Chapter 1

"Catch it Whitekit," called Lilykit as the she flung the moss ball toward him. Whitepaw hooked it with his claw as it soared by him and threw it to Sunkit.

"Sunkit, catch," he called as it flew toward her. She leapt for it, only to stumble when Firekit went charging into her.

"Hey! No fair!" called Sunkit as Sorrelkit went for the ball. Silverfur who was Firekit, Sorrelkit, and his mother and the mother of Sunkit and Lilykit, Skyflight were watching the kits play with their mates, Stormfire and Flameclaw.

It was leaf-fall in the Clans, and you could smell the crisp scent of leaf-bare slightly in the wind. Whitekit had never experienced leaf-bare because he was only five moons old (almost six), but the warriors said that is was filled with white flakes of something called snow that fell from the sky like rain.

"Oof," grunted Whitekit as he was caught off guard by an attacking Lilykit.

"Ha ha! Got you," she meowed triumphantly as she looked down at Whitekit. "You know what Bluepaw always says, the first rule a warrior apprentice has to learn is to never be distracted."

Ah, Bluepaw. How her eyes glinted that beautiful blue and sparkled when she looked at him. From the moment he had first seen her, he hadn't been able to take his eyes off her.

"Hey! Are you paying attention?" asked Lilykit as she got up and let Whitekit scramble to his feet. "Sorrelkit's got the ball and won't let any of us have it!"

"Then let's get her!" yelled Whitekit as he charged toward his littermate. He led Firekit, Lilykit, and Sunkit toward her before leaping onto her back. The other kits squealed in delight and jumped on her too.

"Not fair," she giggled. "Four against one!"

"That's what happens when you have the moss ball," mewed Sunkit.

"I wanna play a new game," called Sorrelkit as she sat up, gasping for breath.

"Good idea," said Whitekit, getting excited. He had the perfect game! "We can split up, she-cats against toms! The toms will be ShadowClan invading! I call Clawscar," he added to Firekit before he had time to open his mouth.

"I'm Tenderheart," called Sunkit.

"I want to be Lightwing!" meowed Lilykit excitedly.

"Okay, I'll be Sageflower!" exclaimed Sorrelkit. "Who do you want to be Firekit?"

Firekit bounced excitedly. "I'm going to be Foxwillow!" he said. "He's the best fighter by far!

"Okay," started Whitekit, "on the count of three, the ShadowClan warriors will cross the border and try to steal your piece of fresh kill," Whitekit flicked his tail at the moss ball. "ThunderClan needs to stop us. If they succeed, the she-cats win. If they don't and we get the prey…"

"They're crowfood!" finished Firekit.

"Yes, and we win," added Whitekit. "One, two, three!" Whitekit went right and Firekit went left, confusing the ThunderClan warriors for a moment, then they split up. Lilykit and Sunkit headed for him, and Sorrelkit headed for Firekit. Whitekit dug his claws into the ground and raced even faster toward the moss ball. He was just a mouse-length away when…

"Got you!" yelled Sunkit as she pounced on him, pinning him to the ground. As Whitekit managed to shove her off, Lilykit replaced her. Whitekit glanced over to see how Firekit was doing. Firekit was pinned down by Sorrelkit and couldn't get up no matter how much he tried. Finally, Firekit went limp in defeat. Yelling with triumph, Sorrelkit ran over to help Sunkit and Lilykit with him. Whitekit couldn't get up with all three she-cats on him, but at least his plan was working.

"We will show you no mercy, Clawscar!" yowled Sorrelkit. "We will defeat you like we defeated Foxwillow! This prey is ours. All four kits glanced over at the moss ball. Sorrelkit let out a gasp and sprang for it, and while Sunkit and Lilykit were distracted, he shoved them off. Firekit had gotten the moss ball while the she-cats had been distracted!

"Who's not paying attention now?" he yelled at Lilykit as he raced for the border, Firekit trailing behind him.

"Too bad Lightwing! You'll have to wait until next time!"

Lightwing glanced over, and then rolled her eyes as she saw the kits playing.

"Yea! Better luck next time, Tenderheart!" called Firekit. ShadowClan had won the game!

"See ya Sageflower," yowled Whitekit as he and Firekit bounded over to the Nursery, laughing.

"Kits, come inside," called Silverfur as he got nearer. "It's getting dark out! Look, the sun's going down!"

"But Silverfur!" wailed Lilykit from behind him. "We just started!"

