointed at her over to the voice, which belonged to Jack. He had his gun in both of his hands and Rose was crawling out from one of the ventilation tunnels.

"Hey, nice of you to show up," Donna said, breathing heavily.

Jack cocked his head and said with a smirk, "Nice to see someone missed me."

Rose came out from the vent and also drew her gun, saying, "Yeah, shooting might be a bad idea for you, now." There was no point in telling anyone that it was their two, no, three guns (counting Donna's), against several alien ones. That was . . . unless . . .

The Doctor popped out of the vent and said, "Why, hello there!" He stood up straight and said, "Nice to see you all. Loving Earth, yet, King Hemleck?"

"Why, if it isn't the Doctor," King Hemleck said, his voice deep.

"Long time, no see? Hey, King Hemleck?" the Doctor said cheerfully. Donna exchanged a look with Amy, and they both shook their heads as to why the Doctor was acting so cheerful when he had just invaded a hostage situation.

"I should say so, Doctor. It's been . . . what? Three years?" King Hemleck threw out.

"Yeah, probably around that time." The Doctor looked around once more and said, "Been busy, lately? Poking around the universe?"

"I've been touring this solar system, Doctor, when the princes of the Gigglybish were found to be on Earth." King Hemleck looked accusingly over to Rory, Amy and Mels, who all shifted, their heads turning from King Hemleck to Martha and Mickey with their guns, having instantly stuck their hands in their desks to pull out theirs.

"That's kind of irresponsible, leaving your kids on a foreign planet?" the Doctor asked. He raised an eyebrow.

King Hemleck said, nonplussed, "They fell from our spaceship, which was on top of your law station. We were looking around but unfortunately, the boys never made it back on board."

"See that you've found them, though," the Doctor said, nodding to the basket. He stuck his hands in his pockets and sauntered about, making Donna look all the more nervous, the gun still in her hand. He looked so nonchalant about it. OH, Doctor! . . . "Why don't you just take them home now, get them introduced to the royal court? And you can leave this pathetic planet. You don't have to get your hands dirty with all these humans." The Doctor smiled and winked at Martha, who nodded.

"But why leave when there's fertile land and so much labor that can be free?" asked King Hemleck, not at all falling for the Doctor's words. He continued, "Sorry, Doctor, but your talking is not going to save the Earth again."

"But look around you," the Doctor said, waving a hand around. Rose was looking determined and she and Jack had their guns poised. Martha and Mickey and Donna didn't look like any of them were going to back down. "This is their Earth. Are you honestly thinking you can take it over without them fighting back?"

The guns shifted in King Hemleck's followers' hand. King Hemleck said, "Doctor. Don't you remember that I have a whole army on my planet? A few guns are not going to keep me from taking over this planet."

"Oh, but you forgot something," the Doctor said. His voice was dangerous but quiet as he said, "Hemleck, beyond these walls are billions of humans. These humans like their Earth, a bit too much, really, and they have guns. They will fight against your guns. You'd be starting a war if you invaded. You already killed one of the humans. Stop, stop RIGHT NOW before another dies. Gigglybish would die. You already have your own planet. Take the boys and go before the police come in and imprison you. Frankly, I don't want another war." He looked at King Hemleck, and said through gritted teeth, "So STOP NOW."

The guns on King Hemleck's side seemed to falter as the Doctor straightened and said in a calm voice, "Just stop now. Take the kids. We'll forgive you for being in a con and killing one of the humans. Just, don't start something that doesn't need to be started."

King Hemleck looked dangerous for a moment, with his scaly neck going in and out with a soft thrumming. His hand on the gun that was pointed at his neck trembled and he said in a firm voice, looking to Mels, "Hand over the boys."

Mels looked to the Doctor, who nodded. She hurried the basket over, not looking afraid even though there was guns all around her. Jack moved slightly closer in case as she handed the basket, the three boys tackling each other, over to one of King Hemleck's followers. She moved backward, and Amy caught her arm and pulled her back to her and Rory.

