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Steve started his day, like any before it. He woke up, put on his aqua leg, walked down his beach, went for a swim, came home, had breakfast, changed his leg, got dressed and went to work. Work was pretty typical. He had coffee with Evan the art teacher, got to his class room and reviewed his lesson plan for the day. It was minutes to nine, the bell would ring soon and he was ready to take on his 8th grade class of talented misfits.

The bell rang and students began piling into their classroom after the recent Christmas break. Some students a little more gracefully then others. Once all his pupils were in their seats. He asked everyone to share their favourite part of their break; While in turn telling them a little about his break. He tried to keep an open line of communication with his students. He wanted them to know he had an invested interest in their lives beyond the four walls of his classroom. Half an hour into the daily language arts lesson there was a knock on the door.

" Hold that thought, Jacob" Steve said as walked over to the door. He found a young girl, with flowing brown hair with her bangs held out of her face by a baby blue clip which matched the school uniform.

" Hello there, Can I help you"

" Are you Mr. McGarrett? I think I'm in your class" the girl asked head cocked to the side out of curiosity and not attitude. Steve chuckled, though he'd fervently deny such a thing.

" Yes Ma'am, come on in. You can take the empty between Kalia and Bryce.

" O.K"

As Grace took her seat, Steve turned to the class.

" Kids, Kids, this is…" Steve paused as he checked his updated class manifest. Something he neglected over the break.

" Grace Williams, She is a new student from the mainland"

" Grace can you tell us how old you are, your favourite colour, favourite meal, favourite candy and favourite animal"

" Sure, my favourite colour is pink, I love dolphins, my Nona williams makes the best spaghetti you'll ever have and I like snickers the best. I'm also 13 years old"

" Thats great, since you answered my questions, I have to answer the same number of your questions"

" Really?" Grace said kind of shocked that her new teacher seemed to be so at ease with his students.

" Yes, Really for Really Realz" McGarret said as he tossed up his version of a gang sign.

" your a dork" Stephen said causing the class to snort

" Remember who grades your homework, Now what are your questions"

" Uhm, Ok What is your favourite sport, Vegetable you hate most, Can you surf, Are you allergic to anything and your favourite type of cheese?"

" Those are good questions Grace, a few of them I've never answered in this class. I absolutely hate, hate asparagus, I'm an ok surfer but I prefer to boogie board, My favourite cheese is Swiss and sport is football. I'm also allergic to peanuts"

Steve looked at the clock, there was only 15 minutes until the first recess bell would sound. He asked Bryce to get Grace up to speed on the first half of the lesson and announced the last 15 minutes as free reading time. When the bell rang the class piled out the door to head for the playground. Steve called Grace aside.

" Do you think your up to speed on the language lesson, or would you like some more help?"

" It think I've got it , Thank You"

" Now before you run along to join your kid friends on the playground. There is a no cell phone policy at the school. However, I'm a bit more of a rule bender than follower. I will allow them, but they are to be deposited on my desk at the start of class and I will return them at the end of the day. Tell your parents if they absolutely must reach you the can call your cell and I'll happily let you step into the hall to take it. is that understood?"

" Yes, it is"

" Alright, now go have some fun"

As Grace left, Evan entered, He and Steve had a long running workout commitment. If they were not on yard super-vision they'd work out doing calisthenics in the school gym. Steve preferred to leave his leg under the desk in his classroom during his workout. He found that it really only got in his way. He pretty much only utilized any of his legs in situations where having two legs was more efficient than one. They'd been working out for a good twenty minutes trying to out best, each other's bests. Steve more often then not had Evan beat in pull-ups, while Evan usually beat him doing wind shield wipers. Steve hadn't known to many people who could keep up with him during a workout, none who preferred calisthenics over a weight room, until he met Evan. Heading back toward Steve's class, they heard the sounds of glass shattered glass. Something most people would miss but Evan and Steve both picked up on it. In a well rehearsed move Steve wrapped his arm around Evan's shoulder, while Evan clung onto his waist and they three legged raced their way to Steve's class. They got there just in time to see three masked men jumping out of the window and climbing into the back of black van.

" Evan, intercept my class. Keep them with you, until I tell you other wise. Make up something, outdoor art class if you have to. Just keep them calm, GO" Steve all but dismissed Evan as the other man made for the playground. McGarrett notified the principal before placing a call to the HPD before slumping down in his desk chair and finding his leg missing.

