LbN: Lol, so Foxchaos and I were discussing our love of Brody-flavored bromances. This is my own personal head canon. :)

Santana opened her eyes when she heard the door open. "Rachel?" she croaked. "Rachel, someone's here."

"It's just me, guys," a voice called softly from the front room.

"Brody?" Rachel whispered. She immediately started coughing.

He entered their room with a shopping bag and a face mask on. "I don't want whatever you have, but I'm not going to let it kill you either."

"Call down Bro-ster," Santana said. "We've got shitty colds, not West Nile."

"Shut it," he said, sticking a Dimetapp lollipop into her mouth. "Rachel, they don't make vegan cold medicine lollis, so you have to suffer through a shot of the regular stuff."

Her lip trembled as she sat up. She burst into tears as he poured the medicine. "I feel awful, and my voice is horrid!"

"Shhh…it's going to be okay," Brody said. "Lie down, Santana. I got this."

"Thanks," the older girl said, flopping weakly back into the pillows.

"My head hurt so bad I couldn't listen to Barbara this morning. Barbara, Brody!"

"Rach, calm down and stop talking. It's just going to make your throat hurt worse. Take this."

She pulled a face, but drank the medicine.

"Both of you go to sleep. I'll be in the living room playing Scribblenauts if you need me."

Rachel woke to an odd feeling in her ear. She realized after a moment that Brody was taking her temperature.

"101. Can you sit up?"

She nodded and rearranged the pillows a bit. Santana kissed her on the temple when she finally made it into the upright position.

He put a dinner tray on her lap. "Veggie soup and a biscuit. Eat up. There's chicken in yours, Santana. Couldn't leave my carnivore bro hanging…."

The two of them took a bite of the soup, and looked up at Brody in awe.

"You're not allowed to leave," Santana croaked.

"Nana G's famous Sick Day Stew," he said. "I'll check on you in a while."

"Really," Rachel said after he'd left. "We're keeping him locked in the attic if we have to."


The girls got better slowly but surely over the next few days. On Sunday, both woke from their nap to find that their noses weren't stuffy.

"What is that heavenly smell?" Rachel asked.

"Holy shit, that's the soup we've been eating," Santana said.

"It's got to taste even better now that we have fully functioning senses."

"I see your head has stopped hurting. You're talking in more than monosyllables."

"Let's go keep him company while he cooks."

The girls pulled on hoodies over their footie pajamas and shuffled out to the kitchen. When they got there, they both had to do double takes.

Brody was standing in a fluffy pink apron and shorts, cooking the stew.

"Don't judge me," he said. "Nana said the apron is good luck."

Neither girl said a word, but there was a silent agreement that they'd be keeping their fluffy pink apron-wearing soup wizard around for quite a long time.