It had been almost over a week that had passed and there had been no letter from Adam. Barnabas pain would come and go, sometimes worse than the others, making Julia know they had go on the trip to find Adam. Sending Willie into the village to get train tickets, Julia went up to Collinwood to talk with Elizabeth to let her know they would be taking a trip. Barnabas had came with her although she had objected to it at first, knowing he should have been resting at least until they were ready to go. Entering Collinwood, they both found Elizabeth and Vicky in the study having tea. Julia came in first following Barnabas as both of them stood smiling happy to see them. Vicky kept it to herself however noticed the pale skin on Barnabas face, figuring his stomach must have still been bothering him.

"Barnabas, what do we owe the pleasure of your company? How have you been? I heard you had been ill, are you better?" questioned Elizabeth.

"Julia and I came to tell you something. I been good, and don't think of it as illness, just a tiny stomach ache." Barnabas smiled sitting down in a chair his wolf cane in between his feet.

Julia sat on the couch with Vicky and Elizabeth, "Don't let him fool you Elizabeth, he should be resting but he insisted on coming up with me to tell you the news."

"What news is that?" asked Vicky.

"Nothing bad I hope." stated Elizabeth.

"No not at all, it's just Julia, Willie, and I are going on a trip for a few weeks to Kennebec. Willie has went into town to get us tickets for the next train out. We know it's such short notice but it's the only time Julia can take off from the hospital." Barnabas explained.

"Barnabas are you up for a trip?" Vicky looked worried.

"Don't worry Vicky, I wouldn't have agreed to this trip if I thought Barnabas wouldn't be able to make it. His stomach pains have almost gone away, and I thought a train trip would be good way to relax and get away for a while. Also I have Willie going with us just in case, and we will write if anything happens." Julia informed her.

"Don't worry Vicky, I shall return in a few weeks very well. The other thing is would you mind Elizabeth watching over the old house for me. Checking the mail and such?" Barnabas asked.

"Of course Barnabas, and I know you are in good hands with Julia. You three enjoy your trip. Do you know when your be leaving?" Elizabeth smiled.

Julia answered for Barnabas, "We believe the train will be leaving tomorrow morning. We came today early to let the family know, and then it give me enough time to get some clothes from here. Then Barnabas and Willie can pack and be ready to leave in the morning."

"I hope you enjoy your trip, and that it helps your health Barnabas." Vicky smiled at him.

"I'm sure it will Vicky, and I will be on the look out for something that I could bring back for you that we can both admire." Barnabas nodded to her.

"I look forward to it." Vicky replied.

"Good, now Julia I shall return to the old house to begin packing. Don't worry I can get back on my own. Pack what you need here and return when your finished." Barnabas smiled standing, "Elizabeth, Vicky if you would excuse me."

"Good bye Barnabas." Elizabeth smiled.

"Have a safe trip." Vicky added.

With that Barnabas left going back to the old house while Julia headed up to her room, pulling out her suitcase from underneath her bed. She then went to her dresser and closest packing what she needed, along with all the medical supplies she had just in case they were needed. Once done Julia headed down the stairs saying goodbye to Elizabeth and Vicky once more, before leaving to travel down to the old house. Coming into the old house, Julia found a few other suitcases sitting by the door, figuring one was Willie's, while the other Barnabas. Entering into the living room, Julia found Barnabas and Willie sitting there talking, both smiling as they saw her.

"I see you two are all ready to go." Julia smirked.

"Yes, Willie has just came back with our tickets. There is a train that is going leave this afternoon, and it take us at least a couple days to get there. Now, Willie has the car outside waiting if your all ready to go." Barnabas explained.

"Yes, my suitcase is beside Willie and yours." replied Julia.

Willie stood moving passed them picking up the suitcases taking them outside as Barnabas and Julia came out following him getting into the car. Willie drove them into town and parked at the train station giving the keys to the office, so that they could pick it back up when they returned. It was then they took their luggage boarding the train, as the conductor showed them to their room. Barnabas informed Julia that Willie had gotten them a first class private car, as they were shown to it. Thanking the conductor, they watched him leave before entering the room. The first room was a small one, having a couple chairs with a small table that would be for dining when the food was brought in. Linked beside it through a door, was their bedroom which held up to four beds that were attached to the walls, one on top of each other. Two one on side while the other two on the opposite. Along with that was a small restroom that had a sink, and toilet. Liking the arrangements, they brought their suitcases into the bedroom, each picking a bed. Both Julia and Barnabas picked the two bottom beds while Willie took the one over Barnabas. As the train left the station, a tray of food was brought to their cabin, as the waiter stated that the dining area wouldn't be availible until the next morning. Thanking the waiter, all three sat down noticing their meal consisted of mashed potatoes and beans along with wine to drink.