King Hemleck looked around the room cautiously. The Doctor nodded, and King Hemleck and his men vanished in a beam of white-blue light. They all squinted, except the Doctor, until the beams disappeared, leaving them all in a semi-dark room.

The Doctor turned to Mickey and said, "So, Mick, think you can bring the lights back on?"

Mickey nodded, still looking nervous. He said, looking around, "So, they're gone, then?"

"Yeah, yeah, 'course they are," the Doctor said.

"All right, then," Mickey said. He hurried over to the electronics and Jack hurried, away, saying, "Come on! Need to check on everyone else in the building!"

"Coming, Jack," Rose said, hurrying after him. She stopped short, though, and looking to the Doctor, said, "That was brilliant."

The Doctor smiled and shrugged. "I AM good."

She smiled and nodded before dashing toward Jack. The Doctor hurried over to Donna, who nervously put down the gun.

"Oh, Donna, you were BRILLIANT!" the Doctor said, looking like he might hug her.

"Bloody hell, those things were creepy," Donna said, shuddering. She looked behind the Doctor and said, "They took away the body of the alien I killed - I KILLED AN ALIEN!" She shook her head hurriedly, looking shocked. "Did I break some sort of space law or something?!"

"No, no, no, Donna, you're fine," the Doctor said, putting his hands on her shoulders to stop her from freaking out. "You did what you did, and it's over."

"I'm still freaking out about it," Donna said. She stopped shuddering, though, and looking up to the Doctor, said quickly, "I need to call Mum."

"Yeah, you might want to do that," the Doctor said as Donna hurried over to her purse.

"She is going to FREAK!" Donna said as she dialed in the number. "Hello, Mum? You'll never guess! No, no, I didn't get fired, I was in a hostage situation!"

The Doctor smiled and turned to the teens, who were all looking at each other, shocked.

"That's the last time we're doing that," Rory said.

"Why? That was brilliant!" Mels said excitedly.

"Don't even start, Mels," Amy said as the Doctor slowly walked over to the teens.

"Where did you three find those alien eggs, anyway?" asked the Doctor, looking inquisitive.

"In a little neighborhood a few blocks from here. We SWEAR we didn't know that they were dangerous," Rory said quickly.

The Doctor nodded and said, "You didn't know what they meant."

"So, are they going back to their planet, then?" asked Amy.

The Doctor nodded and said, "I suppose so."

"They teleport to their spaceship?" Mels asked. She smiled as she said, "Because, if they did. . ." The Doctor watched as she raced to the office window that overlooked the street. Rory and Amy hurried after her, and Mels tore the shades up to reveal a spaceship the color of dark green flying off into the sky.

"That's brilliant!" Mels said.

"That's really, really weird," Amy said, though her breath was taken away.

Rory blinked several times but didn't say anything. He instead looked very impressed as the spaceship flew out of sight.

An hour later, things were even more busy than they had been with the hostage situation. There was policemen and women running all over the building. Helis were brought out from bases and there was reports being written everywhere. The Doctor was sitting on the stone steps leading up to the building, and beside him was Rose, who just sat down, pink and breathless.

"That must have been my fifth report," she sighed. She shook her head as she looked out. There was reporters and cameramen and five news vans. Jack was enjoying himself. He was being interviewed by three news reporters and getting photographed and a report was also being written down.

"The newspapers should be full to bursting," the Doctor said pleasantly.

"Yeah, they should," Rose said, nodding. "Anyway, some of my mum's questions will be answered."

"Oh, yeah they will. Just not sure with the answer being 'aliens' she'll react well. You've been warned," the Doctor said, making Rose laugh. Her smile disappeared, though, as she looked at the Doctor, who was looking out over the chilly crowd, and she said quietly, "Doctor, what did King Hemleck mean by having seen you before? Have you two met somewhere else, or something?"

The Doctor turned his attention to Rose, and shrugged. "Oh, I've seen him before. Like I've told you, Rose, I'm into all of the alien sort of stuff."

"Yeah, but then you called US humans. You didn't include yourself," Rose said quietly.

