I hope you guys didn't think there wasn't going to be a sequel! XD ok reason now I'm some of you are wondering why. Because the real reason was I knew that it would be…I dunno….over 50 chapters if it was all just one story so I decided to break it up so you guys wouldn't be like 'URGH! It's so long!' trust me I've been there myself so this is the sequel and I hope you enjoy please review!

Barktail opened her yellow eyes and looked around the warriors den in the Thunderclan camp. Midnightclaw and Spottedpelt were right next to her still asleep. She blinked a few times and looked around. It's been a full moon since Nightclan was taken away. Smokeykit was now Smokeypaw and her mentor was Dustpelt, Honeypaw got to keep Rocklash as a mentor along Silverpaw she still had Spottedpelt (much to her demise) The thing that surprised Barktail the most would be the fact that Firestar choose to mentor Tigerpaw.

Barktail slowly got up and not to wake Spottedpelt or Midnightclaw she slowly left the warrior's den. Looking outside she saw Tigerpaw happily give moss to the elders. Tailwind was just outside the nursery looking around as well. Tailwind's stomach was starting to show. She may have been carrying Rocklash's kits but she still refuses to speak to the gray tabby tom. Barktail often wondered if she would ever forgive Rocklash.

Barktail has…it wasn't easy but she did. She knew and understood why Rocklash betrayed them. He was really just looking out for her but he doesn't talk to her. Not because he's ashamed or anything but because if he would even come near her Midnightclaw or Spottedpelt would hiss and almost start a fight with him. He quickly learned to keep his distance. He tried to make up with Tailwind multiple times but she refused to listen to him. There were times when Barktail even wondered why Tailwind came with them. She knew it wasn't just for the kits because if it was then she would have forgiven him by now.

Barktail watched as Ferncloud emerge from the nursery. Her two kits Racoonkit a gray tom with three black rings around the base, middle, and tip of his tail and Rainkit a soft gray she-cat with darker gray tabby stripes (like Rocklash only lighter) ran out and started to play. Ferncloud started to talk to Tailwind and Barktail noticed that those two have become good friends since she arrived. Daisy also befriended Tailwind but Barktail could tell that Tailwind didn't like her that much.

Looking around some more she was Redpaw and Honeypaw playing with each other. Those two become fast friends in fact Honeypaw befriended Coldpaw, and Blazepaw, the other two apprentices in the den. Silverpaw tried but failed after she made fun of Coldpaw's red eyes. Tigerpaw only managed to make friends with Coldpaw but Barktail knew that it bothered Smokeypaw. Barktail knew from experience that this was not going to end well.

"Morning" Spottedpelt said scratching his hind ear walking up to Barktail. Barktail just nodded. "You know you talked once why don't you try again?" he asked and Barktail just shook her head 'No…I don't like talking and you ask me this every day' for some reason Barktail found herself looking at the medicine den. Leafpool was in there by herself and Barktail felt bad for her. Softpaw her apprentice had died while Barktail was gone. From what Barktail heard a badger got to the poor apprentice while she was collecting herbs. By the time some warriors had gotten to her it was too late.

Leafpool has been grieving ever since. She believes it was her fault that Softpaw had died and Daisy even told her that wasn't there wasn't anything she could of done to save Softpaw. Spottedpelt sighed and Barktail noticed why Honeypaw and Redpaw where now rubbing against each other. Honeypaw was the second pretty brown she-cat that Spottedpelt fell in love with and she just left him like Barktail had. "I would go and see if I can go on patrol…but you know how the others act" he said and Barktail nodded.

It was true the others still haven't accepted them back. They hated Midnightclaw more than anything. If any of them would go near a group of Thunderclan cats they would slowly back off and walk away. Now if Midnightclaw walked near a group of Thunderclan cats they would hiss at him and tell him to go back to his own clan. Even Graystripe would act like that…Graystripe hates Shadowclan cats anyone with a brain would know that.

Spottedpelt let out yet another sigh "well…I guess I should go hunting want to come?" he offered and Barktail shook her head. 'I can't leave Midnightclaw alone…' She thought and he shrugged "Ok then…see you later" he said in an almost hurt voice. He then walked away. 'I think being back in this camp is making him love me again' she thought as she watched him walk away. She then scratched her ear and shook her pelt. Next thing she knew she was being pushed. She then narrowed her eyes. 'Darkstorm what's new?' she thought as she glared at the dark brown warrior "Sorry, hey if you're mad about it then go and run away it's obvious that's what you do best" he said and she narrowed her eyes. Hearing a familiar snarky laugh she rolled her eyes as Petalface woke up.

"It IS what she does best isn't it? I mean when she found out she was pregnant she ran…when she was caught having an affair with a Shadowclan cat what did she do? She ran"

"She's still braver and better than you" came Midnightclaw's voice as he stood up. "Nobody asked you lizard breath!" Petalface hissed and Midnightclaw growled "you forget you jealous, ignorant, Self-centered, mouse-brain! She is my mate and I don't care if I have to make you but you will not and I mean NOT talk to her that way while I'm around!" his green eyes narrowed and Barktail noticed a glint in them.

There was a silence. Barktail couldn't tell if Petalface was thinking of a comeback or was in shock that this ex-Shadowclan cat had not only threated her but had managed to insult her four ways in one sentence. Petalface opened her mouth a couple of times but in the end she stormed out of the den, Darkstorm not to far behind. Midnightclaw then sighed "I'm going to pay for that one I know it" he whispered he then walked over and rubbed again Barktail. "But I know it was worth it" he said with a purr and Barktail purred as well.

"Come on let's go and visit Tailwind" he said lightly hitting Barktail's ear. Barktail nodded and followed her mate. As they walked Barktail instantly noticed the cats whispering and keeping their distance from the two. Once too the Nursery Barktail and Midnightclaw both laughed at the site. Tailwind was on her side and Racoonkit was biting her ear while Rainkit was jumping on her tail. She looked at Barktail and Midnightclaw "I changed my mind…I don't want kits" she said as the two kits started to run around her.

Gently Barktail walked over and stepped on Racoonkit's tail. The kit let out a whine as Barktail leaned down and picked up the kit by his scruff "C'mon let me go!" he yelled squirming. Gently Barktail placed next to Ferncloud who chuckled. Rainkit instantly followed her brother. Ferncloud chuckled again "A natural mother you are" she commented and Barktail just rolled her eyes 'I was raised by the best' she thought.

Tailwind sighed "Thank you, I don't know how you did it, it seems almost impossible" Midnightclaw lightly laughed "Don't worry just follow your instinct and you'll do fine" he said in a gently voice and Tailwind sighed again "You forget…These kits are Rocklash's" and both Barktail and Midnightclaw laughed.

Tailwind yawned and shut her eyes "Sleepy" she muttered. Using his tail he motioned for Barktail to follow him out of the nursery. Racoonkit started to run back to Tailwind and Barktail glared at him. He noticed the glare and slowly slunk back to Ferncloud who looked surprised "You got that from Dustpelt that's for sure" she said and Barktail just left the nursery.

Once out of the nursery she and Midnightclaw looked at each other and Midnightclaw lightly touched her tail with his. "I love you" he said and she rubbed against him 'I love you too'