That summer was the best one that Harry had ever experienced. Over Dumbledore's persistent protests, Harry refused to return to the Dursleys and instead moved into #12 Grimmauld Place with his newly-exonerated Godfather. The gloomy mansion was quickly transformed into happy home once Dobby had replaced the old Black Family house elf, Kreatcher, and Harry's girls became almost daily visitors. A few weeks into the summer they each received an invitation to Chateau Delacour in southern France where they spent three weeks sightseeing and sunning on the beach with Fleur and Gabrielle. Harry quickly became an expert at applying suntan lotion to his bikini-clad girlfriends and made sure to get as much practice in as he could.

Harry also spent time getting acquainted with the elder Greengrasses as well as the Grangers and Davises. To his chagrin, he was on the receiving end of three 'hurt my daughter and they'll never find the body' speeches, but was otherwise welcomed warmly by all three families. The Grangers had some trouble initially accepting their unique relationship, but they eventually warmed up to it once they saw how happy their bookish princess had become. By the end of the summer, Dan Granger had dragged Harry to half the golf courses in England and was secretly looking forward to calling Harry 'son' in a few years.

When Madame Bones' investigation into the third task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament led to the revelation that many of magical Britain's most prominent citizens were Death Eaters, Harry was called to testify before the entire Wizengamot. After repeating the story he had first given upon his return from the graveyard, Harry was commended for his bravery and nominated for the Order of Merlin, Second Class. Dumbledore tried to talk to him after the court proceedings but Harry quickly left the Ministry building before the headmaster could catch him.

The only black spot on Harry's summer holiday was when he accepted an invitation from Ginny and the twins for he and the girls to visit the Burrow. Shortly after they arrived he was approached by Arthur Weasley asking him to release Ron from the life debt, citing family honor. Harry reluctantly agreed and released the debt, only to immediately be set upon by an enraged Ron Weasley. Ron got two good swings in before the girls, including Ginny, blasted him clean through the wall and into the back garden. Before he could regain his feet for a second assault he was met by his mother in a towering rage as she delivered a personal Howler from a distance of two inches from his nose. It was rumored that her voice could be heard in the nearby village of Ottery-St. Catchpole, a quarter mile away.

The next three years at Hogwarts passed relatively peacefully for Harry. Hermione was made a 5th year prefect but returned her badge when she learned that the other had been given to Ron instead of Harry. With the children of Death Eaters no longer attending Hogwarts and two of Harry Potter's girlfriends wearing the silver and green, the house of the cunning turned down their animosity toward the Boy-Who-Lived, eventually increasing their acceptance of the other houses as well. By the time Harry and the girls graduated, the barriers between the houses had all but vanished, finally allowing the Sorting Hat to make up a new song for the opening feast.

Severus Snape resigned from Hogwarts at the end of Harry's fourth year, despite Dumbledore's insistence of his necessity as a spy when the Dark Lord eventually returned, as Dumbledore knew he must. Snape pointed out that the complete disappearance of his Dark Mark indicated that the Dark Lord would never return, therefore leaving Snape no longer in need of sanctuary within Hogwarts' walls. Using his savings, he built a potions lab on the far side of Azkaban Island where he spent the remainder of his days completely isolated from the rest of wizarding Britain, an arrangement that both parties found to their liking.

Albus Dumblefore spent the rest of his life watching for signs of Voldemort's eventual return. He repeatedly attempted to gain control over Harry, eventually telling him the prophecy at the end of his sixth year in the hope that Harry would do his duty to the magical world by allowing Voldemort to kill him when the time came, thus fulfilling the prophecy. It was a very perplexed Dumbledore who watched his secret weapon laugh all the way back to the Gryffindor common room where he shared the source of his amusement with his curious girlfriends. They, however, failed to see the humor and stormed the headmaster's office, venting their rage at the meddlesome old fool by destroying nearly everything he owned. Dumbledore owled his resignation to the Board of Governors that very evening, but suffered nightmares featuring three enraged witches for years to come. He eventually faded from public view to the point that when he died the only person to mourn his passing was his older brother Aberforth, and even he barely noticed his passing. Unwilling to pass on in case Voldemort returned, Albus Dumbledore's ghost took up residence within Hogwarts, longing for the day that he might help defeat the Dark Lord and move on to his next great adventure. Little did he know that he was in for a very long wait.

The summer after graduating Hogwarts, Harry, Hermione, Daphne, and Tracy were married in a joint ceremony on the grounds of Chateau Delacour, with Ginny, Gabrielle, and Astoria all acting as bridesmaids. After the ceremony, Hermione Potter, Tracy Black, and Daphne Greengrass-Potter left with their new husband for a month-long honeymoon in a cozy Italian villa on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the deed to which Harry had found in his Potter Family Vault. As he and the girls watched their first sunset as husband and wives, each of them reflected on the events that brought them there as well as the promising future ahead of them. Looking into three loving pairs of eyes, Harry smiled as his heart finally found the family he had always wanted. He was home.