"Yeah, I didn't? Out of habit," the Doctor said.

Rose frowned and decided not to press anymore out of him, for it was not making any sense. "What was with the bread and bananas and lotion?"

"He probably found out from the Internet things that aliens might eat. He was probably waiting for them to wake up when he first found them. He probably knew he didn't need the food, though, after he found buyers, but he just didn't give the food back. It was going rotten. The lotion was, of course, for all of the germs that you get from touching stuff you found in the streets," the Doctor explained.

"That makes sense," Rose said. She looked a little tired but perked up with a mischievous smile when she saw a black van that looked guarded come up. Out came several black clothed agent looking figures, and her tongue sticking slightly out of her mouth, Rose laughed and said, "There's no men in black?"

"Well, I never said exactly," the Doctor said. He shrugged, looking over to the van, which had UNIT on it, and added, "That's something you have to know about me, Rose Tyler." He turned back to her and said, "The Doctor lies."

"You weren't lying about our date, though, were you?" Rose asked.

"A date? I didn't say anything about a date," the Doctor said.

Rose laughed and gently shoved his arm. "Yes, that's what going to out to the pub with me is called."

"Oh, really?" the Doctor said with a teasing tone.

"Yes, and it's going to be tonight, remember?" Rose reminded him.

"I remembered. Don't worry 'bout that," the Doctor said, making Rose, despite how tired she was, grin.

A few yards from Rose, Mickey waited in the background as Martha tiredly finished relaying the events to a reporter before turning back to Mickey. She pushed some of her hair that was in her face back, and sighing, said, "Well, hopefully that's the last of that."

"Highly doubt it. This is the biggest story this town's had in years. Aliens holding a hostage situation in a police station? Come on," Mickey said, almost with a laugh. Now that the danger was out of the way, he felt massively relieved.

"That's true," said Martha. She looked around and saw that Saxon was coming out of his car, and was immediately surrounded by reporters and cameramen. "Look at that," she laughed.

Saxon was hounded. He started to talk as quickly as he could, sounding startled, but he was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of questions being asked him.

Mickey let out a wry laugh. "That's what happens when you leave your job."

"I thought he was the boss, too," Martha said. She turned back to Mickey and holding up her phone, sighed and said, "Well, I should call my mum. We've been on bitter terms lately."

"Yeah, you do that," Mickey nodded.

Martha nodded and said quickly, "Oh, and can you call one of the officers down at Mrs. Decker's, tell him that we found the murderer of her son?"

Mickey nodded as Martha said, "Could you do that?"

"Course I can," he said.

"Great. Thanks," Martha said, taking a step back and looking down to dial.

Mickey gulped, and contemplating on what he was planning to do, he finally spat out a few seconds later, "Martha, do you-"

"Yeah?" Martha asked, looking up from her mobile

Oh, great. Now she was looking at him. "Want to head out to the pub tonight? You know, after all of this is settled?"

"Don't you have paperwork?"

"I'm-I'm better working at night. I can do it after."

Martha smiled and after a second, said, "Yeah. Yeah, I can do that."

"Oh. All right, then," Mickey said, looking as if a great load was off of his chest.


"I'll pick you up, if you want."

Martha raised an eyebrow. "And dare to meet my mum again?"

"Going to have to," he replied, making her nod.

"All right," Martha said with a smile, and she brought her mobile to her ear and covered her other ear with her free hand and walked a few steps away, trying to catch her mum's voice. Mickey smiled to himself but then quickly hurried to call the other officers with the news.

On the stone steps, a few yards away from the Doctor and Rose, Donna and Jack sat with the three teens, all bundled against the chill of the London air.

"That was the single most frightening thing that has ever happened to me," Rory said between Amy and Mels. A few steps above Amy was Donna and above Mels and Rory was Jack, blowing on his hands. Donna was rocking back and forth slightly, clutching her jacket to herself. Despite freezing her bloody bones off, she'd rather stay outside while the other police investigated the rest of the station. She watched as the UNIT people hurried past them into the station. One was talking to the Doctor and Rose.

