Howdy, As I said before, this chapter will establish Steve and Evan's new team and familiarize any non five-0 characters that will had a heavy presence through out the rest of the story. I want to build some more character for Evan, Carson, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Cam Mitchell, Teal'C , Daniel Jackson and Sam Carter so even if your not avid watchers of the Stargate shows you can imagine. A lot more character is going to be developed for Carson and Evan because they are immediately more integral to the start of this.

Glossary- Socket - It's the cup that attaches prosthetic to the body

Physio was a bitch, Carson wasn't lying when he said it'd be the hardest thing Steve'll ever do and Steve went through BUDs! More than once he woke up in the morning, got out a bed and fell flat on his face, because he tried to walk as though he'd had two legs. It was definitely a learning curve. He was immensely thankful that and Evan where by his side every step of the way. Just as Evan had said, they became best friends. Evan knew when to push him harder and when to pull him back from the edge and Carson was always a calming presence. Steve had finally got to the point where he was almost fit for full active duty again off world . Because of the ancient technology, his battle prosthetic was pretty sick, so was his regular use leg it featured ATA technology that allowed Steve to control fine movements like tapping his feet and other little things people take for granted.

Evan hadn't been assigned to a new gate team, during Steve's many days of physic, Evan had been assigned to the science department as an extra geologist. He had the degree, he just preferred to be in the air. Evan was only 5'7 but what he lacked in height he made up for in compact muscle. He had close cropped brown hair, and a set of clear blue bedroom found Evan perplexing, Evan had a Ph.D in geology but he wasn't proud of it. Evan had a command of the English language like one Steve had ever known before, except maybe for Dr. Daniel Jackson on SG-1 but Jackson was all kinds of weird and special. Evan was an artist, during Steve's mandatory two weeks of bed rest in his quarters, he'd brought Steve a set of sketching pencils and a sketch pad. Every night Evan showed up and they'd draw, well Evan did. Steve on the other hand could flunk a 1st grade art class, He had drawn an explosion and Evan had said it was a very nice cartoon flower. After that Steve had taken to looking at Evan's older sketch books. Steve thought Evan was the best artist and was probably wasting his talents as an air force flyboy. Of all of Evan's artistic works from drawings to paintings, Steve's favourites were Evan's little chibi drawings. Steve thought they were brilliant, everyone were these tiny little cartoon likenesses of themselves, with disproportionate heads to their bodies. They were really cute and innocent looking. Steve's favourite chibi drawing was a comic strip of himself Chibi Stevie, Chibi Carson and Chibi Evan. It was a silly little comic, Chibi Stevie fell down the stairs and broke his leg into a bunch of pieces and cut his forehead. Then he was in the infirmary sitting on an examination table in black t-shirt and matching little black underwear, Evan was detailed! and holding all of his pieces with a pout on his face while Chibi Carson in little blue scrubs chastised him. The next scene Chibi Stevie has these big ridiculous tears in his eyes as Chibi Carson stitches than bandages his head. The next scene Chibi Stevie is watching Chibi Carson rebuild his leg. The last bit of comic Chibi Carson and Chibi Steve are sitting on Chibi Evan's bunk while Chibi Evan wearing the Green Off-Word Uniform painting Chibi Stevie's socket. The little comment was called Humpty Stevie. It was dorky but Steve loved it. One thing Steve learned if he really wanted to figure out what was going on in Evan's head all he had to do was flip through his Sketch book.

Steve found a kindred spirit in Carson, If Steve were honest the Scottish doctor made him feel like a lion cub. Sometimes he was surprised the older man didn't start licking his hair and hiding him away from people. Carson despite being the most non-confrontational man Steve had ever met, was by far the fiercest when it came to his patients and those he greatly cared for. The one thing Carson was more than anything else was oblivious to Evan's big gay crush, even SG-1 had caught on to the crush. Evan was bringing Carson food while he was in the infirmary, making his coffee just the way he liked and hauling his ass out of said infirmary when he'd gone to long without sleep. Steve hoped the doctor would figure it out sooner rather than later, he was getting tired of Evan dreamily sighing whenever Carson walked by their office in the military wing. One thing both Steve and Evan had now were friends. They hung out every week with the members of SG-1 for movie night and game night, they refused to play scrabble because Daniel Jackson double the size of the board and added the greek and arabic alphabet to the tiles. Steve thought it was awesome that Teal'c was into the most girly movies earth had to offer and Samantha Carter was like an older sister to him it was awesome.

