Here are some things about Musaki's grandfather and no one...not even Musaki...even knew and saw coming.

Chapter 8: Facts About Oak Sung

As Musaki, Taji and Liu Shang made their way to the top of the Jade Palace, the four sat down as Taji opens up about life in Shanghai Secluded Valley along with Liu Shang and Musaki was amazed to hear that they're officially brothers now. Musaki then asked, "How is it having a lion as your brother?"

"It's pretty cool. We mostly like to mess with each other, but we get along so well like normal brothers do." Taji responded.

"Yeah, it was about a few weeks after the competition that Taji asked me to live with him and his family. His parents were cool with the fact that a lion can live with a family of wolves, so they made me feel like I was home." Liu explained.

"That's actually pretty cool. When was the last time that you've heard from your parents, Liu?" asked Arizona.

Liu pondered at that question for a second and he replied, "Don't know. It's been a long time since we've last spoken with each other...but we haven't really seen each other in a while after they kicked me out of my own house."

That comment froze everyone and Musaki said, "I thought you like ran away from home to pursue that dream of you being a kung-fu master."

"I did...and it was after my parents kicked me out thinking that I'm wasting my life doing kung-fu. How can that be a waste?" asked Liu.

"Wow...I didn't even know that." Arizona said, speechless.

"Neither did I." Taji agreed.

Liu looks over at everyone and told them, "You guys are the first ones I ever told about this. I was only 13, but I just follwed my heart and where it took got me to where I am."

The fact that Liu has had some personal achievements that were accomplished made Arizona, Musaki and Taji respect him that much more. They all understood what he was talking about and Musaki added, "You've got perseverance, Liu."

"It's because of you." Liu added.

Musaki chuckled softly and replied, "Nah, I'm not worthy of that reason."

"You are."

Taji then looks up at Musaki and he said, "Hey, me and Taji found out something about your grandfather a few weeks ago before we left here...did you know that your grandfather was a legendary kung-fu master?"

That seemed to surprise both Musaki and Arizona after that came out and it most definitely surprised Musaki the most and all he could say is, "Really? He never told me that before."

"Yeah, it's true. But he didn't have to tell us. We were heading towards the basement when we found a room where it shows him in his younger years being a kung-fu master that was taught under Master Oogway years ago. His elemental skills, fighting abilities, wisdom and enthusiastic optimism made him a icon in his own right, but is very humbled. That really surprised us a lot and it wasn't long until Oak Sung admitted that he used to be a kung-fu master." Taji explained.

"He was more than willing to tell us the story. It made every kung-fu master want to be like him and that's something you don't find nowadays." Liu added.

Musaki was speechless and Arizona was amazed at that and the grey wolf turned to Musaki and asked, "Did you know that?"

"No...I didn't. But I always figured that my grandpa had some moves that could make all the younger masters of this generation keep up with what he's done." Musaki answered.

" own grandfather, a legendary kung-fu master. That's pretty awesome." Arizona said.

The thought of it made Musaki curious, but also awestruck at the fact that his grandfather is a legendary kung-fu master. He chuckled softly and replied, "When did he retire?"

"In his like...mid-30's. It was at the time that he married your grandma. He's been at the kung-fu game for like 12 years or so. But his legacy is that anything impossible becomes possible and to always appreciate the journey forward." Taji stated.

"Just like Oogway." Musaki whispered.

Arizona chuckled and said, "I think the masters will not believe this one."

"Let's hope they don't get too crazy knowing that my grandfather's a legendary kung-fu master." Musaki agreed.

"Your grandfather is what?!"

All four of them turned around and saw Tigress standing there with a look full of shock and disbelief and Arizona chuckled softly and whispered, "Guess she's talking to you."

The secret's out! How will the masters handle this? Find out on the next chapter!