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Vlad stared at his son in disbelief. Which ghost had told Daniel about Clockwork? Most of them would never betray Vlad, he could easily wipe any of them out with a simple ecto beam. So if it wasn't any ghost in the ghostzone, who would have said it?

"Father?" Danny pulled Vlad out of dream land.

Vlad had tired to stay calm, he really tried his hardest, but his patience had gone thin the instant Clockworks name was thrown onto the table, "Who told you about Clockwork!" Vlad screamed. Most of the restaurant had heard the outburst, but the words slipped their minds, since they had no meaning to the individuals life.

Danny remained quiet not wanting his father to yell at him again. However, Vlad's outburst had given Danny valuable information. He had to find this "Clockwork" guy and figure out what was going on. But from what Dani had told him she was from a different dimension so wouldn't Clockwork be from the same place as her? For all Danny knew Clockwork could be dead or not even in existence. Then again Vlad had apparently known the ghost so that was as much of a clue as Danny needed.

The Masters finished their meals but all had chosen to skip dessert. Since Vlad's screaming the atmosphere had gotten extremely awkward. Vlad and Maddie walked out with their heads held high, pretending not to care what the other customers thought of them. Danny, however, kept his eyes to the ground watching his feet appear then disappear behind him as he walked. They passed by Sam's table and he shot her a quick smile before catching up with his parents.

Unlike the rest of the restaurant, Sam had heard exactly what Vlad had said. Vlad had talked about clockwork. But by the way he sounded it was referring to a person, not the mechanisms behind a clock. Tomorrow she knew that she would have to bring it up. Even if they had only met a few weeks ago, Sam felt like she had to protect Danny and unless she knew his secrets there was no way of doing that.

Dani flew through the ghost zone as fast as she could. After flying off she hid in one of the houses in the neighborhood. Despite the cars parked out front and the beautiful lawns the house was empty. Through further investigation Dani discovered that they all were. As she explored each house Dani discovered each had a ghost portal looking exactly like the one Vlad had in his former lab.

Picking no house in particular she jumped into a ghost portal and landed in Skulker's lair. Dani looked around quickly and let out a sigh knowing that the hunter was no where to be found. Jumping into the air, Dani took off to Clockwork's clock tower. He told her to report anything odd, and boy did she find the mother load.

"Clockwork!" Daani called into the ghost's home, "Clockwork!" Dani walked into the room with the portal in it. She found Clockwork just where she had left him, staring blankly into Danny's "life".

Seeing an opportunity to have some fun, Dani sneaked up behind just before she could yell "Boo" Clockwork had frozen her in time.

"Child, I see all remember? As if sneaking up on me would actually work," Clockwork said. He pushed the button on his staff and allowed Dani to move freely again.

Rubbing her head Dani asked, "Then why didn't you that Vlad would do this before he did it?"

"I said I could see everything, not prevent it." Clockwork stated then added, "What did you find out?"

"Danny's so hard headed! I tried to tell him, but he just won't listen! Ugh, is that what it's like to deal with me?"

Clockwork smirked, "Go on and tell me everything else you've discovered."

"Wait, if you can see all, know all, blah blah blah why don't you already know what I know?" Dani asked curiously.

"For some reason my powers are limited in this dimension. Vlad must have fixed it so I can be of little help. And before you ask, no I am not the same Clockwork as who sent you. I may be the same in all times but not in all dimensions."

Dani's mouth opened in awe at the fact he already knew her upcoming question. "Okay, okay. Um, oh! They live in this seemingly normal neighborhood, but get this, all the houses are empty and they all have ghost portals. I came here through one and I landed in Skulker's place. I don't know why Vlad would buy out a whole neighborhood just to fill it with ghost portals though..."

Clockwork looked into the air thoughtfully. Vlad was smart, he wouldn't do something just for the heck of it. Everything Vlad does is thought through with caution and care as if playing chess. Vlad was usually ahead of most ghosts, he was pretty close to being as ahead to Clockwork, or at least as close as most ghosts could be. Then the answer hit him.

"Dani, shut down as many portals as possible!" Clockwork commanded.

"Why? What's he going to do?"

"Vlad plans on taking over the world." Clockwork brought one of the portals onto his screen. He looked over to Dani and said, "Don't use any of Vlad's portals. Use either Jack's or a natural one, just don't come out of Vlad's!"

Dani nodded, she didn't know why Clockwork told her not to use Vlad's portal, but knew better than to go against Clockworks word. For now Dani had to get back to Amity Park and destroy Vlad's portals. What could her "dad" do with so many portals that it would scare Clockwork so much? Whatever it was it couldn't be good.

Sam decided to meet Danny at his house to walk to school together. She couldn't sleep last night, she had twisted and turned but couldn't rest until she learned about Clockwork. That was why she was here. 'The only reason' Sam tried to convince herself. A small part of her knew the other reason, but Sam refused to acknowledge that that part existed.

As Sam was nearing the Masters residence, she thought she saw a little girl with white hair. She quickly did a double take, but instead of a white haired girl with green eyes, Sam saw a girl who looked a lot like Danny. Sam thought that maybe the girl was Danny's sister, but she was pretty sure she read that Danny was an only child, not that she was stalking him or anything her parents just wanted to know more about the new rich family moving into town. The girl looked past Sam and at Danny's door. Sam looked at the direction the girl was staring and came face to face with Vlad Masters.

Vlad blinked while looking past Sam. He had come out after thinking he saw Danielle, but now she was no where to be seen. He shook it off as his imagination and pulled his attention to the girl infront of him. "Can I help you?"

"Um... I'm one of Danny's friends-" Danny appeared at the door behind Vlad.

"What are you doing here Sam?" He asked.

"Oh so is this girl your girlfriend?" Vlad asked his son.

"NO!" Sam and Danny shouted together.

Vlad chuckled as he went back into their home, leaving the two teens alone. He knew that they would end up together, but his plans regarding that would start coming into play later. For now he had other plans to execute and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Danny and Sam started to walk away from his house when Danny's ghost sense went off. From behind one of the houses aa little girl was sneaking from backyard to backyard. Danny knew who she was, but decided not to acknowledge her, she was probably just keeping an eye on him. This is what Danny had expected until she phased into one of the houses and moments later a huge explosion came from the inside. Danny rushed toward the rubble looking for the girl. He heard a giggle and looked up. Dani was floating above him laughing her head off.

Sam rushed over to Danny to see what had happened to the seemingly normal house. "Danny, are you okay? What happened?"

Dani floated down to meet the two a smirk was firmly planted on her face. Danny looked down at her angrily and Sam was just as confused as ever.

"Okay Danny, what's going and and who is this?" Sam was tired of not knowing anything.

Dani looked at Sam and her eyes widened, "So you guys are dating here too? You really are soul mates! It's a love that lasts through dimensions." She was so excited to see Danny with a nice girl.

"We're not dating!" They again said at the same time. Then Sam added, "Who are you anyway?"

"I'm Dani, Danny's second cousin once removed." She stuck out her hand for Sam to shake.

"Uh, nice to meet you," Sam said grabbing the hand.

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