Steve woke up Thursday morning, today was the day, him and Evan would be meeting the rest of their new team. It also marked the start of Steve going back off-word in an official capacity again. He was also happy to note all his off world uniforms pants had been modified to have a shorter leg with button snaps that snapped into the knee joint of his battle prosthetic. Steve thought he looked bad ass with his fake leg showing. Steve rolled over reached for his leg and rolled his eyes at the pink nail polish adorning it's toes, Sam needed to find a hobby. Leg in hand Steve started putting it on and chuckled at Evan, who was sound asleep in the next bunk. Evan's head was were his feet should be, one leg and arm hanging off the bed, shirt half on half off and his blanket tangled around his legs. Steve and Evan had started sharing Quarters after the accident off-world and Steve had learned that despite military conditioning Evan wasn't a morning and was content sleeping the early hours away. Steve had seen the man sleep through the Klaxon alarm more than once. Leg fully attached Steve jumped from his bunk landing on top of Evan and telling him to wake up it was Christmas morning. Evan grunted and tried to turn over and go back to bed.

" Evan, don't you wanna open your presents" Steve said with a toothy grin on his face as Evan tried to push him. " Fuck You McGarrett" Evan ground out while still trying to dislodge Steve who had him pinned down by his hips. " Promises, Promises" Steve paused " And what would think, shame on you!" Steve was laughing on the inside, because morning Evan was the rudest little shit. " Fuck Off" Evan grumbled before thumping Steve upside the head with a pillow. " Do you kiss your mother with that mouth" this was to much fun it really was. " I hate you Steven" , " I love you too, Now get up before all the blue scrambled eggs are gone and we're late for our meeting"

Twenty minutes later, Steve and Evan were in the briefing room just outside of Laundry's office. Two men were already there along with the General. They'd heard two members of the Atlantis contingent were rotating home. Landry introduced them, Dr. Rodney Mckay was a broad shouldered slightly soft bodied scientist and probably 5'10. He wasn't fat but he wasn't skinny or really husky even maybe built fat Steve thought. He had close cropped brown hair that was lighter than Evan's and these greyish eyes with a hint of blue that Steve could admit where quite striking. Rodney Mckay did seem to talk, a lot. Then there was Major John Sheppard of the United States Air Force. Arguably one of the most gifted helicopter pilots on the planet and could easily rival Cameron Mitchell of SG-1 in fixed winged crafts. John was taller than Steve by just a bit, had unruly but neat hair. He didn't seem to gel it so it must be a natural case of wild cowlicks. John had green eyes with a brown ring around the outer iris. Steve had a thing for eyes, they had an intrinsic beauty that always captivated him and they were the first things he noticed on people regardless of gender. John had a really thin build and if it weren't for the lean muscle muscle mass you could just pick up under the man's navy blue shirt Steve would of thought he was P.O.W. John as it turned out would be leading their team which Frank Landry proclaimed the new SG-2. Something happened off-world that caused the original SG-2 so much stress they'd asked for immediate transfers out of the program.

As it turned out Evan, John, Rodney and Steve formed a nice cohesive team. The age differences between the two young men and Rodney and John created a bit of mentor student situation. John taught Steve to pilot a helicopter and Steve had lit up like a boy at his first baseball came when he'd finally managed to land a chopper for the first time without giving himself and john a bad case of shaken baby syndrome. Evan and Rodney seemed to bond over games like Call of Duty.

Over the next two years Carson and Evan ultimately got married, had a nice little ceremony off world by a crystal clear lake with their closest friends. Steve wore his Navy Dress uniform and Evan wore his dress blues and Steve fussed of his tie. Carson wore a traditional Scottish kilt in navy blue tartan to match Evan's dress blues with a traditional black Scottish dress jacket. Steve will adamantly deny it, but he teared up a bit when they had their first kiss as Mr. & Mr. Both men kept their last names, they liked it that way. At some point John and Cameron had hooked up and Steve wondered if their was ancient technology to give two men a baby cause damn a kid from their loins would be one hell of a pilot. Steve was still single and truth be told he was happy, he wasn't ready for a committed relationship. They'd managed to defeat their enemies and Laundry suggested they take on civilian jobs and live like normal people. Both Steve and Evan decided to fall back on their education, Steve had his teaching degree and Evan had his art degree. They'd all ended up in Hawaii working at the same school. Carson became the nurse and health teacher. It was a job that allowed them generous leave and if earth was in imminent danger, the Daedulous could beam them to the SGC. John and Rodney stayed on the mainland along with all of SG-1.

Kono, Danno and Chin where waiting impatiently in Danny's office. The three men had been in their squad room for nearly 3 hours. Danny sighed in relief when the neanderthal animal that was his daughter's teacher pushed through the door. Danny was ready to tear into him, Evan caught of his rant by barking a no argument.

"This is how this is going to work"

Now that all this is in place, I can carry on the rest of the story