This is an expanded Chapter 1. I'm sorry for not updating this I was working on my lesser known stories.


Professor What

Chapter 1

Time Failure

It was just your average day on the cold and cloudy island of Berk. Everyone woke up to their dragons heating their beds. Nothing new. It was all the same. The houses were getting old due to the fact their were no dragons trying to burn them down.

The usual gang of students at the Berk Dragon Training Academy went down to the training arena, just as usual. Newer kids who were interested on how to ride and care for dragons showed up but that became constant as the years went by. Hiccup gave his lecture on how to train a dragon, just as usual.

Everyone ate at the large dining hall covered with pictures of past chiefs and their sons and paintings covered the non-portrait walls retailing the epics of vikings of yesteryear, just as usual.

They went back to their houses to go to sleep, just as usual. But one thing was different.

When Berk's foremost dragon riders came home the felt a falling sensation. A portal had opened for them and only them.




They were shrouded in black. They could see nothing. They could do nothing. They were nothing. They had just winked out of existence. Fell through a crack in the fabric of time. Some villagers had reported seeing no holes or tunnels underneath the places of which they were last seen. What they saw was a small black hole open up and close one its own.


Such a weird construct.

You can travel through it and yet not.

What is Time?

I believe that there is no such thing as time. If each molecule experiences different speeds, what time is it?

No viking could understand such an idea. They were too busy surviving onslaughts from Alvin the Treacherous and training dragons.

Einstein explained time as a fabric. It can be stretched, compressed, warped, looped, knotted, and torn. The experience felt by these viking teenagers is normal in the fabric of time. How so many wormholes appeared in near vicinity of each other, is impossible to explain. But the only thing that He knows is. He going to have to save them all.