Cloud's apartment….again ^_^

The room was full with silence as neither of the four men sitting around the table dare to spoke. Not wanting to give away anything that might lead the other to victory. The Clock tick-tock as second passes by very fast. Each one of the men look suspicious at another and then look at the cards that were on their hands analyzing some strategies on their mind so they could find a way to win the game.

Finally the silence was broken when Genesis started to speak. "Well? Who's going to make the next move." the red-head had a big grin of his face already confident that he had already won this game already. "Don't get over your head Genesis cause if you do you might lose,yo." said Reno as he put his cards forward only to reveal a royal flush. In an instant Genesis happiness was crush when he saw Reno's move. "WHAT!? HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE TO GET A ROYAL FLUSH?" at this question cause the red Turk to grin as he responded. "A Turk never reveals his secrets." and wink at Genesis trying to get him mad that he already is. "Secrets my ass! Everyone in this table knows that your cheating." said Genesis as he glare at the other red-head. "He's not the only one that is cheating on this table." responded Cloud as he throw a packet full of Aces to them. "WHAT!?" yell the two red-heads as they saw that Cloud was winning at the moment. "That's not fair you cheated." wine Reno as he stood up from his seat. Cloud look at him with a big grin on his face and said. "What can I say a Soldier never reveals his secrets." at this response earn him a. 'Put you already admitted that you where cheating stupid blonde.' from both the Red Solider and Turk.

At this it earn a laugh from the last person in the table who was laughing like a maniac as he look down at his cards and then at the three Soldiers who where staring at him as he was crazy. At this his grin became even bigger as he show another straight Aces just like Cloud and laugh at the look on their faces. "You know Spiky isn't the only one that know how to cheat. In fact I was the one who taught him how to do it." Zack said as he grin at the two dumb founded red -heads as they stared at him with shock expressions.

"Well since Zack and I are on the winning lead… I guess you two shall start striping out of your clothes slowly." Cloud said as he try to contain his laughter down. "Oh and dance while your at it. Gives us a good show." at this comment the both of them couldn't hold down their laughter and started to laugh like crazy. Even thought Cloud was suppose to make Zack suffer he decided to give him a bit of a break and went for some payback with the two red-heads who humiliated him in front of his students when they decided to throw water into his pants obviously making look like he just piss himself. Yeah he was going to make them pay for that.

Striping out off his clothes Genesis started to glare at his companion as the other was busy doing the same thing as him. "This is all your fault." he mutter under his breath. Hearing this Reno turn around to the other red head and return the same glare. "WHAT? MY FAULT? YOU WHERE THE ONE WHO CAME UP WITH THE BRILLIENT IDEA MISTER SMASTY PANST." at this Genesis look offended for a second before his face started to turn red like his hair. "YEAH MY IDEA PUT THE ONE WHO DID IT WAS YOU STUPID RATASS TURK." "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Reno shouted in rage. "I said stupid ratass Turk! How you like that." at this Reno couldn't control himself launche himself at the Soldier making the both of them roll down on the floor…only wearing their boxers…and nothing else.

At the table Both Soilders where looking at the scene with amusement looks as the both or them enjoy the show that was happening in front of them. But quickly their attention move to the front door where a pink hair General enter the room and stare in shock at the scene that was happening in front of him.



"Sorry to interrupt your heated moment I'll just made myself out and return some other time." quickly said the General as he turn around to leave. Misunderstanding the entire situation that was really happening in the room. "What this is not what it looks like." yell the both red heads as they stood from the floor grab their clothes and chase after Sephiroth so they can solve the misunderstanding that was going through the General's mind right now.

Back at the table Zack look over at look who was still laughing about what's just happened a few minutes ago. "You know I think we make a pretty good team when we work together spiky. We should try and do this some other time." At this Cloud stop laughing at look at Zack with a blank stare before he smile brightly up to him. "Yeah I guess we should huh?" the two smile at each other for that and staid silence for a few minutes before Cloud started to speak again. "But you release this doesn't mean that your off the hock Zack." the blnde said as he grin evilly up to Zack. The soilder just watch him with sudden rage as he stood up and went into his room to take a nap. 'I promise you spiky you will be the first one….THE FIRST! In my payback list I swear on my honor.' curse Zack on his mind as he started to think what he cloud do to the blonde boy when his punishment was over. Yeah he will pay.

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