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My Crimson Feather

Chapter Three

The Only Sane Person

I sat down on my couch, relaxing into the soft cushion. Releasing a tired breath, I reached to the case at my feet and opened it. I pulled out my laptop and placed it on the table in front of me. Opening it, I turned it on and waited for the machine to boot up. As I waited, I reached the case and pulled out my notebook. Opening the notebook, I flipped through the pages and scanned the contents. Stopping on the last page, I placed it on the table and looked to my laptop. Putting in my password, I watched as my desktop finally popped up.

As I opened a word document, I heard someone say, "What are you doing? You need to meet with Natsuo so he can give you a tour of the whole tower." Benitsubasa's frustrated tone caught my attention as I took notice of my document opening up completely.

I released a breath and checked the clock on my laptop. It was indeed the predetermined time for the full tour. Getting to my feet, I scratched my head. "I'll get dressed and meet him in the lounge…" Turning to face Benitsubasa, I took note of her curious expression. "What?"

"What are doing?" She pointed to my laptop.

I looked from her to my computer. "If you must know, then I'll tell you. I'm a writer, so I was just continuing an idea I was entertaining." I walked away from my laptop and into my bedroom. Changing into my newest suit, I strode back into the main room in time to see Benitsubasa staring intently at my computer, her eyes moving ever so slowly across the screen. "Can I help you?" I moved to my laptop and slowly pushed it partly down.

The Sekirei looked up to me in shock as she lost sight of the document. "You…you wrote that?"

I shrugged lightly, feeling a little self-conscious. "What about it? I like to write, so I thought I'd try my hand at a little wordplay." Crossing my arms, I glared down to her, "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to close the laptop. Thus locking it. I haven't finished and I'd prefer it no one read it until then."

She pouted at me, then placed a finger to her chin. "If you're still writing it, then how would you know if it's any good if no one reads it?" Benitsubasa smirked at the subtle widening of my eyes, clearly catching the flaw in my logic.

"I've already let my friends from high school read it, so I've gotten the input needed."

"C'mon, let me read it!"

"Nope." I said with finality, pushing the laptop shut.


"Why? You said that you hated me. Why would I let someone who hates me read something I worked on? I'd rather save myself the trouble of having you tell me it's bad simply because you don't particularly care about me."

Benitsubasa crossed her arms, giving me a small glare. She began tapping her foot impatiently as she drummed her fingers on her elbow, thinking of a counter argument. "Have you thought about like this: if you can get someone who severely dislikes you to admit that they like your work, than it would prove that you're an even better writer than you initially thought."

I narrowed my eyes at the Sekirei in front of me. "You really want to read what I've written, don't you?"

She bit her lip, before letting out a frustrated breath. "Yes, alright! I read a little of the first page and I didn't want to stop…" She quickly looked away from me, a small blush on her face.

I lifted a hand, checking the new watch I recently got. Releasing a tired breath, I reopened my laptop and unlocked it. "Fine, you can read it. Just don't delete or change anything. Also, keep any insults to yourself, this is a little personal." I motioned for her to start reading and started walking towards the door. However, as I made my way out of the room, I heard a faint 'thank you' from the person who's been so difficult since I got here. Letting a small smile appear, I strode out of my room and said, "When you're done, just close the computer."

Benitsubasa sat back down on the couch, placing her recently popped bowl of popcorn to the side. Intently reading the words that rested on the computer screen before her, she slowly reached to the side and picked up a single piece of popcorn. Eating that single piece, Benitsubasa gasped in shock at the sudden development in the fledgling novel.

"That bitch…" She muttered in response to the action of the aforementioned character.

Further engrossing herself into the unfolding story, she picked up another single piece of popcorn and popped it into her mouth. Reading through the word document, she couldn't bring herself to look away as she was slowly pulled further and further into the tale in front of her. It was so enthralling to her that she couldn't help but exclaim in surprise at every small surprise within the narrative.

After a few moments, Haihane strode by the door and heard one of Benitsubasa's exclamations. Arching an eyebrow, she debated on simply walking by, letting her continue with whatever she was doing with Noboru, or by walking right inside and interrupting whatever her strawberry haired companion was doing. Shrugging, Haihane pushed the door open and strode inside, however she managed to keep the disappointed look off her face. "What are…you doing?"