"You've been out here since Sunhigh," sighed Silverfur, starting to look exasperated. "It's time to come in or you won't go outside tomorrow." That got Whitekit's attention, and by the sound of the dead leaves crunching under small paws all around him, it had gotten the other kits' too. Whitekit ran inside with the rest of his friends and littermates and settled down in Silverfur's nest.

"Good night, sleep tight," whispered Silverfur as she lay down by her kits. "Don't let ShadowClan bite."

Whitekit mumbled under his breath, "If they bit me, they'd wish they'd never been kitted."

"I know, little one," sighed Silverfur as she started to lick him on his head. After several heartbeats, Whitekit fell asleep under the rasping of his mother's tongue.

~Don't mind me, I'm just a Pagebreak~

Whitekit dreamed he was in a mossy clearing with several butterflies flying around him. Happily, he swatted at one with his paw, pinning it down. Then, a sharp jab in the side made him let the butterfly go and spin around. "Leave me alone!" he growled before he realized no one was there.

"But Whitekit! Skyflight said we could go outside now! You've been asleep for ages!" Whitekit blinked open his eyes to see Sunkit looming over him.

"All right! All right! I'm up," he panted, scrambling to his paws.

"Come on!" Sunkit urged. "Lilykit, Sorrelkit, and Firekit are already out! They'll get all the first picks of fresh-kill!"

Whitekit raced outside with Sunkit on his heels and raced over to the fresh-kill pile where Firekit, Sorrelkit, and Lilykit were waiting.

"What are you getting," Sorrelkit asked with a plump vole in her jaws.

"I'm getting a mouse if I can," meowed Whitekit. "Are there any left?"

"There's one somewhere in the middle, I think," said Firekit casually, already devouring his thrush. Whitekit dug through the fresh-kill until he found a mouse, just like Firekit said, in the very middle of the heap.

"Thanks," Whitekit purred as he started to eat his food. By the time he was finished, Lilykit, Firekit, and Sorrelkit were already in the clearing beside the Nursery.

"Come on," he whispered to Sunkit as an idea crept into his mind. "Let's sneak up on them and surprise them!"

Sunkit grinned. "They'll never see us coming." Whitekit began to creep slowly forward, placing his paws lightly. He and Sunkit sneaked behind the Nursery, and then started making their way around the other wall. When they reached the end, they peered around the corner and… too late!

"WindClan are invading," cane Firekit's screech from behind them. "Attack!" The breath was knocked out of him instantly and he knew that Sorrelkit and Firekit were on his back. As he scrambled around, trying to push them off, he rolled into the clearing followed by Sunkit and Lilykit. All five kits fell apart, laughing.

"If you want to sneak up on us," said Lilykit, still panting with laughter, "You might not want to go tromping around like a three-legged badger!"

"Three- legged badger yourself," retorted Whitekit finally, succeeding on pushing off the other kits, only to realize that Bluepaw was standing right over him. He gave his chest a few self- conscious licks before turning back to her.

Her eyes were brimming with amusement, "And I'm a fox that's come to eat you all!"

"Let's get her," yelled Sorrelkit, leaping on Bluepaw. All of the kits followed her lead, jumping on top of her.

Bluepaw dropped to the ground dramatically, "You've killed me!"

"Sorry Bluepaw," purred Icefur, as she pushed herself through the gorse tunnel followed by Lightwing, Windstep, and Robinpaw. "I forgot to teach you to fight kits!"

"The dawn patrol is back," yowled Whitekit as he jumped off of Bluepaw and ran over to the patrol. "Did you catch anything?"

"We were a border patrol, not a hunting patrol."

"Did you claw ShadowClan's eyes out?"

"Nobody invaded our territory."

"What about WindClan? RiverClan?"

"None of them either."

Silverfur padded up next to them, "Whitekit, stop pestering Robinpaw. Other Clans don't always cross the borders."

"But nothing exciting ever happens these days," Whitekit complained.

"I'm glad," meowed Lilykit. "Then we'll get to take part in the fun stuff instead of the warriors sorting it all out on their own."

"Hey Icefur," called Tenderheart from beneath the Highrock. "Would you be willing to take the evening hunting patrol led by Pineleg?"

"Sure," replied Icefur as she walked over to the fresh kill pile to get something to eat.

All of a sudden, Cloudfoot burst through the gorse tunnel.

"Sunningrocks," he panted. "RiverClan has taken the Sunningrocks!"