Kagome stood there watching. She couldn't look away. No matter how much she wanted to. This was the man she loved. No one told her heart break would hurt this much. It felt like a burning emptiness. Nothing could fix that. Except Inuyasha.

Shaking her head she tried to forget about him, her, them. She went back to the campsight. Shippo was on her sleeping bag. Miroku and Sango were curled up together. Miroku had finally proposed. Kagome whipped her tears. She wouldn't let anyone see her like this.

She laid in her sleeping bag and waited. This was the last thing she would do for him. Inuyasha came back not long after. He seemed distraught some how. Like he was guilt and he knew it. Inuyasha jumped into a tree not far from Kagome. Kagome knew she had one chance. Inuyasha would only doze off for so long.

Once he was in his short sleep she made her move calling his rosary to her. The beads, without touching him, went to her hand. Kagome sorrowfully went to the well. She had left her bag there with the others so they would have the jewel shards.

Suddenly Kikyo appeared in front of her. Kagome stopped and looked at her.

"Where are you going Kagome?"Kikyo asked smugly.

"I-Im going home,"Kagome responded.

"Good choice, you've always known havent you? That me and Inuyasha were soul mates? He has never seen you for you he sees me,"Kagome flinched knowing she was right.

"I-I don't care. As long as he's happy I'm happy,"she looked down.

"Leave Kagome and don't come back or I will kill you,"Kikyo grabbed an arrow and drew her bow back. Kagome turned and ran. Kikyo smirked smugly.

That morning everyone woke up feeling different. Like a peace of them was missing. Suddenly Shippo gasped. Kagome wasnt in the bed with him just a pile of grass. Inuyasha growled, how dare she deceive him!

"Lets go we have to find that wench!"they smiled and went with him.

Suddenly Miroku stopped."What about Naraku?"

"Who the fuck is more important! Kagome or that basturd?!"he kept walking. Suddenly he stopped smacking his face. Myoga floated down to his hand and popped up.

"Lord Inuyasha there is something I must tell you! Its about -"

"Not now! Kagome needs to be found right now!"

"Inuyasha this is about Kagome,"Inuyasha froze."Kagome went to the well last night and met Kikyo. Kikyo threatened her. I thing she is going to hunt down Kagome like game."

"What? Why would she do that?"

"She probably want to get the rest of her soul. She told Kagome that you 2 were soul mates,"Myoga explained.

"Thats the stupidest fucking thing ever! Soul mates is just something people say. There is no such thing. Plus me and her never did anything so the 'soul mates' thing doesn't apply,"everyone stared at him. He didn't think Kikyo was Kagome?


"I thought you only saw Kagome as Kikyo,"Songo admitted.

"Well you were fucking wrong! Besides the souls probably not Kikyos either. Shes probably someone elses reincarnation.

"Your smarted then you lead up to belive,"Miroku admitted.

"Keh you learn a lot when your all alone for 200 some odd years. Anyway you go back to the village I'll see if I can find that wench,"he trudged off.

Myoga sighed it was too late to catch up but he knew were Kagome was.

Kikyo sat in a tree. The soul collectors came and went as they pleased."Hello Inuyasha."

"What the fuck Kikyo! I told you it was over last night! Why can't you leave me be?! I told you I love Kagome, get over it!"he spat.

"Inuyasha, no matter were you go I'll follow you. You will never be able to be happy,"she smiled coldly.

Inuyashas eyes flashed red and he broke Kikyos clay chest. His eyes were red and his magenta strips appeared. His bitch would pay when he found her. She was not to leave unless he said so. She had defied him.

Kagome had put months of long walks into her steps. She was pretty far. Just the wrong way. Kikyo had stopped her from going into the well. Why? Wasnt it easier to just let her through and never see her again?

A gust of wind surprised Kagome. The wind was really strong! When she regained her composure she tucked her hair behind her ear. Then looked up. Inuyasha was staring at her.

'I thought I had more time,'she sighed knowing what was coming. She would be scolded by him.

He growled and picked her up jumping into a tree. She started to struggle frightened. Inuyasha bit her neck but when she continued he bit harder. Finally she stopped turning to cry into his chest.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry please don't be mad,"he froze. She was begging for forgiveness like a good bitch. He licked the side of her head and nuzzled her.

"Come bitch back home,"he jumped down carrying her. When night fell he decided to find camp. Kagome was already asleep so he took them to a good-sized cave. They would make camp tonight then, in the morning, he would scold her.