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"Daniel Masters!" Mr. Lancer yelled, walking the boy from his dreams.

"Huh..." Danny grumbled, still tired from his nap. He was up all last night fighting ghosts and putting them all back into the ghost zone all because of Jack Fenton and his stupid ghost portal.

"Mr. Masters, you can continue your little nap in detention!" Mr. Lancer said to the boy. His parents were not going to be happy about this...

He looked out the window and started to daydream what life would be like if he weren't the son of billionaire Vlad Masters. Vlad Masters, a half- ghost, a billionaire, and his father. He was how Danny had gotten his powers to begin with, he had inherited them all from his old man. When Maddie Masters had given birth to a half- ghost, Vlad was overjoyed! He began to train Danny the minute he had started to walk. The proud father taught the lad how to shoot ecto beams, become invisible and intangible. Danny had even learned some of his own tricks such as his ghostly wail and freezing things.

Out the window he saw a girl his age skipping her class. He hadn't moved to Amity Park to long ago, but had seen the girl before. Her name was Samantha, or at least he was pretty sure it was. Why would she be skipping class? Danny looked around to make sure no one was looking and quickly made an invisible double of himself and sent it over to see Samantha. Maybe he could get her to go back to her class.

Sam had sneaked out of class for one reason. She had to get the soup to her friend, Tucker. They may not agree with everything, but he was still her best friend, her only friend. Sam knew if she flashed around her money she could make tons of friends, but they wouldn't like her for who she was.

A hand touched her shoulder and she spun around, It was the new boy, Daniel Masters. She hadn't talked to the boy much, he seemed like a stuck up rich kid, the kind of kid she could have been. He looked at her with his baby blue eyes, why did they have to be so pretty? She shrugged his hand off her shoulder.

"What do you want?" She asked, clearly annoyed with his interference in her plan.

"What are you doing, Samantha? You don't strike me as the kind of girl who skips classes," he said, looking into her eyes.

"I don't usually, Tuck's just sick. And who're you calling Samantha!" She yelled.

Danny put his hand over her mouth, darted them into a corner then looked around. Sam began to blush at how close they were. "You gotta stay quiet or you might get caught," He whispered as he took his hand away from her mouth.

They walked down the street towards Tucker's house. It wasn't very far from the school, so it didn't take very long to get there. Sam rang the doorbell. Mrs. Foley came out and smiled at Sam, she looked over at Danny and turned to Sam giving her a wink. Luckily Danny was clueless and didn't even notice the strange gesture.

"Hi Sam, who's your friend?" Mrs. Foley asked, looking at the half- ghost.

"This is Daniel Masters. He just moved into town and we have the same free block and decided to come see Tucker." Sam lied a little bit, but she couldn't let Mrs. Foley know that they were skipping class.

"Hi, I'm Danny," Danny said, sticking his hand out for her to shake. "Nice to meet you."

"He's so polite. Please dear, the pleasure's all mine," she said giving a schoolgirl giggle.

Sam rolled her eyes at Tucker's mom. She pulled Danny along towards Tucker's room. It was on the second story of the house. Danny looked around. Compared to his house, this place was so small! Danny felt a little claustrophobic, but bravely carried on. At the end of the hall they found A room labeled 'Tuck's Room: Proceed With Caution'. Danny looked at the bottom of the door, some wires were sticking out. Sam knocked on the door

"I'm tired, Mom I'll have my soup later!" He said trying to get his weak voice threw the door.

"I'm not your mom Tuck! It's me Sam," she looked over to Danny, "and I brought a friend."

Danny looked at her. They had just met and he was already this girl's "friend"? Normal people confused the boy so much, why couldn't their emotions make more sense? Vlad was always straight forward with what he wanted. Even his mom had never toyed with others. Danny had been raised in a straight forward environment, with no lies that he knew of. Now he was being thrown into public school, into a world filled with, lies, secrets and chaos.

Danny heard the flip flop of Tucker's slippers as he walked toward the door. "I thought I was your only friend," he grumbled as he fiddled to open up the door. When he opened up the door, he was face to face with our half-ghost hero. "Who's this?" He asked Sam.

"This is Danie- I mean Danny, this is Danny Masters, the new kid. Danny, this is Tucker, my best friend." Sam introduced the two strangers.

