Aka arrived running while Kazama continued to follow on his lax walks, seeing the wide crowd. The brunette blinked her thought that the blond brother of hers was just giving her a bad joke but she didn't imagine it to be like this. Without further delay, she pushed herself to the crowd and saw the two players. They looked pretty serious and they're off to kill each other, scaring her a little. Somehow, battles like this were part of dangerous conflicts, and as much as she dislikes fighting was as much as she doesn't want her friends to get hurt.

Shiranui spotted her. "Why the heck aren't you answering my phone? And where were you!" he asked first, still in a frustrated tone.

"I'm sorry, I was out with nii-sama." She speaks but didn't look at him, and tried to slip in with the fight. However, when she did, Jyuubei blocked her for awhile, making her stop. "…!" she eyes at the woman with an eye patch. "Please stop their match! This is not going to do any good!"

Jyuubei fidgeted lightly. "I tried to hold them off but they didn't listen. They said one should fall down…" she mumbled, but she did try another one and tried getting attention. "Saito Hajime, Iyori Tenshi! This is an order, stop the match now! You've done impressive moves and the like already!" Her voice also rose to get their further attention more, but it didn't seem to work.

The red head didn't have a choice but to do it herself. She took the Kendo Club's wooden sword from the waist and then insisted on swinging it reckless once on the field, making Saito and Iyori dodge low. She got their attention that way though Kazama from the back didn't like how she did it.

Saito glared, disappointed because they were disturbed. Iyori felt the same too, but when they saw who did it, they looked blankly normal instead. They were left hanging speechless after seeing the brunette holding a wooden katana and then looked at them pissed. "…" They didn't spoke further.

"You two are like children!" she started with a bad mood, and then scoffed which made her burst again with anger. "Why don't you two get along anyway!" she added and looked at them one at a time. "… Ugh, I don't know what else to do with you both, drop those things. You made a commotion here and it's too much."

She wanted to shoo away the students but she can't. For some time, she took some minutes to look at everyone, and even saw Chizuru and Hijikata on one side, but didn't mind them like they were ignored. This is troublesome and what are they doing here! Both fuming in anger and maintaining her calm, she forced herself to speak clearly. "Nii-sama, can you please send everyone home…?" she asked.

Kazama looked at Shiranui, Amagiri, and Kaoru. "You better have an explanation to this happening. If I don't like the reasons, I would suspend your positions." He said, and then earned those slight nods from the people. He looked at the students too. "You are all dismissed – there's nothing left for you to see here." He commanded with his normal tone, sending the students away. "If it's about the booth, further discuss it to me but I didn't expect it to end like this."

Shiranui followed suit while he crossed his arms. "It's not just that, but well…" he said and stopped talking for awhile, since he has to deal with words. Not only him, but Kaoru was sent as well.

Saito was about to follow as well, since he needed to explain himself but then he was forced to stay. "No, Hajime, you're going to talk with me, and so as you." the brunette's voice was pretty demanding, they were forced to submit to her liking and followed her instead. I thought she was absent… he thinks quiet, and walked.

"I'm very sorry if these two disturbed you, Jyuubei-chan. You should have ignored their requests instead…" she said in her own tone, bowing her head little to pay respect.

"I-Ie, Shirabuki-senpai," Jyuubei said shaking her head of disapproval. "This was my fault also for allowing them to hold on to some katanas."

She smiles lightly yet troubled. "Really, I'll be saying sorry for them too. Though I wanted to know what happened back there…" she wondered, glaring back at the two who didn't spoke further, and then left her hanging to wonder. She gave up on it and then walked to the other door. This is really embarrassing… Is it because they really hate each other? Don't tell me that! She can hardly imagine what their specific reasoning anymore to this was.

While the three left the gym, Jyuubei lifted the katanas, but then Sanosuke and Shinpachi insisted on bringing them instead. She scoffed. "I can handle this, you two. You can just go home…" she mouthed a little demanding but she knows that the two guys were used to it. Somehow, she did wondered why the faces of the 'twins' were practically like wanting to bite each other's necks. I really wondered what happened…

"Whatever that was, it's not our business anymore, though I admit it was pretty scary." Sanosuke started, while he opens the door. Shinpachi nodded at the side too, to support his words.

"Yeah right, but the prefect chairman and the president's chairman… why are they like that?"

He shrugs. "Saito didn't mention anything much about that. When we do, he ignores it, but I suspect is because they were often mistaken alike or it depends on the attitude…" he suggested.

Shinpachi smothered. "It's a light reason to fight like killing each other though."

Further curiosity stroke Jyuubei more, but she kept her mouth shut to that. Like what was said, it's not their business. She shrugs. "Oh well, it was a nice yet deadly match anyway. Let's get those back at the storage and then let's go home."

"What were you two thinking?"

Aka's voice beamed at the guest room, while looking at the two taller males. Her head tilts at them – since they looked the same, she gets lightly confused and about. She didn't hear any responses from both of them but she went head on. "Look, I know you hate each other and loathe each other but I don't want seeing you fight, so please stop this… it's embarrassing." She said in a low tone.

