It had been a few days since Barnabas had begun feeling pain in his stomach, however he had managed to keep it from Julia. He didn't want her to worry since it had only been a year since he had became human from Adam coming to life from the experiment. Although Barnabas at first hated Adam and what he was, however he soon became friends with the creation, having Professor Stokes to teach him the world. When he was ready, Adam set out to start his own life, fitting in all except his scars that he kept hidden with a hat or cream Julia had gave him. Coming down the stairs in the old house, Barnabas stopped suddenly the pain becoming sharp, as he held back a groan not wanting Julia to hear him. Putting a hand to his stomach, Barnabas took deep breathes waiting for the pain to either ease up or pass. It being the first of the two, he managed to get down the stairs having recontrolled his posture.

Julia had already awakened and was in the living room sitting in one of his favorite chairs reading a book. Not seeing Willie, Barnabas figured he was around there some where cleaning or doing an errand for Julia. Julia smiled up at him as he came into the room, although it disapeared into worry as he looked a little pale. Also as he began to sit, his hand went to his stomach for an instant, then moved it when he noticed her looking.

"Barnabas are you alright?" questioned Julia.

"Yes, I'm fine. Such a fine morning." commented Barnabas.

"Don't do that." stated Julia.

"Do what?"

Julia frowned, "Acting like something isn't wrong. I saw you grab your stomach when you were sitting down. Also your a little pale, please Barnabas tell me what's wrong."

"Nothings wrong Julia. Just a little stomach ache that's all. Nothing you should worry about." Barnabas lied.

"Alright, if you are sure that's all." Julia stood up going over to her medical bag, "I have something here that will help ease the pain."

Barnabas knew he would have to go along with it, "Alright, and I'm sure it will pass."

"Yes, but just to be on the safe side. Here take this." Julia handed him a small red pill and a glass of water.

"Thank you Julia." Barnabas put the pill into his mouth, before drinking the water allowing the pill to slide down his throat, "So where is Willie this morning?"

"I think he was in one of the rooms dusting. Do you need him?"

"No, I was just curious as to where he was." Barnabas smiled.

"Well if you excuse me, I must be off to Windcliff to see how my patients are doing. I wont be back until tonight, so if you need me then go up to Collinwood and have someone call me." Julia informed him.

"Don't worry Julia, I shall be fine. I'm going to meet Vicky anyways to look over some old family portraits she had found in the attic." smiled Barnabas.

"Sounds like fun, anyways I will see you tonight." Julia stated before leaving.

Barnabas waited until Julia had left before he got a slice of toast for breakfast, his stomach still not feeling a hundred percent better. Then he found Willie in the cellar letting him know he was heading up to Collinwood to see Vicky for a few hours. Willie nodded knowing he had a few things to do around the house. Barnabas grabbing his black coat and cane began the short walk up to the path that would take him to Collinwood. Upon arriving he knocked on the door, not having to wait long before Vicky herself opened the door showing him in.

"How are you Victoria?" Barnabas smiled always loving to call her by her full name instead of just Vicky.

"Barnabas, how nice to see you. I'm doing very well, can't wait to go through those old photos. They are in the attic, they were in such a huge trunk that I left them up there." Vicky smiled.

"Yes, that is the reason I came here up early so we could have all day to spend unless you have plans." Barnabas smiled.

"No not at all. Well here let me show you up there." Vicky replied taking his coat first, as he stated he keep his cane with him.

Nodding, Vicky headed upstairs with Barnabas following him as she led him to the attic stairs. Even though Barnabas had no electricty at the old house, Elizabeth had it all throughout Collinwood not much caring about candlelight. As Vicky turned on the light switch, she headed up the stairs with him following behind. Entering, Barnabas saw that Vicky had brought two chairs up for them, having set them beside the trunk along with a small table that they could set them on. Pulling out the chair for Vicky, Barnabas then sat down starting to pull a handfull of pictures out to start with. It was several hours later that they had went through every single picture in the trunk, both Vicky and Barnabas satisfied of how much they had saw.

"I very much enjoyed today." smiled Vicky.

Barnabas nodded, "I'm glad you found this, it was very enjoyable to travel back through time sorta speak."

"Yes, sometimes I wish I had lived back in those times. To wear those lovely dresses and see how it was back then." Vicky smiled.

"I know, it would be interesting, however then we wouldn't have known each other." Barnabas chuckled.

