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'I don't like the smell I leave behind, Horyuu. It goes everywhere I go, and I don't like it.'

'Kid, that is the smell of unbeatable power. I fucking love that smell,' Horyuu replied to Hikami's thought. Hikami rolled his eyes. After being with Horyuu and Horyuu alone for all of his seventeen years, some things didn't surprise him; like Horyuu's love of having an answer to every damned thing he thought. It didn't help that Horyuu had filled him with such a sense of pride in himself, misguided pride, Hikami knew, but it was there and it was a part of him now. Hikami pushed aside a frost covered body from where it lay slumped against a wooden pantry. He opened the pantry door and rummaged through its contents.

'Hmm, rice balls,' Hikami thought then stuffed the rice ball into his mouth. 'I'm just saying, Horyuu, that the scent of rotting corpses everywhere I go is... I mean I have gotten used to it, but it stinks,' Hikami groused. He couldn't communicate with other humans vocally, but he could communicate with Horyuu, and Horyuu could communicate with him... and that was fine with them both. Hikami lowered blue-fringed lids and sweat-dropped at Horyuu's next statement.

'Well, maybe next time you will freeze them enough so that they don't fucking defrost after.' Hikami rolled ice-blue eyes at his bijou. He nudged away another corpse, a human female, with his foot. He didn't know what he was looking for, but he always looked. Humans in villages sort of fascinated him.

'How the fuck am I supposed to do that, Horyuu? You never taught me that.' Horyuu chuckled darkly within Hikami's mind space, his ice-blue streamers swirling under the place under his large lower jaw.

'I was waiting for you to get sick of the scent,' the juubi replied with a self-satisfied tone. Hikami grinned, exposing sharp canines and laughed along with his demon. He would be taught. Hikami cocked his head to the side, and examined the item that had been hidden underneath the woman. His waist length bright-blue hair swished over his shoulders as he bent to look closer. A little wooden doll, about the height of his palm, lay on the floor. Hikami picked it up.

'What is this little human made from trees?' Hikami asked his bijou curiously. However, Horyuu decided to stop talking at that moment. Probably because he knew it would annoy Hikami, and have him perusing the little doll for hours. It amused Horyuu that someone as powerful as Hikami was fascinated by such simplistic human artefacts, and he allowed Hikami to suspect that it amused him, but he never fully revealed his amusement... which annoyed Hikami... and amused Horyuu some more. Rolling the little doll around in his palm, Hikami strode towards the door of the house and into the daylight, which was exceptionally bright now that the village was covered in bright white snow. Hikami paused at the door of the house and admired his handiwork.

The snowy village was small, and had shinobi, but only a paltry few. Circular in shape, the village had two entrances which were at the two points where the diameter of the village, in the form of a main street, cut the village's circular walls. The residential area was on one side of the main street, and the shinobi buildings, workshops, and other businesses were on the other side of the main street. The entire village was fairly poor, but they managed on crops that they planted in greenhouses in the centre of the business area. Forests pretty much surrounded the village, thinning at the eastern side where the village's East Gate met the road that took it to the other countries. To the north, behind the residential area, was where the wintry forests were thickest, travelling up the ice-capped mountains where Hikami and Horyuu made their lair. On the other side of the mountains was the sea. The west and south of the village were not as thickly forested as the north side, and they went on for miles. The Ice Monk Temple was concealed in these forests.

Hikami had blasted through the north wall with an ice jutsu he had been able to control for as long as he could remember; only it was more powerful now. Blasting away the wall took out not only the wall, but several houses as well. Then the fighting had started. Shinobi had come streaking towards him, but Horyuu's Gift made their attacks useless. Horyuu's Gift had been activated somewhere in Hikami's seventh summer, and was what he used mainly in fights. It used up perhaps one thousandth of his readily available chakra to activate, and gave him a series of benefits that would allow him to fight extremely effectively without having to put on his juubi cloak. No one that he fought was up to his standard, anyway.