Benitsubasa made no move to acknowledge the arrival of her unwilling ally. Instead, she decided to pick up another single piece of popcorn and popping it into her mouth.

Giving her sister Sekirei a confused and partially concerned look, Haihane strode forward and took a look over Benitsubasa's shoulder. "What…is this…?"

"…" Benitsubasa remained silent, focusing solely on the open laptop in front her. Scrolling down to the next page, she ventured to the next part of her newfound addiction.

Haihane walked around the couch and took a seat, looking at the screen that had enraptured Benitsubasa's full attention. Looking from it to Benitsubasa, then the popcorn, she grabbed the bowl and scooted closer to the computer, placing the bowl on her lap. Taking a handful of popcorn, she ate it and turned her attention to the partially written novel before her. Starting in the place where Benitsubasa was currently, she too found herself pulled into the story.

Still ignorant to Haihane's presence, Benitsubasa grabbed another single piece of popcorn and ate it.

"…and these are the labs. This is the place where the adjusters work with the Sekirei, taking any notes they gather from their research." Natsuo stepped out of the elevator, leading me into the labs.

I walked out after him, lifting my new ID card and looking it over. It simply had a photo of me with the letters 'MBI' next to it, a symbol that was exactly like the one on Benitsubasa's Sekirei uniform, my name under the photo, and long strip along the bottom of the card. Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that Natsuo said that as long as I carried that card, I could conceivably go everywhere in the Tower, save for a few select rooms that only the CEO himself and any he chooses can enter. Fortunately, the labs were one of the places I could go to at a whim. Looking up, I followed Natsuo as he showed me around the labs.

"While we're here, I can introduce you to the head adjuster, Takami Sahashi. You'll working with her at some points when you're duties coincide, so it'll be good for you to meet her." Natsuo said with a smile.

"What type of person is she?" I asked, not really fully involved in the conversation.

"She's a hardworking person who takes her work very seriously. I'd say that you would learn a thing or two if you worked with her for a day or two." He said succinctly, sounding as though he was giving me advice that could change my entire life.

"I'll have to look into it." I said, trying and failing to sound as though I actually cared at the moment. Right now, all I wanted to do was get back to my computer and continue writing.

He continued to lead me through the labs, pointing out various machines and failing to explain what they do. At the same time, he introduced me to some of the researchers, letting me meet them and attempt a meaningful conversation. It both succeeded and failed, though I did strike up a conversation or two with them, it was short-lived as they had to get back to work and I had to see more of the Tower.

When we finally reached the aforementioned Takami Sahashi, I found that she was surprisingly easy to get along with. She was blunt and honest, not really holding back when she needed to say something. I felt as though I had found a kindred spirit, albeit several years my senior, though I was smart enough to keep to myself. She was around medium height with a head of white hair and no-nonsense dark grey eyes.

"So, you're the Ashikabi Minaka chose?" She gave me a measuring look.

Straightening up lightly, in an attempt to give a good impression, I said, "I'd say so. Though, it was kinda out of left field. Truthfully, it al started with an abduction from the food court. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper." I paused for a moment, trying to find a better description. Failing at the task, I shrugged, "I was never camper to begin with, but I think it describes it appropriately."

Takami snorted, shaking her head. "Be prepared for more things like that, Minaka likes to surprise people with his 'master plans'."

I thrust my hands into my pocket. "Yeah, I had a feeling it would be like that…"

"So how are faring? Keeping track of all three of them can't be driving you crazy already."

I shrugged, grunting lightly. "Benitsubasa's always angry with me, but she never leaves me alone. Haihane's rather easygoing, though a little…off; while Karasuba…does her own thing."

Takami was silent for a moment, then said, "So, I heard you came to capitol to try and get in the University. What do you think your chances are?"

"I'll get in." I said without hesitation. "Tests don't bother me, so I don't think it'll be a problem. The only thing I'm worried about is if the girls I'm watching will drive me bonkers…"

She shook her head. Then said, "You know, I have a son who's also trying to get into the University…"

Benitsubasa was reeling. She was antsy. Pacing back and forth, she opened and closed her hands, unable to calm herself down. She chewed her lip, trying to find something to keep hold of some semblance of self-control and sanity. Why was she so jumpy? Well, she had just finished what Noboru had already written and wanted to know more. She wanted to know absolutely everything and was willing to do anything to relieve the tension that settled over her heart.

