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"What part of leave me alone, do you not understand?"

The question is still rattling around in Alex's mind as he tosses and turns in his bed. He knows it's pointless to try to sleep but what else can he do?

Alex doesn't even know what he's done to upset the guy, and that's the worst part. Mike's just so stubborn and headstrong, making it impossible for Alex to understand why he's upset. He can't fix it if he doesn't even know what he's done wrong.

He thinks he's just begging to drift off when there's a sharp knock on his door. His chest tightens up a bit and he quite honestly can't figure out what to do. Another sharp knock and Alex rolls out of bed. He opens the door and almost immediately an piece of paper - actually, a couple pieces of paper are thrusted at him. "Here." Mike grunted, then left without any further explanation.

Alex called after him but Mike just kept walking away. Alex sighed and closed the door. He turned on the lights and look down at the papers in his hand. They were crinkled a bit and things were scratched out all over, but here and there Alex spotted Mike's hand writing.

He read the letter over and over again, to the point he probably could have recited it if he had to. Most of it was angry, he could practically hear Mike yelling the words at him. Telling him over and over again to leave him alone. Denying the feelings that Alex knew Mike had for him. Making the knots in his stomach tighten and twist.

But the last line, that's what really got to him. It unleashed a whirlwind of emotions and feelings and Alex barely knew what to do with himself. Because on that last line is something that really breaks Alex's heart.

"Stop pretending like you care. I'm not worth it. Ask anyone."

Because the thing is, Mike is the only one Alex cares about.