Chapter 2


After Usopp had stopped bragging about himself he realized that Riley was going to need some new clothes.

"Riley as my student you will need better clothes."

Riley saluted her sensei and marched after him out the door. Onion, Pepper, and Carrot sweat dropped once again but followed the two teenagers nevertheless.

Usopp led his small army towards a plain shop that had a single sign that proclaimed 'CLOTHES'. They all walked inside and were instantly greeted by a plump (fat) brown headed woman.

"Why heeeeeello! What can I help you kids out with?"
Riley sweat dropped at the weird greeting but started to freak out when Usopp pushed her towards the woman.

"No! Usopp-sensei she'll eat me! Don't let her get me!"

Riley was whispering furiously at her sensei but he didn't stop.

"Ms. Tammy we need new clothes for Riley here."

When Riley stopped freaking out she looked at the plump (fat) woman and noticed a weird feeling coming from her. She shook it off as meeting an adult and followed the kindly heavy (fat) woman.

"Okay, hon. Do you have any preferences?"

Riley politely shook her head, still afraid of getting eaten. Ms. Tammy looked the pale, thin girl over before 'tsking' and leading her farther into the racks of outfits.

Riley was never going to let Ms. Tammy dress her again.

The first outfit was okay, a plain blue long sleeved shirt with a pleated black mini skirts. The only problem was when Riley did a 360 turn...the boys got a nose bleed.

A couple of outfits later Riley came out dressed in a tight hot pink corset with black lace, paired with black lace shorts.

Apparently another thing Riley didn't know was modesty. At about the 20th million outfit Ms. Tammy had gotten it right.

This one had a black off the shoulder shirt with an ice blue heart in the middle, and an ice blue tank top underneath. Riley had picked out the shorts herself. They were also black but had a plaid pattern on them. They were short but not super short, they stopped about mid-thigh. Her feet remained bare and Ms. Tammy wouldn't stop grumbling about 'that adorable pair of high top sneakers'. Riley said that her feet could not be covered, she even refused socks.

Ms. Tammy had combed out her blue tangles and tied them up into side pig tails. Riley's face had been washed to reveal a sprinkle of freckles across her nose. A shy smile was plastered onto her delicate face a light blush adorned her cheeks.

"Do I look okay now?"

The boys struggled to close their mouths but nodded anyways. She wasn't beautiful, or gorgeous, or even pretty. Riley was one of those girls that never grew up. She always remained cute and adorable and Ms. Tammy stated that she needed clothes that accented on that fact.

After everyone had stopped gawking at the suddenly bashful girl Usopp paid Ms. Tammy and they were about to leave.

"Onion dear. You will be home for dinner tonight, won't you?"

A sweet smile graced the fat lady's lips and a chill went up all of their spines. This wasn't a simple question or a suggestion it was an ill disguised order. Onion nodded meekly and walked stiffly out the door.

Once outside Onion breathed a sigh of relief and let the waves of sweat cascade down his face. Carrot and Pepper chuckled lightly.

"What's wrong Onion? Still afraid of your mom?"

The two of them started cracking up and Usopp let a small smile escape. Riley stared blankly, confused and hurt. No one should ever fear their parents. They were the one thing you should never take for granted...She hadn't realized that she had said these things out loud until everyone cut off in their teasing and laughing. Riley gasped and covered her mouth.

"Riley, you know what parents are? What a mom and dad are?"

Usopp didn't ask the question to seem mean or cruel he was simply surprised. Pain flashed through Riley's black eyes and Usopp regretted asking.

"Where I was before I met you guys, some of it is vague but the adults...they were monsters! They knew what each and everyone of us feared, they knew what words would hurt us the most, they knew the words and images that if they were placed and controlled ever so carefully would break us completely. Where I come from there are no parents, only the wishful thinking of millions of kids to haunt blood stained halls."

Unshed tears glistened in her dark eyes and her face was twisted in sorrow and pain. Her words disturbed the boys and they all look horrified.

Carrot took a shaky step back and the other two younger ones followed suit. Usopp just stood there shaking with wide terrified eyes.

Riley looked at all of them. They hated her. She had blown it. She felt trapped...trapped by their fearful stares and pathetic whimpering. What was the point of escaping if she only became trapped and hurt again. Her eyes became hard and angry. Was she going to be an outcast everywhere she went?! What had she done to deserve this torture? These mind games?

She closed her eyes and ran in a blind direction. Where she went didn't matter, she just needed to get away from those horrified stares and judging words. Maybe that was why fate decided to take pity on her and led her towards one of the few people who could understand the emotional pain she was going through.

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