Right, so the shinobi had attacked, but had been wiped out with a paralyzing burst of icy mist, then sent to meet their demise after being perforated with thousands of icy projectiles. The icy mist was not the only thing that paralyzed the shinobi. Horyuu got a kick out of distracting Hikami with random conversation just as the shinobi attacked, just so that he could take advantage of Hikami's distraction and send almost visible waves of killing intent flowing from Hikami. There was a saying in that little town – If it wasn't dismembered, it wasn't a worthy fight. Hikami's fighting style had created that saying. From a very early age, Horyuu's anger, hatred and sadistic intent towards human-kind had influenced Hikami into pulling apart those opponents that did not go down on the first blow. Hikami allowed himself to remember the first moments of the fight.

'Ah, the little town of Hikami-haters.' Hikami grinned darkly as he approached the wooden walls of the village. He refused to allow himself to feel that burning pressure in his chest at that thought of the little village that had expressed their hatred for him all his life, until Horyuu retired for the evening. Just a few more hours. Hikami's nose twitched as he took in the unfamiliar scent of the village. There was a warmth about the village that tempted Hikami most days, and that made him hate everything – even Horyuu and himself – some days. He hated that he wanted to experience it so much but was so hated that he would never fit in. There was a scent of something heated over a fire until it burned, but it was a pleasant smell, and it made Hikami's flat stomach clench and make funny noises.

'Lock and load,' Horyuu said with a hint of dark humour as Hikami's hands flew through the familiar hand seals. Ice blasted from Hikami's palms, the sheer force of the frozen water making the wooden walls of the village buckle and splinter. The force pushed new ice into the space created, and blasted through rock, wood and metal in a straight line until a path was created from the northern wall of the village directly through to the main street. Screams and shouts and wails of baby humans filled the air. Hikami rolled his eyes.

'Let's wreak some havoc,' Horyuu chuckled, his sadistic excitement leeching into Hikami's body. Shinobi in white fur suits rushed toward the site of the disturbance. 'You did remember to brush away the stones that were in our sleeping grass before we left out, right?' Horyuu asked randomly.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Hikami returned, even as he felt the burning waves of hatred and killing intent floating off his body in waves. 'Damn it, Horyuu. Again?' Hikami groused. Horyuu chuckled until he coughed.

'Whelp. You always fall for it, and look at the effect, ne?' Horyuu finally managed. Sure enough, the younger, less prepared shinobi were frozen in their tracks, their eyes wide with fear. His hands moving through the again familiar seals, Hikami sent a blast of white, frosty air pulsing towards the shinobi.

'Shut up, Horyuu,' Hikami grumbled inwardly even as he casually blocked blows from the surprisingly plentiful shinobi that had avoided his frost blast. He decided to focus on the fight and block out Horyuu's teasing for now. Moving at an impressive speed, Hikami brought ice to his now sharpened fingernails even as he felt his eyesight getting more intense. His fingernails slid through the throat of the man who had approached him like a knife through butter, and the man's warm blood spewed from his throat and splashed onto Hikami's hands. A feral growl came from Hikami's throat as he watched the light of life leave the eyes of the man as he fell backwards in the reddening snow. But Hikami wasn't done with him. He bit into the man's shoulder with a powerful jaw, clamping his hard, sharp teeth into the man's comparably soft flesh. With his other hand, he sunk his nails into the flesh of the man's arm and ripped the arm from the socket with a sickening 'pop'. He slashed the man across the chest with rigid fingers, feeling the warm of his blood spraying onto his face and bare chest. He grabbed the man's leg and was about to rip it from his torso when a soft shuffle caught his attention.

Hikami spun around, his blue hair sticking to the wet blood on his face and his eyes catching another man, whose mouth was gaping open and whose eyes were filled with fear. Dragging the first man by the leg and leaving a trail of blood on the white snow in his wake, he growled, his eyes turning purple with feral fighting instinct. He swung the mangled body of the man in his grasp, sending an arc of blood spurting over the snowy area. The body of the first man hit the second squarely in the chest, knocking him off his feet. Hikami dropped the first man on the ground and pounced on the second man while he was in mid-air, ripping and tearing at his chest and limbs. By the time the man's back hit the ground, both arms were ripped from his torso and his head was barely attached to his neck. His face was also unrecognizable. Two kunoichi followed in the fate of the boys, their bodies that were much easier to dismantle. He ripped arms from sockets, cracked legs and snapped necks. A slight whistling sound caught his heightened senses and he ducked in time to avoid a sharp kunai which glinted in the morning sunlight. Spinning around, a dismembered arm still clasped in his fingers, Hikami growled at the offending attacker. A white haired shinobi with a ferocious expression on his face was standing some thirty feet away. Several feet behind him was a trembling bundle that was partially hidden underneath a white cloak. Horyuu chuckled evilly in Hikami's mindscape. It was a chuckle Hikami mirrored. He tossed the mangled arm to the ground.