When dinner was over with, they all retired for the evening, each taking turns in the bathroom to change, before getting into bed. The night passed by as the three of them woke feeling refreshed and got ready for breakfast, knowing they would eat in the dining car. Changing into proper clothes, all three headed to the dining car where they were shown to a table. They each ordered coffee to drink, along with eggs and bacon along with a piece of toast.

"It be great to watch out the windows at the trees and fields if the train wasn't going be too fast." smirked Willie.

"I know, I would agree, however at this moment, the faster we get to Adams, the quicker I can find out what's wrong with him." stated Julia.

"You know for a train meal, these eggs are pretty good." Barnabas smiled having almost finished his food.

"Yes, they are good. It makes me wonder what they serve for lunch and dinner." added Willie.

"Guess we will find out when the...aahh!" Barnabas fork dropped out of his right hand as his left went to hold onto his arm, pain shooting through it.

"Barnabas!" Julia became alarmed but kept her voice calm as trying not to draw attention to them.

"What is it Barnabas?" asked Willie.

"My's hurting..." Barnabas gasped still clutching his right arm.

"Come, let's go back to our cabin. I can examine you more there when there is no one else around." Julia stood up along with Willie trying not to draw attention.

Willie helped Barnabas stand as they walked back through the train cars to their cabin. Once there Barnabas collasped into the nearest chair, still clutching his right arm. Julia grabbed her medical bag from their luggage in the other room. Coming back, Julia opened it but went to Barnabas first getting Willie to roll up his sleeve so she could take a look. Julia was shocked after examining him that his arm looked normal, and all Barnabas muscles seemed to be working.

"It's Adam..I know it.." Barnabas stated his voiced filled with pain.

"Barnabas, tell me what the pain is like, describe it." Julia asked.

Barnabas paused, "My's burning, feels like pins and needles sticking me all the way up..."

"Julia what can you do for him?" Willie asked concerned.

"I can't stop what's causing the pain, however I can give him something for it." stated Julia going through her bag, pulling out a bottle of pills, "Here Barnabas take a couple of these."

"Alright..Julia." Barnabas popped the two in his mouth using his left hand, before drinking the glass of water Willie had handed him.

"They shouldn't take long to take affect. When they do, I want you to rest for a while. I make sure to wake you when it's time to go to lunch." Julia informed him.

"Yes, the pain is starting to ease up." Barnabas felt his body relax.

"Willie, help Barnabas into the bedroom, let him lay down. I be in to check on him in a few minutes." explained Julia.

"OK Julia." Willie nodded reaching down to help Barnabas stand before taking him into the room letting him lay down on his bed. Barnabas drifted off to sleep, as Willie came back into the other room sitting down with Julia who was looking worried.

"He's sleeping Julia." Willie informed her.

"Good, he should be able to sleep for a while, at least until lunch." Julia replied back.

"What is it Julia, what's bothering you?" questioned Willie.

Julia smiled to him, "You know me too well Willie. I'm a doctor, and I have the pills, along with the tools to help anyone, except Barnabas. He's in pain, and I know why, plus what's causing it, but I can't stop it. I just feel useless, as if there is nothing I can do."

"Don't worry Julia, we just have today and tomorrow before we will be where Adam is. Once we get there, and you examine him, I know you will be able to get not only Adam well but Barnabas back to his old self as well." Willie comforted her.

"Yes I know Willie, it's just hard to see the pain in his eyes, and not able to take that away fully." Julia sighed.

"I know how you mean, it's usually Barnabas that's the one who stays calm and tells us what to do. Now it's our turn to do the same, we can't let him down."

"And we wont Willie. Just as long as I'm a doctor and we get to Adam, Barnabas will pull through. We must believe that." Julia stated.

"Do you wish me to stay with him?" Willie looked to her.

Julia shook her head, "No, don't worry, we can hear him if he needs us. You could check on him in an few hours just before lunch to see if he has waken."

"Alright Julia, whatever you say." Willie stood, "If you don't mind I might take a short walk around the train."

"Go right ahead Wille, just come back before lunch."

"I will, don't worry." Willie nodded starting to go out the room, but Julia stopped him.

"Willie!" Julia called.

"What is it Julia." Willie turned to face her.

"Do me a favor while your out. Find out if they have a medical station some where on the train."

"I thought you wanted to keep Barnabas secret from everyone."

"I do, just listen. If there is a nurse or someone, ask them for a arm sling. We need it for Barnabas, that way if he gets up his arm isn't just hanging down. If they ask what's wrong, just tell them your friend has hurt his arm, and just needs it for a few days. Tell them there is already a doctor with him, that way they don't send anyone with you." Julia explained.

Wilie nodded, "I see what I can do." He smiled before leaving out the door heading down the train in search for a sling.