"Yes that is true. You are one of the closest friends I have here." stated Vicky.

"I'm glad I have brought you happiness. Now shall we be heading back downstairs? I might have to find some old pictures at the old house so we may do this again." Barnabas smiled to Vicky.

"Oh yes we must." Vicky closed the trunk before standing to go downstairs with Barnabas.

Barnabas rose to follow her, when suddenly the pain came in his stomach, this time more intense. It felt as if someone had punched him and the air went out of his lungs, as his cane dropped out of his hand making a noise as it dropped to the ground. Vicky hearing the cane dropped turned around just as color drained out of Barnabas face, as he was clutching his stomach dropping to the floor. Vicky rushed to his side as he was on the ground, gasping for air and holding his stomach as if in great pain. Vicky held back the tears that were trying to escape, noticing the fear and pain in his eyes, knowing she had never seen him in pain before.

"Barnabas! Barnabas what's wrong!?" cried Vicky.

"My...stomach, been hurting some. Don't worry, the pain few minutes, just took me by surprise." Barnabas started taking deep breathes before starting to sit up.

"Wait don't get up so quick Barnabas." Vicky stated, "Lay still for a few moments, I'll go get someone to help you."

"No," Barnabas shakes his head sitting on the floor, "The pain has eased up, I be fine in a few moments. I been having some stomachaches, and Julia gave me some medicine for it. I must have forgotten to take it this morning. I hope I didn't make you worry."

"As long as your sure it's nothing serious. Do you need help up, here let me help you." Vicky held out her arm to help him get to his feet slowly before reaching for his cane to give to him.

Barnabas leaned heavily on his cane for a few moments, feeling the pain ease up enough for him to speak, "Yes, don't worry, once I return to the old house I shall take my medicine."

"Let me walk you back there, I don't want you to go back alone." Vicky insisted.

"You really don't have to Vicky." Barnabas stated.

"Sorry Barnabas, I'm not taking no for an answer. I would feel better if I came with you to the old house. We will take it slowly." Vicky took Barnabas arm as they headed back downstairs.

Barnabas hated being escorted but felt if he refused Vicky would be suspicious and end up telling Julia about it. Although he sighed figuring Julia would be informed on it anyway, as Vicky was going to tell her, out of her love for him. Once reaching the old house, Vicky saw him inside allowing him to take a seat in one of his favorite chairs in the living room. Barnabas thanked her stating he would be alright on his own and that Willie was there in case he needed help. Vicky finally agreed stating she would be back later that night to check on him. Telling her bye Barnabas watched as she left out of the house, as he started to let his body relax knowing he wouldn't have to hear Julia worry over him until that night. The pain in his stomach had gone away as if there had been no pain. He didn't know what was causing it, but he hoped it wouldn't be something serious.

'Maybe I should take the medicine." Barnabas thought to himself, 'It could be just a stomach problem.'

Going over to the bookcase, Barnabas picked up the bottle of pills Julia had left there for him. Opening it up, Barnabas popped one into his mouth, swallowing it with a glass of water. It was then he decided to go up to his room to take a nap, still feeling weary from his earlier attack. It wasn't until late afternoon he awoke figuring Julia should be back by now. He got his answer as he reached the top of his stairs hearing voices from downstairs in the living room. Barnabas let out a silent groan hearing not only Julia's voice but Vicky's as well. It wasn't hard to know they had been talking about him, and still were from what he could hear. He stood at the top of the stairs deciding to listen for a while longer before showing himself.

"I know he will get upset, but I couldn't help it Julia. You had to know." replied Vicky.

"Don't worry Vicky, he probably already knew you were going to tell me. You did the right thing, I have known about him having stomach pains. However I have yet to see one quite severe as you described today." Julia assured her.

"Do you know what is causing these pains? Barnabas told me you gave him medicine, but I just don't feel a stomachache is the cause of his problems. Julia, you didn't see the pain in his eyes today when he collasped. I was so scared something was going happen, that I was going watch him die." Vicky's voice cut off as Barnabas knew she had been worried.

"Now Vicky, I don't want you to worry. I'm going be staying down here for a while to keep an eye on him. I will let you know if there is any change to Barnabas." Julia assured Vicky.

"Thank you Julia. I think I shall get back up to Collinwood. It's almost time to make sure David takes his bath." Vicky chuckled.