Then, he was running towards the man, who refused to back down. Hikami allowed Horyuu to release his wealth of killing intent. The man's eyes widened as the force of the killing intent slammed into him, but he did not back down. Instead, he began throwing a volley of kunai in Hikami's direction. Hikami dodged the first ones without even the slightest effort, but the man then began throwing kunai in patterns. He would throw one, then another and another, then the last one would hit the first one and change its direction. One of these deflected kunai grazed Hikami on the cheek, drawing blood from the resulting cut at the corner of Hikami's mouth. Hikami had to tilt his head and allow the kunai to slice through a lock of his bright blue hair instead of tearing open a split in his cheek. Hikami smiled, revealing canines red with the blood of the shinobi he had sunk his teeth into, and accelerated his speed. This man deserved his respect, and would get receive an end that was suitable.

Hikami ran towards the man, reaching out with a hand as he approached. His blue hair streaming behind him, Hikami leapt into the air and grabbed hold of the man's shoulder, swung over his shoulder and spun in the air, twisting so his grip on the man's shoulder pushed the man forward, and his feet were forcefully planted in the small of the man's back, sending him face first into the snow. Before the man was halfway down to the snowy ground, Hikami was fully on his back. Gripping the man's shoulder from behind, Hikami plunged the ice-sharpened fingers of his other hand into the flesh of the man's back, snarling darkly when his fingers closed around the man's spinal column. As the man's face hit the ground, Hikami pulled, jerking the man's spinal column from his back with a series of sickening 'pop's. Hikami stood and discarded the grisly prize on the ground beside the man.

He stalked over to the trembling thing under the blanket and stared at it for two seconds.

'What was he protecting?' He asked Horyuu.

'See for yourself. He cut you, so it must be very precious to him,' Horyuu returned in a lower than normal tone, even though his veiled attitude made Hikami think that Horyuu knew exactly what was under the cloak. Hikami reached down and threw off the cloak. The removal of the cloak revealed a baby human, maybe four summers alive, with large grey eyes that stared up at him with a sort of fearful solemnity. Hikami frowned and leaned closer to peruse the small creature more carefully. What was he supposed to do with this thing? Logic told him that since the man had fought to protect this thing so much, maybe he should take it. Maybe it was a treasure. It certainly appealed to something protective in him. Deciding that he was too good for such a thing, Hikami turned and left the baby human in the snow, then headed towards the village.

The frost covered town was painted red with blood, and the stench of the dead was more intense than it had been moments before. The dead emptied themselves during the transition from life to death, so the scent of human refuse was high in the frosty air. Hikami scrunched up his nose in distaste and stalked over the mangled corpses littering the ground. He rolled the little tree-trunk human in his fingers as he stalked back towards the wall he had blasted open. A movement stopped him in his tracks. The little human baby. It was still there. It was still looking at him. A sort of pride filled Hikami. Of course it was still looking at him. Then it looked down. Hikami was suddenly annoyed. His eyes followed the gaze of the little creature and landed on the little tree-trunk human in his hands. He walked over to the human baby, knelt in front of it and grunted, then stuck out his hand with the item in it for the human's perusal.

In a movement so swift and unexpected that Hikami's eyes widened, the baby human swiped the tiny tree-trunk human from his palm.

"Mine," the baby human said, or rather, garbled, when Hikami glowered at him. The baby tucked the item into her side and folded her arms when Hikami tried to take it back. Hikami jerked his head back at the word and at the actions of the tiny creature.