He returned holding in his hand a sling he had found in their first aid section. He had promised they give it back once Barnabas arm had flet better. Julia agreed stating they would have to remember to give it back before they got off the train. Entering into the bedroom, Julia found Barnabas still asleep, as she woke him gently.

"I'm sorry I had to wake you Barnabas, but Willie found a sling we can put your arm so that it's not hanging from your side. How is it feeling?" asked Julia.

Barnabas tried sitting up but didn't make it very far, his right arm still hurting. Using his left arm and Willie's help, Barnabas got in a sitting position before he answered, "It feels useless, still hurts some. I can move it barely Julia."

"Don't worry Barnabas, we will help you." smiled Willie.

"Is there too much pain Barnabas? I can give you another sedative for it." stated Julia.

Barnabas shook his head, "No Julia, it's not that much pain. Although it does feel hot, and almost heavy like stone."

"Here, let's place this sling on your arm. Then we can go for lunch if your feeling up to it." Julia added.

"Yes, I'm certanly hungry." Barnabas chuckled.

"Willie help me get this sling on. Barnabas I need you to sit up on the edge of the bed. Yes like that, alright Willie keep his arm against his chest." Julia instructed.

Willie did as he was told, trying to keep Barnabas groans from his ears, knowing he was causing him pain. He kept Barnabas arm still as Julia got the sling in proper place and fastening it to where Barnabas wouldn't have to move his arm. Thanking Julia, the three of them headed to lunch, and then dinner later on that day. Night passed by quickly on the train as they knew one more day was needed to reach their destination, knowing the train would arrive there the next morning.

As breakfast approached, Julia made an discision that they would have their breakfast in their cabin. Willie found one of the train waiters asking to have breakfast in the cabin. He agreed stating he have a waiter brought to their cabin, to take their orders. Thanking him, Willie went back to Julia and Barnabas informing that a waiter would be with them to take their orders shortly. The waiter came shortly getting their orders and leaving to tell the cook. Once their food had arrived, each began eating enjoying their breakfast. After they were finished, their table was cleared, the dishes taken away to be washed before lunch was served. Willie and Julia sat in one of the chairs, while Barnabas had begun pacing around the small room.

"How is your arm Barnabas?" Willie asked.

"Useless, still feels hot, unable to move it much." Barnabas sighed trying to lift his arm out of the sling.

Julia raised going to his side, "Barnabas stop, give it time. I know we don't know what is wrong with Adam, but we will find out soon. For now I want you to just save your strength."

Barnabas hung his head, "Alright Julia, I will save my strength."

"Good, now come let us relax." Julia smiled.

"I'm going to stand, I was in bed all day yesterday. Just wanting to stretch my legs for a while." Barnabas stated.

"Alright, I know there's more to this than you are letting us believe." Julia smiled.

Barnabas chuckled, "What do you mean?"

"She means, we know you more than you think we do. We both have been around you far to long, to not know of your moods and expressions." Willie replied.

"So you two have found me out." sighed Barnabas, "My thoughts are on Adam. What has happened to him, what is happening to him. If anything happens to him, I would feel as if we didn't get to him in time. Also don't take this wrong, but we all know if he dies, I shall revert back to the side of the vampire."

"We know Barnabas, we know." Willie frowned knowing he hated to see Barnabas turn back into the vampire.

"You must believe in it that we will get to Adam in time, and I will do everything in my power to help him get well." Julia stated.

"I know you will Julia, I...nnnghh..." Barnabas grimaced before falling to the ground, his left shoulder in the same pain as his right had been the day before.

Both Julia and Willie rushed to his side wondering what was wrong. Julia placed a hand on his left arm, however when he cried out in pain she withdrew it quickly as if being burnt. Willie brought Julia's doctor bag to her quickly, handing it to her as she looked over Barnabas.

"Barnabas, Barnabas, speak to me. What is wrong? What is causing you pain?" Julia pleaded with him.

"My...left's hurting just as my right arm...did." Barnabas grimaced pain shooting up his arm.

"Julia help him!" Willie shouted frightened of what to do.

"Calm down Willie, I'm going to, although I'm not sure how except to give him a sedative. Barnabas I would give you a pill, but you in so much pain, I'm not sure you could manage it. I'm going give you a shot, Willie roll up his sleeve." Julia instructed.

Willie nodded doing as he was told as Julia drew up a needle of this clear liquid that she stated would let him rest and get rid of the pain for a time. Telling Barnabas he only feel a slight pinch, Julia inserted the needle into his arm, pushing the fluids into his veins before pulling the needle out, and putting pressure on the same wound so that blood would not come out.

Julia then took a hold of his left hand, holding it in hers, "Don't worry Barnabas, the pain will be easing very soon."

Barnabas managed a nod, squeezing Julia's hand, until he felt the pain easing up and his eyelids getting heavy. Before he let the darkness take him, he looked up to Julia and Willie's face, ""