The next day Emily, JJ and Henry are riding back to Virginia with Francesca. The rest of the team was staying in Pittsburgh to continue to investigate the claims made by Daniel Thedoroski.

Sitting beside Henry in the back of Francesca's Land Rover, JJ dozes off. Emily hopes she gets some good rest as the blonde still hasn't really slept.

"So, now you know," Amy says.

JJ nods. The sisters are walking along a path at Quantico. For some reason, it doesn't seem odd to JJ that they are having a conversation in a place Amy had never visited in her life. JJ takes her sister's hand.

"You could have come to us. Why didn't you?"

Amy shrugs. "Small town, big rumor. Just didn't seem like there was a way to get away from it. I was only a sophomore and had so much longer to deal with it. It was…was too much." She stops and looks at JJ. "And I didn't want it to hurt you, too."

JJ snorts. "Like your death was easier than a rumor? What the fuck, Amy?"

"It made sense at the time. I just figured if I was gone the rumors would stop and no one would try to say you were…were like me."

"So you were trying to protect me? Really?" JJ says doubtfully.

"Like I said, it made sense at the time. Looking back, I think I was just scared and embarrassed. I knew eventually you and Mark would hear the rumors. And then Mom and Dad would. I couldn't face you all."

"Amy, you were raped! You didn't just…just sleep around!"

"But that's not what the rumors said." Amy stares into her sister's eyes. "Tell me you wouldn't have looked at me differently if you'd heard I was a slut."

JJ stares back. "At least I could have looked at you. Losing you is worse than any rumor, any story that could have been told. I miss you, Amy. Every day."

"I miss you, too, Jenny."

The two women share a hug, sobbing into each other's shoulder.

"Jen, honey, wake up. Sweetheart, please wake up," Emily pleads.

JJ lifts her head. They are on the side of the road, Emily staring at her with concern.

"What's wrong?" JJ asks.

"You were moaning and crying in your sleep. Are you okay?"

JJ sits up a little straighter. "Uh, yeah. Just…just a strange dream. I was walking a trail at Quantico with Amy. I was…was asking everything I always wanted to. And telling her things, too." Her blue eyes are covered with wells of tears. "It's all so raw again."

Emily nods. "I imagine it is. We're about an hour from home. When we get there, take a bath, relax, let me care for you tonight, okay?"

JJ nods. "Okay," she says quietly. "Thank you."

"No thanks needed. I love you, Jennifer Prentiss."

"I love you, Emily Prentiss," JJ chokes out.

Emily pulls her close, wishing she could take some of her wife's sorrow away.

When they get home, JJ does just as Emily suggests. She lays in the Jacuzzi tub for an hour, lost in memories and emotions. When she gets out, she finds Emily waiting for her in the bedroom.

"Better?" Emily asks.

JJ nods. "Some. Will take some time."

"I know." She hands JJ her phone. "This is for you."

JJ frowns and takes it. "Hello?"

"Hi, Jennifer, it's Dr. Westfallen. Emily said you might need to talk."

JJ's eyes well up again. She smiles at her wife. "Yeah…yeah I think I do."

Emily smiles and nods as she leaves the room. Once again, Emily had known just what she needed.

"God, I love her so much," JJ thinks to herself.

JJ sits down on the bed with the phone to continue healing the wounds that had been ripped open after so many years.

A/N: This story dedicated to my 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I can't imagine life without you...even when I was being a little pest you wanted to pummel. :o)