"I can't believe that just happened," Donna couldn't help but say to herself.

"Better believe it, sweetheart," Jack said, looking up from his nearly clasped hands. "There's a lot of hostage situations or times when you get a gun pointed at you, but that's what you get when you decide to take the job of hunting down criminals."

"But, it was so exciting too, wasn't it?" Donna couldn't help but say, looking over to Jack.

He nodded. "Holding a gun like that was exciting too, huh?"

"I suppose," Donna said. She shook her head to herself and said, "Think of it. Donna Noble, the first person to kill an alien! I'm going to be in all them history books!"

"Imagine, you in a history book. Don't read many history books myself, though," Jack said, shrugging.

"Well, yeah, you'll be in one, someday," Donna said, trying to be sympathetic.

"Depends on what I do to go down in history," Jack said.

Donna nodded and said, looking off into London, "So, it's really this exciting, all the time?"

"Oh, yeah," Jack said. After a moment, he too looked out over London and he said, "If you want, I can put in a good word for you. Saxon might listen to me."

"About what?" Donna said, turning to look at Jack.

"About getting you a job as a detective," Jack said, turning to face Donna. "You've got the chops. The Doctor thinks you're brilliant, I think you're brilliant."

"You really think so?" Donna said, looking thoughtful at the thought.

"Oh, yeah," Jack said with a grin.

Donna nodded slowly and turning to look back at the crowd, said quietly, "I think I might think about it then."

"I mean, seriously. There will be nothing more frightening that will ever happen to me EVER," Rory said, looking to Mels and Amy, who almost looked worried behind their annoyed faces.

"We get it, Rory," Amy said. "Come on." She stood up, prompting Mels and a confused Rory to as well, and she hurried along the steps to the Doctor, who was waving along with Rose goodbye to the men in black from UNIT.

"Is there anything else we have to do here, Doctor?" Amy asked, looking around.

"No, I think you're all right," the Doctor said. "We'll make sure you get a call if either of you have to appear in court for anything."

"Oh, great," Rory let out a quiet, wry laugh. He added under his breath, "What have we gotten into?"

"Well, all right then. Thanks for saving our lives and all that, Doctor," Amy said.

The Doctor nodded, a smile on his face. "Nothing I haven't done before, Amelia." This made Rose look at him again. He had done this before?

"Where are you three headed off to?" Rose said, taking her eyes off of the Doctor and setting them on Amy.

"I reckon we'll head to the craft store after I call my mum," Amy said. She winced as she turned to Rory. "She's not going to like this."

"No, no she isn't," Mels said cheerfully.

"We're getting more stuff to make Raggedy Man's TARDIS," Amy said with a smile and a skip in her step as she slightly jumped up and down to stay warm.

The Doctor looked a little surprised and he said quickly, "Wait, Amelia, did you just say 'TARDIS?'"

"Yep," Amy replied excitedly. "It's the Raggedy Man's time machine."

The Doctor looked slightly amazed as Rory leaned toward Amy and said quietly, "Amy, I've got classes." He started to continue but one glance at her pleading face made him nod and say, "Yep, we're going . . . craft shopping."

"Yep. Come on, you two," Amy said, waving to the Doctor and Rose before heading down the stone steps.

The Doctor and Rose waved to the three of them, Rose saying, "Bye! and the Doctor saying, "Goodbye, Amelia Pond."

Rose turned to the Doctor once the three had weaved through the crowd behind the vans. "They're a weird lot, aren't they?"

The Doctor turned to her and a cold breeze waved through, tossing Rose's hair about. "Yeah, I guess so."

"But . . . weird's all right," Rose said with a slight smile, looking almost like she was waiting for an answer from him.

The Doctor grinned and said, "Of course it is."

And with that, the two of them headed over to talk to Jack and Donna, who were talking about detective stuff, just as snow started to gently fall over London.

I don't know what the London police station looks like, so this is my interpretation of it. THANK YOU for reading, hope you liked the outcome, and if you'd like, leave a review! :)