"M...mine?" Hikami mimicked, trying to form the unfamiliar words in his decidedly deeper voice. The child frowned and waved the item in Hikami's face in a tight-fisted grip.

"Dolly mine," the child said, more forcefully this time. Hikami frowned. The child's mannerisms were clearly possessive. Hikami looked to the item. He wanted it. He made eye contact with the child.

"Mine," Hikami said more clearly, mimicking the child's glower. The child frowned harder.

"Mine," the child said, struggling to her feet. She didn't even reach Hikami's nose, but she was glowering quite effectively. Hikami allowed a wave of killing intent to flow from his body.

"Mine." He would get that doll. And get it he did... on the nose, for the child struck him in the face with it. It hurt!

"NO!" the child screamed. "Dolly is mine!" The child's eyes were glistening oddly. Hikami jerked away, rubbing his nose, when liquid pooled in the child's eyes and flowed down her face. A strange pressure and shame filled Hikami then, and he couldn't resist pulling the warm little creature against his bare, bloody chest. Horyuu's annoyed growl snapped Hikami from the child's strange spell. He pushed the little creature away and stepped back. A low drone caught his ears, and he spun round, his eyes widening. How had he not realized that he was surrounded? Was the spell of the child that powerful?

In a circle around him, ten men with shaved heads, bare chests and bulky brownish-orange cloths tied around their waists were sitting cross-legged in meditation formation with their palms clasped together and their eyes closed. They were all chanting and Hikami felt a small jolt, then his surroundings became slightly fuzzy, even with his heightened eyesight. Rage filled him and he started to attack, but found he couldn't move.

The paralysation did not last long however, for Horyuu's rage pushed through it, burning through the chain-looking chakra restraints that were on his body. With a burst of enraged energy, Hikami sped towards the monks. Suddenly, their closed eyes opened simultaneously, their eyeballs shining pure white. Then their clasped hands slapped together in a thunderous clap that dulled Hikami's vision even more than before. Before Hikami was even halfway to the nearest monk, their hands began flying through hundreds of hand seals and their chanting increased in volume. Hikami felt a strange airy feeling overtaking his body, but he fought it tooth and nail. Before long, he was at the first monk. An ice-sharpened hand plunged into the monk's chest which was warm with life, and when it exited, the monk's still pumping heart was in the palm. Hikami knew he had no time for play. Whatever these monks were doing, he should fight and fight fast. The monks kept on chanting, even the one without his heart. No matter how much Hikami slashed and bit and pulled at them, they stayed in position, their hands kept doing their seals, and they kept chanting. And the airy feeling was getting so intense Hikami could no longer see anything clearly, and he felt as if he was losing touch with the world. Not only was he unable to move much anymore, Horyuu couldn't push forth his energy anymore. Hikami panicked.

'Horyuu, what the hell is going on?' Hikami screamed internally.

'They are sealing us. Damn those monks! I thought I killed all the remaining monks that know this technique! They are putting us in an alternate universe, even though something is not quite right. However I look at it though, I think we're done for,' Horyuu replied in a grim tone. Hikami screamed out loud as his vision went completely white.

As Hikami's body disappeared from the circle of monks, their chants faded, and one by one, the monks fell forward in death. All save one. He was badly bruised, but not near dead. His eyes still glowed and his hands still flew through the seals. His lone voice chanted, and then there was a pause. There were six words at the end of his chant.

"Konohagakure no Sato. Hi no Kuni." The monk stopped chanting, and bent forward with hands outstretched. He slammed his palms into the icy ground, revealing the kanji for a transportation jutsu with ten concentric circles of binding seals. When the kanji faded, the monk got to his feet. He knew without looking that there were only two out of the three hundred people alive in this village at the moment, and he was one of them. The other was a solemn-eyed little girl named Aiko.

The white slowly faded to reveal colours. There were trees that were green instead of white. The sky was blue instead of grey. The ground was light tan instead of dark brown and white. The air was warm and dry instead of cold and damp. And there was a yellow haired human male with bright blue eyes and whiskers like the mountain foxes on his cheeks... and he was staring at Hikami with a mixture of shock and confusion, but not fear. Where the hell was he?

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