Danny was doing his paperwork in triplicate, he had been handed the leadership position of the governor's task force. The last guy to run this team had his mind shatter and got himself killed in the field. Detective Danny William's got the job because nobody else was going to touch it with a ten foot pole. It was the only law enforcement job open in Hawaii and he took it. He would of taken a job farming pineapples if it meant being closer to his daughter. He wasn't to sure what drove people away from this job. His co-workers were nice enough. He didn't really know them yet, but none of them singled him out for being a mainlander. Chin Ho Kelly had a bad rap with HPD but Danny thought it was a load of bogus crap, Chin was an effective officer, worked hard and managed to make technology sing to him. Danny on the other hand was just now working his way around text messaging. Kono, the rookie didn't have the ere of greenness to her that many starter cops did. She had confidence and poise and knew how to kick ass. Chin and Kono were cousins and from what Danny could tell, related to every bloody person on the island someway or the next.

Danny was somewhere between requisitioning more kevlar vests and smashing his face against his desk when the call came him.

" Williams"

Danny's face screwed up at the details of the call. A break-in at Hula Valley Private School.

" On our way"

Danny bolted out his office door yelling for Chin and Kono to gear up. Hula Valley was his daughters school and that only fuelled his need to have quick response time. Making a snap decision Danny decided that Chin's SUV would be best. He was taking Grace home straight after. Chin floored the gas, hardly following the rules of the road ad the torpedoed toward the school. Pulling up to the school the three man team exited the vehicle and headed for the school doors.

" Kono, Chin talk to the principal. I want a list of every employee and student. Take a head count as well" Danny said.

" I'll talk to the guy who called it in" Danny really wanted to find his daughter first but he knew Chin and Kono could handle that. He had a job to do. Danny made his way down the hall to the sight of the break in. He found a man sitting behind the desk, head back gazing at the ceiling.

" Steven McGarret?"

" Three masked men, 6'2 athletic build, 5'11 sort of chubby, 6'1 built like a brick shit house" Steve said not making any motion to move.

" They wore gloves, work boots, long pants, long sleeves and used a window punch. So your not going to find prints or blood. " Steve said before Danny had a chance to ask him.

" So this was a smash and grab?"

" No, this was too clean. this was well planned. I have a box full of top of the line cell phones right here on my desk that has gone untouched. Computers in the back of the class room." McGarrett said rubbing the palms of his hands into his eyes before giving up and removing his contacts.

" The only things missing are my laptop, cell phone and they also stole my leg"

" Stole your leg, what do you mean they stole your leg?"

" They, Stole, My, Leg" Steve said as he pushed his chair out from under the desk, revealing he only had one leg.

" Oh" Danny said, they never exactly thought you how to deal with moments like these in the academy.

" I'm sorry for your loss?" Steve couldn't help it, he just laughed. He could honestly tell the detective was talking about his prosthetic and not conveying some kind of pity for his original limb.

" Thanks, I need to check on my class. The play ground is in the centre of the building. They saw nothing, heard nothing and I think that's for the best. I'm going to tell them what happened and phone all of their parents tonight. Right now they are having an impromptu are class with "

" Do you need any help?"

" Yeah actually I do, can you just grab my messenger bag and the box of phones"

" Sure, you alright wa…hop?"

" Very Funny"

Danny couldn't believe how fast this teacher was able to hop. They made there way onto the playground where Chin, Kono and Evan were talking in hushed voices whilst the children were gazing at the sky. Making there way over Steve used his elbow to lean on Evan to take some weight off his leg.

" Boss, this is Evan Lorne and he's the schools art teacher." Kono said and Chin filled in.

" He was walking back to the classroom with Steve. Said they heard the sounds of shattering class as it hit the floor."

" It was faint, probably wouldn't of been to many people who could discern the sound for what it was" Kono said finishing were Chin paused. The two cousins continued tag team explaining Evan's statement.

" Look, I need to say something" Evan interrupted.

" I don't think this was about high powered parents in this school. I think this was about Steve's interface. They had to have known. Nobody steals a leg"

" Interface, what interface" Danny interrupted.

" EVAN" Steve barked.

" What?"

" Shut Up"

" No Steven, you tell them, or I will"

" Look, if this thing puts people in danger, we need to know about it." Kono interjected from her spot beside Danny, glancing over her shoulder to make sure the children were doing, whatever it was they were doing.

" Alright" Steve said as he took a deep breath.

" If Evan is right, they some how figure about my interface."

" What does this interface do" Chin asked he was interest beyond professional reason. Chin happened to be a geek after all.

" That's classified information, information far above anything the governor of hawaii has granted you."

" Look, McGarrett I don't know who your trying to fool here, but there is no way a school teacher has that kind of clearance. You need to come clean right this second" Detective Williams fumed, he could feel the headache building behind his eyes.