"…Well, maybe not anything…" She muttered to herself, feeling her cheeks heat up at the thought. Then she froze. Was she really thinking about doing that with him? What sort of hypnotic sequence of words did he write into his novel-in-progress to make her even consider what she thought. Shaking her head, she strode back over to the couch and took one last look at the laptop, seeing that Haihane was also reading, but instead over at the beginning, due to the fact that she had miraculously appeared earlier.

Benitsubasa had to force herself to look away from the screen. She was completely enamored with the literary gold she read on her Ashikabi's computer. She thought he was just a smartass whose life goal is nothing other than making her own life a living hell. Maybe he's…different…

Benitsubasa quickly shook her head. "No, that boy's just an idiot who happens to know how to write well, that's it!"

"What are you talking about?"

Benitsubasa jumped in shock, looking to the person who spoke. Karasuba was standing in the open doorway to Noboru's suite. The Black Sekirei was simply giving the Red Sekirei a look that questioned the state of mind of recipient. "Where the hell did you come from Black?!"

Karasuba simply arched an eyebrow, "My room, where else? Where did you come from?" She walked into the room and looked around. "If you're here, then I take it that he's gone, right?"

Benitsubasa crossed her arms and glared at the Sekirei before her. "No, he's not and what makes you think he's gone because I'm here?"

The Black Sekirei simply smiled easily, regarding the person in front of her with an amused smirk. "Well, considering you act like such a bitch towards him, I'm surprised he hasn't actively tried to avoid you." After a moment, she shrugged, "Then again, it's not like I care; I'd just prefer it if you either stop talking altogether, or you just accept the fact that you reacted to him and ride him the lowly animal he is." She strode passed Benitsubasa, ignoring her fellow Sekirei's blood red face and her imitation of a gaping fish. On her way to the armchair, she took notice of Haihane sitting on the couch and engrossed in the laptop before her. "What's this?"

There was no response from Haihane.

Karasuba simply shook her head and walked over to the arm chair, taking a seat.

Benitsubasa threw a glare towards Karasuba, clenching her fist. Releasing a short breath, she stormed out of the room.

I walked down the hall in one of the labs, left to my own devices by Natsuo, as something important had just come up for him to do. He told me that as long as I had my name tag out and visible, then no one would stop me. It was all fine and good, but I wanted to get back to my room to continue writing; hopefully Benitsubasa hadn't changed anything in my writing.

Needless to say, in spite of that mildly fervent wish, I found that I was a little lost amongst the collection of labs on the…damn; I forgot which floor I was on…

Looking around, I tried to find someone to give me some direction, but they were either too busy, or just didn't hear me. Then again, they were standing on the other side of a one-way mirror that allowed for third party viewers to examine the Sekirei as the adjusters worked.

Of course, I found it mildly voyeuristic that they would even think of putting something like that in place. All the Sekirei I had seen were rather endowed in both the breast and ass region. It's good that I'm a gentleman…or more specifically, a guy who's too damn shy to actually look without feeling like a shameless pervert.

I refuse to be like those stereotypical guys who happened to accidentally come upon a half naked, or fully naked, girl and promptly have his nose erupt like Mt. Fuji.

Wait, why the hell am I even thinking that? I'm not in an anime!

Scratching my head, I grumbled as I turned a corner and tried to find my way out of this maze of labs.

"You know, for being a 'family', people who work here don't really help out the guy who's clearly lost…" I muttered to myself, feeling a little frustrated.

"I think if you asked someone a little nicer, then they might help you."

I stopped when I heard the voice. It was distinctly feminine and soft. I let out a small laugh and said, "I'd have to find that person first." I turned to face the speaker, when I realized that it had to be another Sekirei, because I'm sure that none of the adjusters here would willingly walk around in an outfit so closely resembling a Shrine Maiden's.

I don't know; they just don't seem like the religious type to me.

The girl before me was just a little shorter than me, with long black hair that parted to the sides in the middle of her forehead. Her bangs were pushed to the side, held in place with a pair of hairclips, causing them to fall a little passed her shoulders; though two strands hung loose, falling to just above her brow. On the back of her head rested a light red bow, matching the color of the obi wrapped around her waist. What struck me the most were her soft, chocolate brown eyes; unlike the only other three Sekirei that I've had contact with, hers were clearly kind, which was a relief. I was actually scared that all the Sekirei were a little unhinged, very violent and extremely volatile.