Barnabas than watched still in the shadows as Julia showed Vicky to the door letting her out before shutting the doors, and turning to stare up the stairs spotting Barnabas looking at her. Julia sighed figuring he had heard everything as she watched him descend the stairs as they both went into the living room to sit, facing each other.

"How much did you hear? I know you were listening?" smirked Julia.

"And how may I ask do you know I was listening at all?" questioned Barnabas.

Julia laughed, "Come now Barnabas, we been friends for way too long for me to not know when your around. Also there is a squeak at one spot at the top of the stairs. I heard it however Vicky did not."

Barnabas bowed his head in defeat, "Alright I heard just the end of your conversation. I figured Vicky would come and tell you anyways of what happened. You can trust me Julia, I am perfectly fine, just a tiny stomachache."

"I disagree with you there, something is wrong and we both know it's not a stomachache." Julia admitted.

"What could it be then? I know I'm not reverting back into a vampire, it feels different than this and I don't have an urge for blood." suggested Barnabas.

"No we both know that you wont change back unless something happens to Adam." Julia spoke however before the words left her lips that she looked into Barnabas eyes.

Barnabas seemed to know what she was thinking, "What if Adam is sick?"

"It could be, we haven't had a letter from him in some time. I shall write a letter and have it mailed tomorrow. Maybe when we get a reply we can get our answers of what is wrong with him." Julia added standing to go over to the desk.

"Let him know I send my hello, and hope he is doing well besides the stomach problem." smiled Barnabas.

"Don't worry I shall." Julia nodded before turning her attention to the letter before her.

"I shall have Willie take it into town in the morning so that we can get it onto the morning train. It take at least a couple days to get to him. What if we don't hear anything back?" pondered Barnabas.

"Then I say you, Willie and I will get train tickets and go to Kennebec, Maine. It would only take us a few days to get there." Julia stated.

"I'm sure we all don't have to go. Willie and I could go." suggested Barnabas.

"No Barnabas. If Adam is sick or something has happened, you could end up getting worse than what you are now. Willie won't know what to do or how to help you, so I'm coming along. We can tell the family that we had decided to take a trip for a few weeks." Julia stated finishing up the letter.

"Alright, Willie!" Barnabas yelled.

Willie entered having come up from the cellar, "Yes, Barnabas."

"Would you mind taking this letter into town early in the morning to be put on the train. It needs to reach Adam as soon as possible." Barnabas instructed.

"Alright, sure Barnabas. Adam isn't in trouble is he?" questioned Willie.

Julia shook her head, "No we hope not. It's just Barnabas has been experiencing stomach pains and we figure Adam could be sick. We would like to know if he's getting help."

Barnabas added, "If we don't hear from him the end of this week, us three are going on a trip to see how he is."

"Alright Barnabas, I shall make sure the letter gets on that train. Do you need anything else while I'm in town?" asked Willie.

"No that will be all. Thank you Willie." Barnabas smiled, "For now how about we all have a drink. Willie you can join us, you have did a good days work."

"Thank you Barnabas, that sounds lovely." Willie smiled having not remembered when he had a drink with Barnabas and Julia, "Shall I pour the drinks?"

"No there's no need, I can do it myself Willie, thank you though." Barnabas stood heading over to the table that held the drinks, when he stopped.

Both Willie and Julia noticed as she stood, "Barnabas?"

"It's alright Julia, its not servere as it was this morning." Barnabas replied his hand on his stomach.

"Here sit back down, Willie won't mind getting the drinks." Julia looked over to Willie.

"No sure I don't. It's alright Barnabas, just sit back down." Willie moved over to the table pouring the drinks, watching as Barnabas sat back down his hand still on his stomach. Willie handed Julia her drink then Barnabas, before he took his own.

"Thank you Willie."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome, let's hope Adam isn't too ill." Willie stated, hating to see Barnabas in pain and Julia to worry about him.

"Yes, Barnabas I think you should go get some sleep for the night. I think we should all turn in, it's getting late. Willie you have to get up early, so you should get your rest." Julia instructed.

"Ok Julia, whatever you say." smiled Willie having drank his drink.

"Yes, I have rested most of the day, however I still feel tired. Thank you again for the drink Willie." Barnabas placed the empty cup on the small table beside his chair before rising to head upstairs.

"Good night Barnabas. Make sure to wake me if you are in any pain, and I can get you a seditive to help you sleep."

"I will make sure to do that. Good night Julia, Willie." Barnabas started up the stairs.

"Good night." Willie and Julia replied together.