Danny shook Tucker's hand. As he walked into his room, he saw how filled with gizmos and gadgets it was. Every wall was covered with posters of online games and new PDAs. Danny almost tripped over a few cords. Even his bed was filled with a laptop, PDA and fliers for new technology. A simpler word to describe his room was a mess.

"Oh, careful for the cords," he said to Danny. It was a little late. Danny had turned his feet intangible, being careful not to let Sam or Tucker notice. Sam passed Tucker the soup. Tucker slowly opened the thermos. A thermos? Why did such a weird thing make Danny so happy? He suddenly felt much more safe, as if a thermos could save the world. What an odd thought.

"So, Danny, why did a billionaire decide to move to a small town like Amity Park? I mean he could live anywhere, why here?" Tucker asked.

Why did Danny's family move here? His dad had insisted on it, but there was nothing here. They did have a nice house, more land than they did in Wisconsin. Maybe his dad was doing more business here than he was in their old state. "I think Dad had some business here or something," Danny said.

They both laughed. "Why would anyone want to do business here? It's so boring!"

'If only they knew about all the ghosts haunting their town' Danny thought.

"What's it like being the son of a billionaire?" Tucker asked. He sure had a lot of questions.

"It's hard to really compare. I mean I've never known a different kind of life besides having a lot of money. But I do get to go where ever I want as long as I don't bother Dad and it doesn't disrupt my-" Danny had almost mentioned his ghost powers to these two strangers.

"Disrupt your..."Sam said, trying to get Danny to continue.

"Oh, uh... Disrupt my... chores," he lied. Danny didn't like lying, he felt it was so too close to betrayal.

"Wow, your dad must be strict," Tucker's mouth was full of soup from the thermos. There it was again. The word "thermos".

"He's not that bad. I mean he can have a lot of rules and stuff, but they aren't that bad." This was the truth. Danny had never minded his dad's rules. They seemed ridiculous at times, but he knew they were all to protect him. He knew that with out those rules he would have died years ago.

After Danny, Tucker, and Sam had talked for a while, Danny and Sam went back to school. Danny had to figure out a way to get back before her.

"I really have to go to the bathroom, I'll meet you back at school." At least this wasn't a lie. His duplicate had to go too, so they were going to meet in the restroom and combine again. Danny ran ahead of Sam and waved good bye.

When Sam could no longer see him, Danny called out "Going Ghost!" A white ring formed around him and split into two separate rings. One went up, the other went down. As they traveled, they changed Danny into his alter ego, Danny Phantom. He could never figure out why he had chosen the name. He should have taken his dad's name and been 'Danny Plasmius' but he liked the sound of 'Danny Phantom' better.

Danny Phantom flew into the sky and darted towards Caspar High. His other half was waiting for him in the bathroom. He was getting so close to his goal. When he was just about to phase threw a wall, someone shot him. Or at least tried, Jack Fenton had missed by a good foot and ended up hitting the school. All the children ran out screaming, hoping not to have the building crumble on them.

"Can we please do this another day? I've got stuff to do!" Danny complained.

"Eat Jack Blaster Ghost!" he said as his machine slowly loaded up. Danny floated there and waaited for a few seconds, waiting for this 'Jack Blaster' to power up.

"So, I'm just gonna go," Danny said as he flew away. Jack angrily hit his invention, muttering at it.

Danny met his duplicate in a hall and the formed beck together. He felt whole again, and was finally ready to go home, until he remembered he had detention with his 'favorite' teacher. None other than Mr. Lancer. From the first day Danny transferred to Caspar High, Mr. Lancer hadn't liked him. Danny had tried to be a good student, but found it hard to balance his school and ghost fighting.

"Hello Mr. Masters. Please take a seat over there," Mr. Lancer said as he pointed to a desk.

Danny quietly sat down. There were a few other kids, but he didn't recognize any of them. He waited a bit longer to see if any of his friends were in the same boat as he was. Even though he had only been in Amity park two weeks, but had already made friends with the popular crowd. He knew it all because he was rich and new, but didn't mind. At least they were friends.

No one else came to detention. Danny sat there awkwardly and stared at the clock. 'Only twenty more minutes' He thought. Twenty minutes until he was yelled at by his parents. His dad would most likely put the Specter Deflector on him in order for a 'proper' punishment. Danny sat there in dread, unsure if he really wanted the detention to be over.

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