I also noticed the color on her cheeks, which seemed to remind me of how Benitsubasa looked three days ago.

Oh…dear…god… Don't tell me…

"Well, it seems like you just did." She smiled widely. After a moment, she cocked her head to the side. "Are you lost? Do you need any help with directions?"

I was frozen in a mild stupor, clearly unsure of what to do. "Um…yeah. I'm lost…"

The Sekirei took a step closer to me. "Your face is red. Are you sick?" She reached forward and pushed up my bangs, resting her forehead against mine. Frowning, she said, "You're not burning up… What's the matter?" She gave me a perplexed look. Then she gasped, taking a quick step back. "I forgot!"

"Heh?" I replied, unable to articulate.

"I haven't introduced myself yet! I'm normally the one who tells Musubi to she needs to learn proper social etiquette, and here I am forgetting something so important!" She cleared her throat, clasped her hands in front of her and bowed deeply. "Nice to meet you. My name is Kaho."


The newly named 'Kaho' stood up straight and pouted, "Oh. Don't tell me I did it wrong. I made sure to study all those soap operas so thoroughly too!" She crossed her arms and released a breath, her pout becoming more and more adorable.

I blinked once, then finally regained some mental functions. "Oh, no, you didn't do anything wrong." I scratched the back of my head lightly, "You just surprised me is all." Dammit! Why do these Sekirei know how to be so freaking adorable?!

Kaho smiled brightly, "I see, then I did it right!" She then cocked her head to the side. After a moment of pause, she leaned forward lightly, cupped her hand around the side of her mouth and mock-whispered, "This is where you introduce yourself…"

"Oh!" I felt my face heat up lightly. "Um, my name is Noboru Shizuka. Nice to meet you." I bowed in turn, feeling rather embarrassed.

She clapped her hands together, smiling widely. "Yay! I got my introductions right the first time!" She paused, the said, "You weren't so bad yourself, Noboru-san."

I rubbed the back of my head, feeling a little embarrassed. "Uh, thanks, I guess." I cleared my throat and said, "Well, I just needed to say that I'm lost. I was wondering if you could help me make my way out of here."

"Of course!" Kaho beamed and turned lightly, beckoning me to follow. "Come with me, I can show you the way to the elevator. The labs can be a bit like a maze. Sticking to the right doesn't always help you find the way out."

I started walking after her, "Ah, thank you..."

"It's no problem. I was allowed a little free time to stretch my legs, so I think helping someone out is a good use of my time." The two of us walked in a comfortable silence as Kaho led me to the elevators. "Hey, Noboru-san?"


"What do you here? I haven't seen you here before, so I'm just curious as to what you do." Kaho inquired me gently, her interest becoming clearly evident.

"Well, I'm the Disciplinary Squad Ashikabi. The CEO chose me when Benitsubasa practically kidnapped me from the food court at the mall." I couldn't help but grimace as I thought back to the abrupt, unwilling change in location.

Kaho placed a finger on her cheek and frowned cutely. "She kidnapped you? That's horrible!" Then paused. "Why would she kidnap you?"

"Something about reacting. No one's really explained it to me, so I'm still a little lost as what it means..." I grumbled lightly, crossing my arms.

"I can explain it, if you want." Kaho said softly, her voice hesitant.

"I'd like that, if you don't mind, Kaho-san."

Kaho blushed, "Just 'Kaho' please. No '-san'." She cleared her throat. "When a Sekirei reacts, it means he or she has found their destined partner, the person they were meant to be with since the day he or she was born. To find, love and fight for their Ashikabi is a Sekirei's highest calling." She held her hands in front of her chest and as she continued, "For Benitsubasa-san to find her Ashikabi, she is so lucky to have done so early. That way, she'll have longer to stay with you, until she'll have to fight and possibly be pulled away."

I released a breath. "I hate to be contrary to such a noble belief, but I can't help but get the feeling that she doesn't particularly like me."

Kaho shook her head with a smile. "A Sekirei's body never lies. When she finds that one person, she'll always love him. If she says anything against that, then she's simply lying to herself."

Feeling a little self-conscious, I looked to the side. "You sound like you know quite a bit about it."

