Hello there! I've been glancing over some of my older stories, and to my surprise, my writing style has really changed in the span of the year that I've had this account... O.o

Anyways, this is my first little drabble. I had a bit of an inspiration in the wee hours of the morning this week. This was edited by my wonderful friend, Shellbell-san! :) Many thanks to her!

So... I don't own Kingdom Hearts! (I know, you're shocked.)


Green with Envy

"Two people kissing always look like fish." ~Andy Warhol

As I watched Kairi and Sora, I couldn't help the hateful emotion that grew up deep within my heart. I frowned deeply at the two lovers as they leaned toward each other to sneak a kiss. My displeasure grew when they continued to kiss, deepening it, forgetting entirely about the walking part. I quickly turned my head and shoved my hands in my pockets, quickly moving away from them. Gross.

The two barely had time to talk to each other, much less me, their own personal third wheel. It pissed me off. They never stopped sucking face with each other. It made my stomach roll in disgust. They acted like they might not get to kiss later on in their lives. It wasn't like someone was going to waltz up and deny them their togetherness.

I sighed loudly, frowning to myself. I guess I was just envious. I didn't have any one to hold hands with or keep near. There was just that forever empty space in my heart. I wasn't even sure if I even knew how to care about someone else. Was it possible that I was alright with keeping everyone as my friend? I doubted that. I wanted a girlfriend. Definitely. The fact of the matter though, was that it was most definitely NOT happening. There was no way. I didn't know any girls other than Kairi. I guess I was just destined to be forever alone. What a shitty thought.

I stared out at the sunset, wondering if I truly wanted to stay at Destiny Islands for the rest of my life. Probably not. I'd never find my destiny just sitting around on my ass. In my peripheral vision, I could see Kairi and Sora. I was pissed off again. I couldn't possibly stay here. Every day was turning me into a ticking time bomb. I wasn't even sure how much longer I could stand watching the two fish.

Yes, it's quite short. I noticed. Regardless, I hope you'll review. I never write from a guy's point of view, so this was a bit new for me. :)

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