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Madoka sighed as she already finished fixing the last bey. She stretched her arms and yawned. She got up from her spinning chair and started walking upstairs.

As she walked, Madoka didn't notice the banana peel, left by Yuu, and she slipped.

She closed her eyes and waited for impact but didn't feel pain, or didn't feel anything. All she can really feel is an arm around her thin waist.

She opened her blue eyes to come face to face with snake like eyes.

She gasped slightly and smiled, nervously.

"Thanks Reji", she said, hugging him a bit, which he gladly returned.

Ever since the Easter incident, Reji has always been in the shadows, watching over Madoka, making sure nothing bad happens to her.

He nods and lets go of her. She continues upstairs and Reji follows after. Madoka sat on the couch and sighed.

"Today was sure a busy day", she said. Reji nods quietly and he passes her a drink of fruit punch. She thanks him, and drinks it, savoring the fruits flavor. As she drinks, a drop of punch rolls down her mouth.

Reji's eyes widen. He then imagined drops of blood.

He shook his head.

Why was he imagining that? A bang was heard and Madoka accidently, spills the fruits punch, covering her and the floor.

"Gosh, that scared me", she said as she looked out the window.

Reji gulps and his eyes turn into a red orange.

He walks towards Madoka, slowly.

"Reji, are you okay?", Madoka asks, as Reji grabs hold of her arm and pulls her close to him.

Madoka looks into Reji's eyes to realize Reji was not acting like himself. She gasps softly as Reji leans in and bites her neck.

At first, it was like a bee sting and now she felt the increasing pain. "Reji", she whimpers.

She clutches his shirt and cries. She feels like something was entering her system. "Reji, stop!", she shouts.

Reji snaps out of his trance and gasps as he sees what he's done. Madoka had blood streaming down from her neck and Reji had blood dripping from his mouth.

"Madoka", he starts. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me", he adds, shaking his head and falling to his knees.

Madoka smiles and hugs him.

"Reji, it's okay, but I need to know something", she tells him.

"And that is?", he asks.

"Does anything happen to me afterwards?", she wonders. Reji swaetdrops. "Well, this is the first time I bite someone, so I don't know", he says bluntly.

Madoka gasps.

"You mean you don't know?!", she asks-screams. He nods. She yawns and faints.

"Madoka?", he asks as he moves her a bit. He sighs and carries her bridal style. He walks to her room and lays her down and cleans her neck. He goes back down to clean up the mess he made.

Reji bows his head in shame.

He had felt an instinct he hasn't felt since a long time ago. Why now?

"Why did I have to bite Madoka of all people?", he asks himself as a glistening tear escapes his eye.

"Now I will have to wait and see what the effects are for injecting her with the poison", he tells himself as he throws out the dirty towels.

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