A/N This is my speculation on what may have occurred between our favourite gal and mini-ice captain during episode 121 when Orihime heals Hitsugaya after he fights with the 11th Arrancar in Karakura Town (basically when Grimmjaw and his Fraccion invaded and attacked Karakura Town).

Unconventional Beauty

It was … warm.

Like floating in sunlit clouds…

Hitsugaya Toushirou had not felt so comfortable so protected in a wave of security since… he can't actually recall an experience which matches his current one.

He is almost loathe to return to that familiar tug of consciousness, which was tingling at the periphery of his senses. Heavy lids gradually opened, revealing disoriented aqua irises.

In that split moment between lucidity and sleep, Hitsugaya saw his savior. And was enthralled.

"Toushirou-kun! Thank goodness you're alright!"

When his eyes finally adjusted to the transparent golden filmy barrier, the tenth division captain took in the auburn-haired human healer of Kurosaki's quartet of nakama, with bandages around her head and one of her arms in a sling, gazing with concern on him outside the glowing healing shield. She looked almost ordinary now.

The key word being 'almost'.

Hitsugaya Toushirou already has difficulty admitting Hinamori Momo is cute. He is more than aware that his Lieutenant Matsumoto Rangiku is, according to the general male populace in the Seireitei, the epitome of… sexiness. How he hated those two words…

But as Inoue Orihime gently wound bandages around his freshly scarred and bruised torso inadvertently giving him a loose semblance of a hug, Hitsugaya had to give pause to his thoughts.

It was the first time that he considered any female 'beautiful'.

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