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Title: A Place Burned

Summary: One of the daughters of Yusei and Akiza is Kysa Fudo, who catches the eye of Ren He' Shay, the assistant to Sayer. Ren soon found himself falling in love with the poisonous charms of the Mechanic Rose, and as far as he was concerned, so was Sayer. When Sayer found out his assistant was hanging around with her, trying to receive her trust, his ideas of romance with Akiza' daughter soon found revenge once he learns her father was Yusei. When he demands Ren to bring her to him, will Ren, who is hopelessly in love with Kysa, obey Sayer or will he ran away from Neo Domino and live with the family that run the Satellite like a royal family?


Ren He' Shay, a light brown haired young man who has the power of reading minds and messing up electric currents, is the personification of a hero. He holds justice and virtue like no other; while his friends are tainted he is not. Lovable and friendly, even a heart of stone can melt meeting him. Wearing a basic white sweater with a long white tank top with a blue jacket over them and wearing blue boots with white pants and adding a black belt, people call him the most handsome of his friends and want to elect him as the new ruler of Neo Domino. His friends are Jane London, Eddy Jones, Mike Caster, and Key John "Long" Ford.

Kysa Fudo, a black haired and red highlighted girl who has the power to levitate, telekinesis and able to control any magic source available, her deadly wits and charm are nothing compared to her dueling experience. Having unnatural beauty and deadly ways, she is seen as the personification of a villain. Though a nice girl and being the 12th oldest of her blood siblings for Yusei and Akiza, she did obtain a reputation of suddenly appearing in Neo Domino and beating any opponent that came her way under a disguise only her family can see under. No one else was able to see the real her, and not the so called Mechanic Rose she has been known because of her deck and the way she fights, that is until she meets Ren He' Shay.

The sun radiated off of some of the buildings, casting glimmers of different colors in different directions.

A man walked in the silence of the morning. Smiling to himself and waving to those opening their stores or those on the street. The people waved him back in response. A couple children walked beside them, greeting him on their way to school.

"Good morning, Ren He' Shay." One child said.

"Good morning child." The man replied, flipping his hair out of his eyes so he can see the girl who greeted him.

Smiling, the children ran ahead of him once he turned the corner to his destination.

He looked ahead to see a man with long red hair and purple eyes. "Jane, hey, Jane London!" Ren called.

The red haired man turned to the person responsible for the calling of his name, seeing it was Ren, his frown of annoyance turned into a furious snarl, "YOU'RE LATE!"

Ren ran up to the raging man. "Give me a break," he started, "I ran into some people."

"Your kindness is going to get you killed. Sayer would have my head if he found out that I let you walk wherever you please. Orders are orders; you are to stay by my side He' Shay!" Jane yelled furiously, no signs of calm in the red head' eyes.

Ren rolled his eyes, making Jane snarl in pain.

"Why you," he started.

"You forgot Jane, I'm able to control the electricity in the air, and in any rate it would be best if I told Sayer of your cruel treatment of me."

This caused Jane to step back, defeat in his eyes but toxin in his words, "son of a-," he mumbled the last word under his breath. 'No point in fighting with He' Shay Jane, ignore him but keep your eye on him.'

"Yes Sayer, but what makes him so special?"

"Reasons that will become clear in the future, right now your job is to keep watch of him, and get you and the others to The Ditch and wait for the Mechanic Rose."

Ren looked at Jane. "Let me guess hotshot, Sayer using his telepath ability,"

"You know it." Jane grunted.

"HEY, BROS!" A deep exotic call came forth, echoing off the walls causing it to be louder than the original call.

Ren and Jane looked toward three men, looking as if they are 18 but in reality they are close to 35.

One was Mike Caster, the shortest of the 3 and also the oddest looking. Wearing a pair of orange shorts and a plain white tee with a big golden necklace loosely on his neck. It was simply a circle but with the letters MC ROCK in the center. He also had light brown hair, tan in color, right now though with the sunrise, it looked as though it was blonde. His baby blue eyes also fitting into his boyish appearance though he looked about younger than 18, about 16 or younger.

Another and the medium height of the three was Eddy Jones. He has muscles that ripped from all the places people would expect there to be muscle. His eyes were narrowed and were a slight green, his hair being up to his neck and away from his face in a perfect frame and being the odd color of purple.

The tallest and the one who called out to them had the aura of a divine being. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. His hair only reaching the bottom of his ears, his ears also being pierced with a ruby earring and an emerald on one ear, the other having a diamond and garnet and a golden heart one residing near the top of his right ear. His eyes held true divine power, looking in them made you melt in seconds. He was also well built, like an athlete. He was Key John "Long" Fond.

Ren smiled as his three other friends made their way to them. They were far older then he and Jane, but act as though they are 18 themselves. They were the guardians of Sayer, and they take their job to the highest extent possible.

Key was stronger than all of them; even Sayer himself stood no chance. Ren just mused to himself that if Key wanted to, he can smash Sayer to the ground.

Jane looked at them in anger, "you three are late!" He said more calmly then he did with Ren.

Ren rolled he eyes and Jane arched his back in pain.

"Son of a-," he couldn't finish, 'no use trying Jane.'

Ren looked over at the rising sun. Showing a perfect smile on his face, he turned toward his friends and told them what they are to do.

"We are to go to The Ditch and wait for the Mechanic Rose to show. Somehow and in whatever situation we must get her to join us. Sayer' orders."

Key laughed, "Ha, the Mechanic Rose, was she the same one that beat the crud out of London."

Jane snarled in rage, "why you." Jane just turned his back against them.

Ren rolled his eyes again and Jane winced in agonizing pain, this time twitching to the pattern of the electricity running through his body. "Dammit Ren."

Ren looked at the other three. Mike looked at Ren directly in the eyes. "Hey, boy, don want you getting hurt out there, your bait today y'know." Mike said in his accented voice.

Eddy looked down at the smaller male, "place man, know your place, only Key can boss us around like that, must I remind you," Eddy said, his loud voice booming and with the echo it sounded as if it were an earthquake.

Kay rolled his eyes and looked at Ren with much kindness compared to Jane.

"Sorry bro you're stuck with London, but look on the bright side, if that ginger thinks of hurting you he's got another thought coming."

Ren shook his head, "no problem brother."

Suddenly, there was a loud booming sound in the direction they were, honestly, to go.

Without wasting another second, the 5 of them raced toward the noise. Key was in front, giving chase was Eddy and Mike, behind them was Ren and Jane was following close behind. They ran until they reached The Ditch. Once the dust settled, in the middle of it stood a young woman, having black hair and red highlights. Her face was behind a mask. Her duel disk was a metallic pink color and it suited her honestly.

There was a pause and it seemed that time itself has stopped.

Ren looked at her and gasped. A disguise, that really isn't her true form, it seems like so but really isn't. How, though, can she be so young.'

All Ren could see was a young woman around his age with magenta eyes. Greatly knowing the dangers that awaited them, Ren didn't move from his position as Jane took a step forward to see.

"The Mechanic Rose," he almost laughed amusingly, "perfect timing!"

Ren almost didn't want to move. He saw her before, she was the last person he wanted to fight and capture to put in front of Sayer.

She was Kysa Fudo, the 12th oldest daughter of Yusei and Akiza Fudo.

'Now that you're here, I have to prevent Sayer from getting you.' Ren thought grimly, 'for I don't want to lose you!'

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