"It's common knowledge for us Sekirei. It's our destiny to love our Ashikabi after all. I just have to find him..."

I chuckled a little, "I could try telling that to her, but she'd probably stomp away in a rage. She's a little hot and cold about things with me. One minute she's angry with me about something completely mundane and the next I simply see her staring at me with a large blush on her face."

Kaho laughed lightly. "That's cause she's slowly coming to terms with the feelings that have taken root in her heart. Whether she'll admit it or not, she has feelings for you Noboru-san. I just hope that she accepts it soon, because one can never know what happens when it comes to love's fickle embrace."

We came to a stop next to the elevators and she stood to the side, letting me know that she couldn't follow. I stepped up to the doors and said, "Well, it was nice talking with you, Kaho. I hope we can do so more often."

"Really?" Her expression brightened as she straightened up her posture.

"Yeah. It was nice talking with someone who was actually normal. Plus, this let me know that not all Sekirei are loony." I said with a small smile.

Kaho beamed. "Well, it's good to clear up that misconception."

I nodded to her, "Well...I need to go..." I lifted hand and went to push the call button for the elevator, but Kaho took hold my hand within both of hers. "Kaho?"

"I hope you can forgive me for such impropriety, but there is something that I have to ask you." She took a hesitant step forward and placed my hand on her chest. I froze, feeling my face grow hot as Kaho closed her eyes and bowed her head. "Do you feel it, Noboru-san? I hope you do, because my heart races for you. I have never felt this way before coming to meet you. When I felt you earlier, I thought I was dreaming; I could only imagine what this felt like when Yume-sama first explained to me what it meant to have an Ashikabi, though she would say that she herself could not have one." She opened her eyes and released my hand, stepping closer to me. She placed a hand on my chest and looked me directly into my eyes. "Noboru-san, I thought it was a dream when I felt your presence. I'm sure you are the person meant to be my Ashikabi. Will you be the one to give me my crest?"

I gulped lightly, giving the Sekirei in front of me a slightly shocked look. This was a position in which I was completely lost. At least with Benitsubasa, I could reply with a bit of caustic humor, but this was uncharted territory for me. I've never had anyone be this straightforwardly earnest with their feelings as Kaho. She spoke of love as easily as I would the weather and, quite frankly, it was a bit uncomfortable for me. Though, I couldn't bring myself to fault her for it. There was conviction behind her words; an unwavering resolve remained steadfast in her eyes as she searched mine for an answer.

"A-Are you sure I'm y-your Ashikabi? I-I mean, I can be a bit difficult..." I managed to say, though it was a slight whisper.

"My body, my heart, is telling me that you are the man who is meant to give me my wings. Your crest will be the only one I'll want on my back."

I released a shuddery breath, "Do you really want...me?"

Her face was flushed , her eyes half-closed. "More than anything..." She slowly leaned forward, her lips aiming to close in on mine.

Of course, right then, the door to the elevator slid open, revealing a familiar person clad in a grey, short kimono. Karasuba simply arched her at the both of us. "Well, just when I decided to come get you myself, you're down here wooing the Sekirei." She shook her head. "And Kaho-chan of all people."

Kaho froze lightly, but slowly stepped away from me. She didn't embarrassed in the least, in fact her face was set in an impassive mask. "Hello, Karasuba-sama. I wish I could say it's nice to see you again."

"Ah, I wouldn't say that, Kaho-chan. It's quite refreshing to see you after so long. Tell me, how has Mu-chan been doing?"

"Musubi is doing perfectly fine. Though she's a little impatient for the day when the Plan finally starts."

Karasuba smiled lightly, sending a slight chill up my spine. It struck me as a little...well, predatory. "That's good. I look forward to seeing her again. Can you tell her I said 'hello'?"

"I'll see what I can do." Kaho replied coolly.

I looked to each of them in turn; it was as if there was a slight stand-off. Kaho would give Karasuba an empty look, while Karasuba would simply smile it off. There's something between the two of them, and this 'Musubi' person; you'd have to be an idiot not to notice something like that.

However, as I was the unfortunate soul to stand between the two deadly amazons, I had to break stare down for the sake of my physical, and mental, welfare. "Um, you came to get me, Karasuba-san?"

