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Kai took small, silent steps toward the towering church. He was reminded of the mountain he drove his beyblade through twelve years back, and contemplated trying the same trick on the church that loomed over him. But no, it would make the bride unhappy, he supposed.

The solemn lone wolf advanced on the building. Stepping inside the chapel, Kai spotted Ray in the pews and made his way to the other blader.

The pale discoloration of Ray's face made clear that he had already been to see her. Kai took a seat next to the Chinese man. Ray leaned slightly in Kai's direction. "There's another entrance around the side."

Just as was expected.

Kai nodded and stood once more. His tread was swift and silent as he strode out of the room. There wasn't much time left.

The blader's thoughts wandered to the marriage that would soon take place. It would be incredibly difficult to let her vanish from his life, especially when he didn't like the guy she would me marrying.

None of them did, really. The Bladebreakers, that is. They had all tried their best to get to know Hilary's fiancé and become his friend, but it didn't quite work out.

There was nothing wrong with him, but he didn't have much in common with Kai or any of the others. Hilary's soon-to-be-husband did not share their affinity for beyblading, and his personality wasn't very similar to any of theirs. He wasn't lovably arrogant like Tyson, charming and naïve like Max, polite but confident like Ray, or serious and closed-off like Kai himself.

No, Hilary's fiancé was intellectual and musing, somewhat artistic. He sometimes seemed distractedly aloof, but not like Kai occasionally was. Kai was always alert and aware, no matter how far away his brain went. Not this guy, though, he would see right through everything in his eyeline now and then, without really noticing it.

He wasn't exactly pleasurable company, per se.

But Hilary was certain she loved him, and was determined to spend the rest of her life with him.

Kai reached the desired room. He cautiously stepped inside, surveying his surroundings.

She sat in front of the vanity. There was no one but the two of them in the room.

She twisted around to look at him. "Hello," she said.

"Hello," Kai tested, gauging her reaction to his presence. Had she been expecting him?

She stood up, and her dress fell into place around her. But Kai wasn't looking at her dress. He didn't like it, or anything it stood for.

"I must admit, I never thought it would come to this," Kai declared, his voice rough and quiet.

"And why not?" she asked.

"I just always thought you would marry…never mind."

Hilary's head tilted towards him, but turned marginally away. Kai had a sort of analytical nature and outlook on life. He could tell Ray had said something similar. He must have stopped himself too, though, because it wasn't a proper thing to say on a woman's wedding day.

Kai cleared his throat. "It'd be pointless to tell you how much I hate this, so I just need one thing from you before I go."

"Anything for one of my boys."

"Promise me you won't let anyone hurt you."

"Of course-"

"Anyone. We- we won't be there to look after each other anymore."

"I promise you, Kai." She looked in his eye, and he could not look away, no matter how much he disliked revealing how much he cared, even though he knew she knew that he considered her part of his family. Still, he hated discussing it. He also hated having to discuss it, due to the circumstances. "I'll make my own vow to you today," Hilary continued. "when I promise you that I won't ever let anyone hurt me."

Kai nodded. "That's it," he finished, and left the way he came.

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