" Detective, your going to have excuse him. He's not the most civilized in conversation" Evan interrupted.

" No kidding, He's a neanderthal animal" causing Evan to snort.

" Look he may be that, but your going to have to listen to him. He can't tell you all the specifics. You don't have the clearance."

" Alright, alright continue" At this Steve nodded his head and continued, without trying to compromise confidentiality

" This interface unique, you have to have a certain set of credentials in order to operate it. It can not be initialized or used without them. However this interface is compatible with most technology. Normally once installed it's harmless, 99.95437% of the international population do not have the credentials that would allow them to even activate. However in the wrong hands, the interface could spell global disaster on a level you have never seen before."

" And you just walk around with this, interface" Chin asked perplexed"

" In a matter of speaking yes" Chin's eyebrows started to pass his hairline at Steve's answer. All threw of them looked at the two men for further elaboration.

" Steve, engineered his regular use leg to respond to the interface. He has the credentials, as do I. We can't really elaborate further without breeching any confidentiality agreements. I will contact the mountain and see about getting you clearance."

" Your not an art teacher, are you?" Kono huffed.

" I haven't always been, Major Evan Lorne United States Air Force Reserves" Evan said as he looked over to Steve to formally introduce himself.

" Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett United States Navy Seals Reserve"

" Oh just great, great I've got the Rambo Twins to deal with"

" HEY" Steve and Evan said at the same time.

" Rambo was Army"

" Air Force, Navy say it with me"

" Shut Up Steven"

" It's Steve!"

" What else can you tell us about the interface and the break in" Kono added to get the guys out of their argument.

" Well as of right now, it poses zero threat it takes a month or so for the interface to integrate into any of the planets technology. However once that happens we have a serious problem on our hands"

" We, what do you mean we?" Danny interjected, incredulously.

" If they grant you security clearance for this, you'll be assigned to one of our teams. You work with us or we sever the ties now, you never speak of this to anyone and go about your lives. Whats your choice."

The three members of Five-0 thought about it and finally agreed.

" Detective Williams, I have to call my class in. Parents are going to be notified of the break-in and the children will be sent home for the next two days. We're going to need a secure line to call the bass, would Five-0 headquarters be O.K?" Steve asked.

" Yeah alright"

" ATTENTION" Steve yelled out to his class 19 students instantly sitting up and eyeing their teacher.

" This is Detective Williams from the Five-0 task force and his minions"

" Mr. McG!" the kids yelled " They have names"

" Alright, Fine you've persuaded me. This is Officer Kelly and Officer Kalakaua. They answered a break-in call. Some guys decided it would be funny to kidnap R2-D2."

To this the task force could here the various kids saying they hoped Steve got his leg back so he could come out at recess and play flag football with them. Danny smiled, it seemed the kids really enjoyed the giant teacher. He seemed different with the kids, different with Evan than he had been with the task force.

" All right class, your parents should in the parking lot waiting to pick you up. Read stories 9 and 10 in the reading book, Do chapter 11 in your math book…odd questions only. If you have trouble with a question circle the number and I'll go over it with you in two days. Now go find your parents"

Evan checked his phone as a text came through, then yelled out.

" Grace, your mother informed the principal your father will be picking you up. So look for his car. He's new so he might be hard to find, new parents tend to get shouldered out of the parking lot. So you might want to text him and tell him to get out of the car and jump up and down or something."

" O.K Mr. Lorne, I'll look extra carefully for him. He's like you so he might have to stand on the roof of the car so I can see him." Grace said as she made her way toward Evan

" Alright be careful you don't get run over in the parking lot" Evan said as Grace stopped beside him.

" Danno Jump Up and Down" Grace said to the blonde detective.

" Hey Monkey, how was your first day?"

" What, he was standing right there and you never said anything?" Evan said in exasperation.

" I didn't want to steal you thunder, you were on a roll Mr. Lorne" Grace said as she smirked at her art teacher.

" Brat, you'd get a long well with my boyfriend Carson. You'll meet him when you get back to school. Health studies and also is the school nurse"

" I can't wait, is he cute?" Grace said

" Takes my breath away when ever he walks into the room" Evan said with zero hesitation.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" Kono and Grace squealed at Evan's answer. Causing all the other men to roll their eyes and skate their heads.

As Evan left, Grace, Chin, Kono, Steve and Danny made their way to the parking lot. Chin and Steve set out to headquarters, while Danny and Kono headed toward Rachel and Stan's place to drop Grace off. During the drives all the adults had one thing in mind. This was going to get very complicated.

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