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^First Day^

~Shadow Pov.~

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

" Shut up already! I'm up, I'm up! Stupid alarm clocks, who invented them anyway."

I get up to turn off the alarm clock from my IPhone and then head start for the bathroom to get ready and start another day. First thing to be done is a shower. Normally I would not mind waking up early, but today was the first day of school. That alone already put me in a bad mode. I hated going to school, being crowed, having to wake up early, homework,fighting, getting in trouble, fangirls, okay maybe not the girls, but everything else just didn't help much.

Any way there is no point in fighting it, I was going I liked it or not. Luckly i only have 2 more years and then i'm off to college and then a job, hopefully. That is as close to freedom i am going to have.

It only took me 20 mins to get ready. I was wearing my fresh clean glove, black jean with my chain and white T-shirt, with my rocket shoes and leather jacket.I was always told i wore to much black, but i don't really care. After a quick check in my mirror, i head down stair to be greeted with the smell of coffee, toast, eggs, and bacon.

'Well, he goes everything.' i thought.

"Morning mom, how'd you sleep?" I ask while grabbing a cup of coffee. She was a red and white hedgehog with purple eyes. Her name is Lora Jones hedgehog.

"Oh, just fine. Do you have everything ready for school?" she asked

"Yeah, oh and by the way, I'm taking the car instead of my Motorcycle to school ,so don't wait up. I know you have another meeting with your boss today." She works at this company called " G.U.N." ever since my dad died. He use to work there. I don't remember him, but my mom told me his name was Thomas the Hedgehog. I don't know how he died, but I try not to bring it up, it always upset my mom. But to be honest, i don't know why she still works when we live the way we do. I mean we are no rich, but were doing good even if she didn't work.I use to go and help whenever, but stop when I entered middle school. It got to hard to do so much in so little mom once told me that they would like it if I worked there again. I found that kind of werid. You'd thing a corporation such as G.U.N. would want better help then from a minor.

"See you later mom." I left and took my keys and backpack with me. After a quick good-bye, I drove off in my black Lamborghini Aventador. On my way there i was listening to Linkin Park, "In The End ".I was hoping to be first in school, so I would not have to wait a long time to get my schedule and have extra time in the music room. I had my base in the car so I wasn't worried.I just hoped my friends are already there. Me and my friends always did this at the begining of each year.I had meet them all though the years, but only 5 stuck around me the most. They were Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles Prower,but we call him Tails, Cream the Rabbit, and Blaze the Cat.

When I was parking, I saw my friends car, so I walk in to the school. Nothing had changed, except for the new Lockers, we always need new one. Our school allows students with powers, so i'm pretty sure you can conect the dots. I walked start to the office and just as I was about to open the door, I get smack with the door and fall flat on my butt.

"What the hell?! Watch it!" I yelled. Man that hurt and I think i busted my nose. Did not see this coming, literally. All I could see was a pink blur.

"I'm so sorry are you okay? I was in a hurry to see the school and I wasn't looking to where I was going. I 'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help you?"

Ah, so it was a girl who hit me. To bad i can't see what she looks like. I better stop by the nurses office before class." Its fine, just watch it next time. Not everyone at this school is as forgiving." I sais with no emotion and got up and walk into the walking i notice a little blood coming form my now busted nose. My thoughts:

This is going to be a long school year.

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