Iyori blankly responded. "I don't understand why you're with this person." He said. "Making friends with someone like him is not necessary."

"Hajime's a good person, so please don't start this up…" she proposed back, knowing that the two are still hyped up on their lifted tensions. I never thought that this is really hard… Now I think Shiranui is right… Kaoru's right. Oh dear… She looked at them again. "What happened earlier? Please tell me. Why were you fighting?"

Saito spoke to urge. "His behavior is intolerant, and so as his way of acting. He's abusing his right as the president's chairman." He was bold enough to say that also. "Forgive me, Aka-chan, but I cannot stand such action."

"You are abusing your authority as the prefect chairman." Iyori reasoned back. "You should be expelled in this school."

"GUYS." Aka frowned more while she hears those reasons. It's clear that they don't really have any specific reasons at all to fight. They just… hate each other. "It saddens me that the only reasons I see is that you two hate each other. That's it. Don't you think that it's pretty worthless?" She questioned in a notorious tone. "Come on, I'm tired of seeing you two like this. We're supposed to be friends. If you can't do it for yourselves then at least do it for me."

"… Fine." The president's chairman said, but he blankly responded. "I'll try because you said so, Aka, but it's only because you said it." He adds and then took a turn. "Excuse me, I'm tired."

He left the room and then the two, while being quite foul to the mood. He only noted to himself that he's just doing the things to make his fiancé happier than the rest, and if this helps, he'll swallow his pride for it (depends if she's looking or not). He clearly didn't like the idea though.

The brunette knew that he'll be on his words, considering that it was her request. She was slightly relieved – she can talk to him more once they get home. For now, she faces the male that was left with her. "Hajime… are you going to continue hating him?" she asks.

He looked at her. "It depends, as long as he's not causing trouble." He said but then asked her. "Why are you enduring that person?"

"Because he's my friend, and Chikage nii-sama's as well. Is there a problem with that?"

"…" He didn't like her answer. He was pretty cautious that Iyori was obsessed with her though it was of secrecy, but he can see through him. Somehow, he felt slightly jealous, though he hates admitting it.He looked at the side and remained pretty distant with the conversation for minutes before he can speak again. "I see. I am sorry if I asked."

She blinked. "Don't need to apologize for that further, but alright." She shrugs next and then leaned at the wall. "Uh, I also wanted to apologize if my brother crazily included your committee in the booth – I was just informed this morning. I'll try talking to him about it then too so –"

"No need. I'll let them participate."

"…?" she paused for awhile too, pretty unusual of his sudden agreeing. "Are you sure? Nii-sama won't expel you, he's just bluffing so you're not obliged to join in there."

"I insist." Saito continued, as he smiled little. "It looks like a pretty interesting idea to me too. I will also stop having conflicts with Tenshi-senpai just as you say, if it makes you feel better."

She nodded. "You're pretty easy to talk to… Thank you, Hajime-kun."

"And…" Saito stops, thinking of something else too. Kaoru managed to push him through it since he had a point. "If it's not much to ask, I wanted to invite you to the Cultural Dance the last day before the Festival ends."

"Uh…?" Aka didn't expect that coming from him. All of a sudden, her face blushed red, and she was part conscious with it. "Are you asking me out, Hajime-kun?" she questioned again, to make things clarified. However, she mumbled knowing that Iyori would nag her again and Shiranui would protest to the thought ("I'm your best friend, I should dance with you!"). It makes her chuckle hysterically mentally while thinking of the paranoia outcomes.

He nodded.

He nodded. He's serious? She blushed more. "Well, Iyori might ask me for that but then…" She thinks. He didn't ask yet, but that guy would clip me to him. What am I gonna do? She asks herself mentally further.

"I see you have plans… however, you told me you'll make up on me sometime. I think this is the good opportunity."

Wow. She didn't expect that he'll bring that up, which left her much troubled again. "… Alright, I'm going with you." she said with a sigh, but still had her face pink. She tried to look away and ignore that further since it wasn't really necessary. I didn't expect him to bring that up… She hardly even remembered saying those words. "I'll go because I like to be with you that day then. Don't think that I'm granting your so-called opportunity." She added with a fake cough.

She agreed. "…If you say so. Thank you, Aka-chan."

"W-Well… right! That settles it! You have my word on the third day!" she repeated again, just to make sure she won't break the promise. However, their awkward staring and utters were rather obvious they kept on avoiding each other little. "…" Why did I even agree with this? Oh well. "I think I'll be going now. I have to do things and yes, the event's almost near. Thanks for bearing with me, Hajime – kun." She waved off and went away, her heart skipping wild beats while she erases the feeling. It was foreign for her.

Saito didn't expect her to run, but somehow, he didn't regret asking her out. If Kaoru had not pushed him to do so, he would be spending his third day patrolling the Cultural Festival instead.


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