The grey-haired Sekirei easily broke eye contact and looked to me. A small smile came to her face as she replied, "Well, yes. Benitsubasa has been so lost with you gone. It was so pathetic that I felt I had to come get you, because she was starting to annoy even me." She sounded sarcastic, though I couldn't help but repress a shiver as I heard the last part of her statement. "Oh, and one more thing, Noboru-chan, you don't need to add '-san' to my name. We are colleague's now, after all." Her smile was just a little intimidating.

Nodding my head, I said, "Okay, that's...that sounds good..." Turning to Kaho, I said, "Well, Kaho, this is where I have to go."

She looked to me quickly. "Ah, Noboru... May I have one last word before you leave?" She gave Karasuba a small accusatory glare. The other woman simply gestured for us to proceed and turned away from me. Kaho placed a hand on my arm and softly asked me to follow. When we were a few feet away, she released a small breath. "Though I still wish you to be my Ashikabi, the adjusters would be quite angry with me if I broke the rules. So, I'll have to wait. Will you accept me as your Sekirei when the time comes for the Plan to start?"

I blinked lightly, a little surprised by her request. "Ah... I wouldn't be averse to it..."

Kaho beamed, but quickly softened her smile. "I'm glad that that you'll be my Ashikabi, but I know you're hesitant. We Sekirei are different from you humans. It's understandable, I mean we are more frank with our hearts and feelings. So, I'll be patient, Noboru. If you want to start slow, then I'll follow your lead."

"Then...I look forward to our next meeting Kaho. I'd like to talk with you more often." I said softly.

She nodded her head with a smile, "Then I'll wait till then."

At that, we parted ways, though I couldn't help but look back as she walked away from me.

"My, my, building up a small harem, aren't we?" Karasuba teased me while we were riding the elevator.

I remained silent, trying not to rise to her prodding.

When I stepped into my room, I walked over to the couch and took a seat. Even though the tour was little under an hour and a half and not even finished, I felt exhausted. Undoing my tie, I shrugged out of my jacket and put it off to the side. Reaching forward, I opened my laptop and booted it up. Opening the chosen document, I noted with relief that nothing had been changed.

Entwining my fingers, I cracked them lightly and began to type. Lately, my more creative thoughts were becoming more and more active, flooding me with enough ideas to further my literary endeavors. My fingers flew across the keyboard, effortlessly hitting every key I intended to hit. This was maintained for a few moments, then I stopped, looking over what I had added. Placing a hand on my chin, I dug deeper into my words, trying to get a feel for what I was actually writing.

Nodding my head with a small smile, I resumed typing, causing the letters on the keyboard to appear on the screen to turn into words. The words turned to sentences; the sentences to paragraphs; the paragraphs to pages. Then I stopped; looking over everything I wrote once again, I went back and deleted what I didn't like ad adding more to what I felt needed fleshing out.

As I did so, I couldn't help but hear the sound of a door opening, the slight squeak of the door hinges turning. Then I heard the girlish squeal.

"You're adding more!" Benitsubasa charged towards the could and hopped over it, taking the seat right next to me. She leaned against me, her eyes intently watching the screen and words that rested there.

"Can I help you?" I asked her, feeling a little put off by her sudden closeness.

She glared at me, as if frustrated that I would ask such a question. "I'm just reading what you wrote."

I arched an eyebrow, then allowed myself to smirk. "So you liked it?"

Benitsubasa flushed, then looked away from me. "Not really?"

I shook my head and sighed. A part of me couldn't help but think of Kaho's words; that Benitsubasa is simply lying to herself. I honestly don't know what to think, the inner thoughts and emotions of girls have always evaded my more straightforward, masculine mind. Regardless of that, though, I couldn't hold back the smile that took root on my face.

"If you want to watch me write, then all I ask is that you stay quiet and not push me." Going back to my laptop, I resumed typing. Though I couldn't help but notice Benitsubasa look back to my screen, seemingly enraptured in my tale.

She looked so cute, the way her light red eyes slowly moved from line to line. The way she would lick her lips when she furrowed her brow. Unknowingly to her, she had her hand upon my leg, gently squeezing when I would slow down, or completely stop, writing.

If she was this drawn into my story, then I'm pretty sure she'll be super pissed when I throw in the plot twist that the entire thing is a dream. Now, that'll be a sight to see.

Regardless of that, Benitsubasa looked absolutely beautiful sitting next to me.

Wait...what did I just say?